Chinese move in to snap up King Island as a handy little turbine anchor

For little more than 30 pieces of silver, wind farm Judas Iscariot, Hydro Tasmania is all set to cash in by flogging Bass Strait’s jewel, King Island to its Chinese Overlords.


The Hydro steamroller
Tasmanian Times
Donald Graham*
20 May 2013

Hydro Tasmania has called for the EPA in Hobart to back-up the King Island wind farm project so we are prepared for a short sharp Schaap in the face.

This major issue could be avoided before it becomes a Cause Celebre and the next hard fought battle over corruption of due process with, I suggest, many similarities to the Tamar Valley, Gunns Pulp Mill disaster.

“I could get 600 wind turbines on this island without affecting anyone,” David Mounter, Manager Wind Asset Development, Hydro Tasmania.

Stunned silence.

Jaws dropped as minds worked overtime to try and digest how Hydro Tasmania could possibly plant 600 wind turbines at 153 meters tall on our tiny island measuring just 64km by 26km?

He wasn’t serious, was he?

He was.

Last week it emerged that Hydro Tasmania has signed a billion dollar plus strategic partnership with the Chinese company, Shenhua, the world’s largest coal producer, to develop wind farms in Australia.

In September 2012 J B Swift closed the King Island abattoir, taking with them the ‘King Island Beef’ brand and culling 100 jobs. Within two months, Hydro Tasmania coincidentally appeared on this small Bass Strait Island as the potential saviour of our crippled economy.

Hydro Tasmania wants King Island to consider an industrial wind farm consisting of 200 x 3Mega Watt turbines. The proposed project, TasWind, would dwarf Australia’s largest wind farm by a further 50%; the biggest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere, costing $2Billion.

The EPA’s disastrously low: “Substantially Commenced” bar at the vacant Gunns Pulp Mill Site, has inspired confidence amongst our corrupt Tasmanian establishment that they can steamroll this major issue by avoiding due process.

With the in house nod from Alex Schaap, King Island could shoulder 30% of Australia’s renewable energy targets for 2020.

Rather than supporting a clean vote for TasWind’s approval, Hydro Tasmania plan to ascertain if they have King Island community support for a “feasibility study” in June 2013, via a survey, conducted by none other than Hydro Tasmania.

If they get a 60/40 level of support, they will start spending $25million of tax payer’s money on their ‘feasibility study’ and put in a DA application, targeting, “Substantial Commencement”.

King Island could become Australia’s Macao for mainland China, an offshore tax haven with all profits transferred tax free to China as our way of life and environment is destroyed.

In their quest to pave over paradise with wind towers, Hydro Tasmania will irreversibly burrow China deep into Tasmania’s economy, leaving King Island at their visual mercy.

If the TasWind project is built at the same $/MW as its sister project in Musselroe, Tasmania, then TasWind would cost a staggering $1600 million. Hydro Tasmania has already sold 75% of their existing equity in this Tasmanian wind farm to their Chinese partner. They are now the facilitating this project as the poor relation exploiting Tasmania and our tiny Island for the benefit of the Chinese.

The logical conclusion is that Hydro Tasmania’s proposal of 200 wind turbines is merely phase one – small enough to be considered by the local community, but large enough to pay for the expensive undersea cable and substation needed to transfer the power to Victoria.

Hydro has not revealed the capacity rating of this undersea cable – perhaps this would shine a light on their future plans for King Island?

Last week a court in Ontario court accepted a 22% to 50% loss of property values around wind turbines as of today. If phase one causes a similar depreciation in real estate on King Island, it will help facilitate phase two and there is already talk of locals leaving their island due to health concerns, a broken community spirit and the threat of visual vandalism. This too would help drive land prices down, meaning those that remain in two years time, after the workers leave, would face a worse state than they are in today, unlikely to say “no” to expansion.

King Island is already taken a giant leap forward in 1998 when agreeing to host the second commercial wind farm commissioned in Australia. A small project currently underway will add two more wind towers to their cluster, generating 65% (and in the right conditions up to 100%) of the islands clean and green energy requirements from renewable sources.

This is an island where ‘green’ is not a choice, but a way of life – and its one of the many reasons why the King Island brand has resonated with so many consumers of high-quality beef and dairy products. With two new golf courses, a new, bio-diesel fueled abattoir and prolific bird tourism emerging on the island, the islanders have a truly ‘green’ and self-sustaining alternative.

A massive influx of turbines for the financial benefit of the Chinese using Tasmania as transfer pricing tax haven while they trash our Island and our way of life will be a travesty for our 1300 residents.

Hydro Tasmania be warned you have worked your magic on the poor and dispossessed in Sarawak your efforts for the Chinese to destroy our way of life here on this beautiful island with 200 let alone 600 turbines will have worldwide consequences.

*Donald Graham came to the island in 1973 with his brother (Neil). Over the next 35 years they developed a beef breeding operation covering 2500 Ha. As a part of their farming practices they protected 25% of their total area as native remnant vegetation, including all their water ways. In 2005 they sold their operation to Environinvest which was gobbled up by Great Southern; both these now bankrupt empires were created out of the Ponzi MIS scams.
Tasmanian Times

STT says Hydro Tasmania should get a full 10 points on their corporate scorecard for “stealth” and “deception”. First, ask the locals how they “feel” about 200 turbines in a survey conducted by your own team; next, shower them with promises of a fat pile of cash to cement the results of the survey; and then stick up 600 of those lovable little puppies, instead of the 200 mentioned in your survey. Stirling Stuff.

King Island turbine

Destruction of your Bass Strait paradise:
brought to you courtesy of Hydro Tasmania &
Sponsored by the Peoples Republic of China.

STT readers might think this an immoral outrage, but it’s just another day at the office for the corporate cowboys who have already mortgaged their grandmothers to get at the $52 billion in REC tax that will flow their way over the next few years. An inscrutable bunch, by any standards.


If only we started on King Island.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jim Hutson says:

    Maybe we should take a leaf out of the Chinese strategy
    announced a couple of weeks back, to “Stop Corruption ” seems that is only used in China. Meanwhile I think we should adopt their
    simple way of treating corrupt offenders, saves a lot of money.

  2. There will be a day of reckoning! This foolishness is not sustainable…


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  2. […] STT has already reported on the King Island “cash for votes scandal” and looked at the other deceptive methods used by Tasmanian Hydro to bring about a Chinese takeover of the Bass Strait Jewel as told by local STT Champion, Donald Graham. […]

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