King Island Set Free from Turbine Tyranny: Hydro Tasmania Pulls Plug on Chinese Backed Wind Farm

**** In yet another sign that the Australian wind industry is on its last legs, Hydro Tasmania has pulled up stumps on its plans to spear 600 turbines into the heart of King Island – the jewel of Bass Strait. In typical wind weasel fashion, Hydro Tasmania sought community “support” for 200 turbines – but […]

The Devil went down to King Island and he was looking to make a deal

So King Islanders – ready to sell your Souls?  Be warned – this time, the Devil ain’t got no fiddle of gold to trade – only a generation of misery. STT has already reported on the King Island “cash for votes scandal” and looked at the other deceptive methods used by Tasmanian Hydro to bring […]

Money talks – Hydro Tasmania caught out in “cash for votes” scandal on King Island

Why let democracy run its course, when a little “grease” can get the result you want? Stock and Land reports on the latest windfarm developer skullduggery on King Island, which left STT struggling with the poser: when is a bribe, not a bribe? Hydro ‘funds for votes’ accusation Stock & Land Shannon Twomey 24 May […]