The Devil went down to King Island and he was looking to make a deal

So King Islanders – ready to sell your Souls?  Be warned – this time, the Devil ain’t got no fiddle of gold to trade – only a generation of misery. STT has already reported on the King Island “cash for votes scandal” and looked at the other deceptive methods used by Tasmanian Hydro to bring […]

Chinese move in to snap up King Island as a handy little turbine anchor

For little more than 30 pieces of silver, wind farm Judas Iscariot, Hydro Tasmania is all set to cash in by flogging Bass Strait’s jewel, King Island to its Chinese Overlords. The Hydro steamroller Tasmanian Times Donald Graham* 20 May 2013 Hydro Tasmania has called for the EPA in Hobart to back-up the King Island […]