Fighting the Great Wind Power Fraud? You’re Not Alone

Hard to think it’s only been a Year since we took the fight to Canberra. On 18 June 2013, 364 pro-farming and pro-rural community representatives – from Tolga in Far North Queensland, Coopers Gap in Southern QLD; from all over the Tablelands of NSW; a big contingent of Victorians and South Australians; and a contingent from the Golden West – descended on the Nation’s Capital to highlight the scale and scope of the Great Wind Power Fraud (see our post here).

For those who made the long journey, here’s a video reminder of what a great and important day that was.



In that short 12 months, the game has changed (irreversibly) for the better.

The mandatory RET – upon which the whole stinking rort depends – is almost dead and buried; no retailer or bank has been prepared to sign any deal (PPA or loan) with with wind power outfits since December 2012; our favourite whipping boys, Infigen are on the brink of insolvency; and the Coalition is about to announce the details of their multidisciplinary health inquiry – which will finally investigate the impacts of turbine noise on the sleep and health of long-suffering wind farm neighbours.

That inquiry will rival the work of Neil Kelley & Co from the 1980s for the range of disciplines from which highly skilled (and relevantly qualified) experts will be drawn (which rules out former tobacco advertising gurus); and – to the relief of everyone (except the wind industry and its parasites) – STT hears that the NRMRC will have nothing to do with the work or the selection of experts – which will all be controlled from the Health Minister’s office.

In the meantime, “something” has, indeed, been “happening” – but not just “here” – it’s been happening all over the world. To give you some idea of what that “something” is, we’ve reproduced an enormous list of anti-wind power fraud groups compiled by Quixote’s Last Stand – over 2,000 in all.

So, next time you think you or your little group are battling the Dark Forces all on your lonesome, haul out this list and remind yourselves that you are part of something that is much, MUCH bigger than you could have dreamed of even 12 months ago. And don’t just skim the list, check out the comments and replies at the end: you’re all very much part of a global movement for the betterment of all.

At this point, we’ll hand over to Donna Quixote – and say “hats off Donna”!:

Below is a partial list (2,194 and counting) of worldwide anti-wind organizations. Not all groups have a website, some simply have a contact name which is included in parentheses. For those that do have a website, I’ve included a link to it. Each website has been double-checked to make sure it is active, before it is listed here.

I will keep adding groups as I find them and have the time to list them.

Some groups are listed in their national language and I’ve provided a rough translation of each one’s site banner.

Facebook Groups are listed separately at the bottom of the page. So if you don’t see your group listed under the country title, check the FB websites at the bottom.

There are also some excellent resource sites after all of the anti-wind groups. Thanks to EPAW for many of the European groups listed here.



Industrial Wind Action Group

North American Platform Against Wind

National Wind Watch

Wind Wise Radio

Wind Turbine Syndrome


Ontario (76)

Alliance for the Protection of Northumberland Hills

Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County

Amherst Island Wind Information

BayNiche Conservancy

Blowing Our Tax Dollars on Wind Farms

Bluewater Against Turbines (BAT)

Beckwith Responsible Wind Action Group

Blue Highlands Citizens Coalition

Bruce Peninsula Wind Action Group

Cavan Monaghan Wind Watch — Profits Over People

Central Huron Against Turbines

Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group

Clarington Wind Concerns

Coalition to Protect Amherst Island

The Complete Picture

Concerned Citizens of Cavan Monaghan

Conservation of Rural Enniskillen

County Coaltiion for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy

Dawn Euphemia Sydenham Wind Action Group

DownWind Ontario

Dutton/Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines

East Oxford Community Alliance (Norwich, ON)

Elma-Mornington Concerned Citizens

Fox Island Wind Neighbors

Glanbrook Wind Action Group

Gone With The Wind — Property Loss due to Wind Turbines

Global Wind Energy — The Human Impact

Great Lakes Wind Truth

Grey Highlands Wind Action Group

Guildwood Village

Haldimand Wind Concerns

Huron East Against Turbines

Innisfil Wind Watchers

Lake Superior Action-Research-Conservation

Manitoulin Coalition for Safe Energy Alternatives

Manvers Wind Concerns Kawartha

Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action

Mothers Against Wind Turbines

My Next Door Neighbour is a Wind Turbine

Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee

North Gower Wind Action Group

Nurses for Safe Renewable Power

Ontario Neighbours United

Ontario Unwilling Hosts

Ontario Wind Performance

Ontario Wind Resistance

Ontario Wind Turbines

Oppose Belwood Wind Farm Association

Ottawa Wind Concerns


Preserve Clearview (Stayner, ON)

Association to Protect Amherst Island

Quixotes Last Stand

Rural Grubby’s Wind Watch

Save the Bluffs

Smithville Turbine Opposition Party

S.O.S. — Save Our Skyline

South Branch Wind Opposition Group

South Shore Conservancy

S.T.O.P. the CAW Turbine


STORM Coalition (Save the Oak Ridges Moraine)

The Human Face of Wind Turbines

Toronto Wind Action

Wainfleet Wind Action Group

Wayward Wind

West and East Perth Against Turbines

West Grey Residents Against Industrial Turbines (WeGRAIT)

West Lincoln & Glanbrook Wind Action Group

Wind Ontario

Windmills Blow

Why Industrial Wind Power?

Wind Concerns Bruce

Wind Concerns Ontario

Wind Farm Realities

Windmills Blow

Wind Power Grab

Wind Resistance of Melancthon

Wind Victims Ontario

Windy Leaks

New Brunswick

Friends of Tantramar Marsh

Nova Scotia

Eco Awareness Society

Friends of Jeddore


Comité de vigilance éolienne de Sainte-Luce

Éoliennes Infos

Forum Missisquoi

Regroupement pour le développement durable des Appalaches


Saskatoon Wind Turbine Coalition


Green Corruption

Health Care Professionals Against Commercial Wind in the Appalachian Mountains

Ill Wind

Industrial Wind Energy Opposition (AWEO)

The Wind Power Problem


Turbine Free Alabama


Alliance for Responsibility in the Environment of Northern Arizona

Canyon Country Coalition for Responsible Renewable Energy


Altamont Landowners Against Rural Mismanagement

Friends of Mojave

Save Our Desert

Save the Desert Tortoise


Fair Wind Connecticut


Save St. Lucie Alliance


Friends of Lana’i

I Aloha Molokai


East Idaho Residents for Responsible Wind Development

Energy Integrity Project


Adams County Wind

Advocates for Responsible Energy Development

Citizens for the Protection of Libertyville

Fair Wind Energy

Illinois Wind Watch


Adams County Save Our Skies

Boone County Wind Farms

Concerned Property Owners of Marshall County

Greentown Citizens for Safe Energy

Marshall County IN-Wind Farm

Resite Now

Responsible Siting in Tippecanoe County (RESITE)

Tipton Wind Concerns

Whitley County Concerned Citizens

Wind Energy and Land Leases


Ellis County Environmental Awareness Coalition

Kansas Prairie

Kansas Wind Alert

Protect the Flint Hills


Citizens Voice of Mason County


Citizens’ Task Force on Wind Power

Earth First

Forest Ecology Network (Campaign to Stop Industrial Wind)

Fox Islands Wind Neighbors

Friends of the Boundary Mountains

Friends of the Highland Mountains

Friends of Lincoln Lakes

Friends of Maine’s Mountains

Friends of Ragged Mountain

Keep it Grand!

Partnership for the Preservation of the Downeast Lakes Watershed

Protect our Lakes

Real Wind Info For Maine

Stop Oakfield Wind!

The Wind Power Problem


Stop Ill Wind


Counter Cape Wind

Firetower Wind

Friends of Florida and Monroe

Heal Our Town

No Brimfield Wind

Plymouth Wind Info

Preserve Lenox Mountain

Save Our Seashore

Save Our Sound – Preserve Nantucket

Shelburne Wind

War Against Wind

Windwise – Cape Cod

Windwise Massachusetts


Arcadia Wind Study Group

Clinton County Wind Watch

Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition

Know Wind Organization

Lake Michigan P.O.W.E.R. Coalition

Lake Township Wind Page

No Mistake in the Lake

Open Water

People Against the Lake Michigan Wind Farm

Save Our Sherman

Save Reading


Wind Turbine Testimonies from Michigan’s Thumb


Coalition for Sensible Siting

Goodhue Wind Truth


Wind Turbines Can be Hazardous to Human Health


Save Scenic Jefferson Valley Coalition


Basin & Range Watch

Save Our Valley

New Hampshire

Informational Site for the Antrim Wind Energy Wind Turbine Installation

New Hampshire Wind Watch

Newfound Lake Wind Watch


New Jersey

Hazlet Area Quality of Life Alliance (no website)

No Union Beach Wind Turbine!

New Mexico

Acoustic Ecology Institute

New Mexico Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy

New York

Advocates for Arkwright

Advocates for Prattsburgh

Citizens for a Healthy Rural Neighborhood

Citizen Power Alliance

Clear Skies Over Orangeville

Coalition for the Preservation of the Golden Crescent and 1000 Islands Region

Cohocton Free!

Cohocton Wind Watch

Concerned Citizens for Cattaraugus County

Concerned Citizens for Sustainable Energy

Concerned Residents of Hammond

Helderberg Community Watch

Madison Matters

Naples Valley Bristol Hills Association

Parishville Hopkinton Wind

Prattsburgh/Italy Wind Turbine Information

Protect Richfield

Save Jones Beach Ad Hoc Committee

Save Sauquoit Valley Views

South Bristol Views

Springwater Preservation Committee

We Oppose Windfarms (WOW)

Western Catskill Preservation Alliance

Wind Jamber

North Carolina

Keepers of the Blue Ridge

North Dakota

Save Coteau Prairie Landscape


Auglaize Neighbors United

Auglaize Neighbors United to Preserve and Protect Auglaize County

Champaign County Wind

Darke County Wind Warriers

No Auglaize Wind

No Turbines in Town

Save Our Skyline Ohio

Save Western Ohio

Shelby Neighbors United

Union Neighbors United

Wind Worriers


Blue Mountain Alliance

Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley


Folmont Property Owners Association

Save Our Allegheny Ridges

Shaffer Mountain Wind Project

Somerset Coalition for Ridgetop Protection (SCARP)

Stop Lookout Windpower

Rhode Island

Citizens Wind Watch

Ill Wind Rhode Island

No Residential Wind North Kingstown

Rhode Island Alliance for Clean Energy


Cross Timbers Landowners Conservancy (CTLC)

Lower Laguna Madre Foundation

Save Our Scenic Hill Country Environment


Say No to Wind Turbines on Bumblebee Mountain


Citizens for the Preservation of Georgia Mountain

Energize Vermont

Glebe Mountain Group

Grandpa’s Knob Wind Project

Industrial Wind Energy Opposition

IRA Wind (Collection of anti-videos)

Lowell Mountain Talk

Newark Neighbors United

Out of Kirby Mountain

Save Lowell Mountains

Save Our Senecas

Vermonters for a Clean Environment

Vermonters With Vision


Industrial Wind Power

John R. Sweet

Mountain Preservation Association – No Wind Turbines!

Virginia Wind

West Virginia

Allegheny Treasures

Friends of Beautiful Pendleton County

Highlanders for Responsible Development

Laurel Mountain Preservation Association

Wind Power Talk


Better Plan, Wisconsin

Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy

Coalition for Wisconsin Environmental Stewardship (CWESt)

Healthy Wind

The Forest Voice

Union Neighbors United

Wind Cows

Wind Energy Is a Scam!

Wisconsin Independent Citizens Opposing Windturbine Site

Wisconsin Town Associations


No Turbines In Town

Northern Laramie Range Alliance

The Accidental Conservationist

Why Not Wind?

Puerto Rico

Coalición Pro Bosque Seco Ventanas Verraco


No Park Eoli Cozumel

EUROPE (1596)

European Platform Against Wind 570 anti-wind organizations from 24 European countries

National Association for Neighbours Of Giant Windmills Comprised of 182 Anti-turbine groups — People must not be used as test animals. Until we have been reassured about the health risks associated with living next door to wind turbines, they must be postponed.

United Kingdom (415)

Atlantic Disarray

Energy Swindle

Europe’s Ill Wind

National Opposition to Windfarms

REF (Renewable Energy Foundation)

Slay the Array – “Alliance against the Monster”

Together Against Wind


We say NO WAY


England (108)

Action Against Matlock Moor Wind Farm (AMP)

Action for Rural Morpeth

Acton Bridge Windfarm Campaign

Anglesey Against Wind Turbines

Against Subsidised Wind Farms Around Rugby

Against Turbines At Chiplow

Alliance of British Drivers Wind Power

Belvoir Locals Oppose Turbines (BLOT)

Billingborough & Horbling Against Turbines

Birdsedge, West Yorkshire – Opposition to Large Turbines

Bleakhouse Wind Farm Action Group

BOLT — Birdsedge Opposition to Large Turbines

Bozeat and Lavendon Oppose Turbines (BLOT)

Bradwell and Tillingham Tackling Lost Environment (BATTLE)

Burntwood Action Group

Burton Against Turbines (BATS)

Campaign to Limit Onshore Windfarm Developments (CLOWD)

Chilla Against Turbines

Clare Against the Turbines

Communities Against Reagill and Sleagill Turbines

Copmanthorpe Wind Farm Action (CWFAG)

Cornwall Wind Watch

Country Guardian

Cotton Farm Action Group

Cumbria Wind Watch

Dean Forest Crosswinds Group

Denbrook Valley Windfarm Coalition

Dorset Against Rural Turbines

Dunsland Turbines Opposition Group

Farlington WAG

Feldon Residents Against Wind Turbines (FRAWT)

Fenland Landscape Against Turbines

Friends of Craven Landscape

Friends of Eden, Lakeland and Lunesdale Scenery

Friends of Ripon Environment and Heritage (FREH)

Friends of Rural Cumbria’s Environment (FORCE)

Habitat 21

Heslerton Windfarm

Householders Against Rushy Mead (HARM)

Marr and Melton Wood Action Group

Middle Hill Action Group

Middleton Burn Action Group

Montgomeryshire Against Pylons

National Association Against Wind Turbines (NAAWT)

No Pilrow Action Group

No to Norton Origin Windfarm

No To Wolds Wind Farm Group

No Triton Knoll Substation (Triton Knoll Windfarm)

No Windfarm at Parham

NO Windfarm at Yelvertoft (NoWAY)

North Hambleton Wind Farm Action Group

Peckleton Action Group

Penicuik Environment Protection Association

Protect Sheephouse Heights Action Group

Protect Little Hoole and Midge Hall near Leyland

Residents Against Turbines (RATS)

reVOLT – “Rural economies and voters oppose Loveden Turbines”

Saddleworth Moor Action Group (No turbines in Saddleworth)

Save Berkeley Vale

Save Mair Hills Protection Group

Save Our Salcey

Save Our Scenery — Our Heritage Coastline

Save Our Silton

Save Our Stainmore

Save the Vale

Say No to Harrington Wind Farm

Shuckburgh Park Windfarm Action Group (SPWAG)

Sibsey Turbine On-shore Protest (STOP)

South Hams Opposing Commercial Turbines (SHOCT)

South Pennine Landscape Action

South Tendring Acting To Protect our Local Environment (STAPLE)

STILE — Stop Turbines in Lunesdale Environment

Stone and Trent Save our Valley

Stonewall Hill Conservation Action Group

Stop Barnwell Manor Windfarms

Stop Benington Wind Farm

Stop Bickerton Wind Turbines

Stop Bicton Wind Farm

Stop Bridgnorth Wind Farm

Stop Dorcas Lane Turbines Awareness Group


Stop Grange Farm Wind Farms

Stop Haversham Wind Farm Action Group

Stop Industrial Turbines Devon

Stop Lenchwick Windfarm

Stop Litlington Wind Farm Action Group

Stop Molesworth Wind Farm Action Group

Stop Shepham Wind Farm Action Group

Stop the Rampion Off-Shore Windfarm

Stop the Turbines at Asfordby and Oppose Peel

Stop Turbine Onshore Proliferation in Torridge (STOPIT Meddon)

Stop Turbines over Clare (STOC)

Stop Woodlane Wind Farm

Swansea & Gower Matters

TAW Turbine Action Group

The Isles Communities Turbine Action Campaign

The Wight Against Rural Wind Turbines (THWART)

Thornton Moor Windfarm Action Group

Tivetshall Action Group (TAG)

Todmorden Moor Restoration Trust

Tolpuddle Against Industrial Turbines

Tramwell Windfarm Action Group (TWAG)

Two Moors Campaign

Windwatch — West Tyrone Against Wind Turbines

Wingates Not Wind Turbines

Wingrave, Rowsham and Hulcott against the Wind Power Station (WRHAPS)

Wolds Windfarm Opposition

Woodborough and Calverton Against Turbines (WACAT)

Woodford Windfarm Action Group

Scotland (62)

ABO – WE SAY NO- No Wind Farm in Kilmorack and Strathglass

Against Newlands Wind Farm Action Group

Alan Sloman’s Big Walk

Almont/Breaker Hill Windfarm Action Group

Amulree & Strathbraan Windfarm Action Group

Auchtermuchty Landscape & Environment Group

Barras, Arbuthnott, Catterline, Kinneff Windfarm Action Group

Blackstairs Conservation Concern

Caithness Windfarm Information

Carnwath Act Now – “Many communities, one voice”

Cerres and District Environment and Amenity Protection

Clatto Landscape Protection Group

Communities Against Turbines Scotland

Concerned About Wind Turbines

Druim Ba — Say No

Dunion Hill Conservation Group

Endrick Valley Action Group

Fife Wind Farms

Fifeplan Lochgelly — “Freedom from Wind Farms”

Galloway Landscape And Renewable Energy (GLARE)

Glen Affric Friends Say No

Highlands Before Pylons

Its In The Wind

Keep Wigtown Bay Natural

Kintyre Turbine Watch


Marnoch and Deveron Valley Protection Group

Moorland Without Turbines

No 2 Black Isle Wind Farm – “Possibly the Worst Place in Scotland to put a Wind Farm”

No More Turbines

No More Wind Farms – (new group as of August 2013 — no known website yet)

No Moriston Windfarm

No Tiree Array

Penicuik Environment Protection Association (PEPA)

People Against Clachan Turbines

Protect Against Wind — “Radical new Anti-windfarm Alliance”

Protest Against SNP Wind Policy

Save Our Straths

Save Our Unspoilt Countryside (SOUL)

Save Straiton For Scotland

Save the Lammermuirs

Save The Monadhliath Mountains

Say NO to Airriequhillart Wind Farm

Scotland Against Spin — National wind group

Scotland Against Wind Farms (Protect Wild Scotland)

Scottish Wild Land Group

Shotteswell, Hanwell & Mollington Wind Farm Action Group (SHAMWAG)

Southwest WindFarm Action Group

Spittal Windfarm Opposition Group (SWOG)

Standingfauld Environmental Action Group (SEAG)

Stop Clyde Valley Wind Farm

Stop Highland Windfarms Campaign

Stop Lenchwick Windfarms

Stop Proliferation of Turbines (SPOT)

Stop Turbines in Cushnie

Stop Turbines On Peninsula (SToP)

Sustainable Shetland

Sutherland Campaign for Action to Protect Our Environment (Landscape)

Tilting at Windfarms

Tunstall Hills Protection Group

Turbine Watch 312

Views of Scotland

Visit Scotland Wind Farms

Visit Scotland — Wind Farms (different site from one above)

Windfarm Action Group

Ireland (212)

*** as of January 2014 a coalition of over 200 anti-wind groups in Ireland has formed to fight against wind energy in this country. As yet unnamed, I will put up the information as soon as it’s available. Link to article here…..

An Ill Wind

Blackstairs Conservation Concern

CREWE — “Communities for Responsible Engagement with Wind Energy”

Connemara Coastline Against Windfarms

Glenties Windfarm Information Group

Green Side Up

Gweebarra Conservation Group — Donegal County

Legan and Ballycloghan Wind Turbine Awareness Group (new group in its infancy .. no website yet)

Protect Rockmarshall Mountain

Rural Protection Group

Save the Midlands

Wind Aware Ireland

Wales (21)

Scandinavia (248)

Denmark (215)

National Association of Neighbors Fighting Wind Turbines — comprised of 200 associations of smaller anti-wind farm groups formed across Denmark

Alliancen mod kæmpevindmøller ved Kostervig


Foreningen til Lammefjordens Beskyttelse

GK Vindkraft Info

Landsforeningen Bedre Miljø

Naboer Til Vindmoller

Nej til møller på Stevns

Preserve Our Coastal Environment

Rolig Nu

Stop Kalvebod

Stop Mosemøllerne

Tjørnebygruppen Lolland

Vinddebat – borgere mod vindmøller i Kærende

Vindmøller Med Omtanke

Vi siger nej – “We say no to the giant wind turbines”


Vil utsetje alle vindmølleprosjekt

Sweden (33)

Föreningen Svenskt Landskapsskydd — FSL

Alefjälls Naturskyddsförening

Algustorpgruppen Röke mot felplacerad vindkraft

Bevara Forshälla

Bevara Linderödsåsen

Bevara Ljusterö

Bevara Nossans dalgång

Färingtofta Norra


Föreningen bevara Linderödsåsen

Föreningen för ansvarsfull vindkraft i Lilla Edet

Föreningen Svenskt Landskapsskydd

Föreningen Tjörns landskapsskydd

God livsmijö Halmstad

God livsmiljö i Tritteboda

Hishults vindkraftskomitte

Köpinge-Glemminge Natur- och Livsmiljö

Livskvalité i Offerdal

Livskvalité Runt Öregrundsgrepen

Livskvalité och boendemiljö i Svalövs kommun, LOBIS

Pålsbobygdens bevarande

Rolfstorp/Skällinge Livsmiljö

Rädda Hallandskusten

Rättvis Vind i Holaveden

Samrådsgruppen västra Tjörnkusten

Svartnäsbygdens Vildmarksförening

Uppvidinge Vindkraft

Vindbruk Dalsland

Vindkraftverk dyrt och dumt

Vindskydd i Tjust

Värna Vånga Vyer

Wittsjöbygden mot vindkraftsutbyggnad

Austria (6)

Bündnis fordert Überarbeitung der BI Web-Seite

Bürgerinitiative “Freunde des Dunkelsteinerwalds”

Freunde des Eiskogels

Initiative gegen Windpark Ladendorf-Neubau

Landschaftsschutz Grabern

Weinviertler Plattform Waldschutz

Belgium (14)

Éoliennes à tout prix?

Geen windturbines in Gelrode

Geen 150m hoge windturbines op 250m van onze Kalkense deur

Geen 150m hoge windturbines vlakbij onze huizen in Peizegem en het

Geen Overlast

Groupe d’information sur les éoliennes

Les Éoliennes de la Plaine de Boneffe

Non aux éoliennes à Momignies

Plaine de Vie

Sprimont Sans Eoliennes


Vent de Haute Sûre

Vent de Raison

Vent Du Moulin


Green Balkans



Pan Cretan Net against Industrial Wind RSE (Click here to go to international petition to save Crete from wind turbines)

Czech Republic (18)

Dejmalka o.s.– Regional association, Kraj Vysočina

Ekologická Tolerance

Krajina pod Lázkem o. s.

Naše Výprachtice, občanské sdružen

Na Skále Radošice o.s. — Civic Association

Naše Výprachtice, občanské sdružení

Občanské sdružení Jevišovkaregion Slatina

Občanské sdružení Na Skále – Nepomuk

Občanské sdružení Horizont – Vranovská Ves, okres Znojmo

Občanské sdružení Zelená louka – Horní Heřmanice

Os Babáky – Babákov v Holetíně – ChrudimskoStop-větrníkům

Toužimský antivĕtrník, občanské sdružení — Civic Association

Unie pro krajinu – Group of organisations and individuals

Větrné elektrárny na Dejmalka

Větrníky Lichkov

Záchrana krajiny – European Association Against Windfarms

Za Naší Přírodu, o.s.

Zelená Louka, občanské sdružení

France (81)

Fédération Environnement Durable – “803 Associations to stop unnecessary wind programs and devastation”

44info (Member of the Fédération Environnement Nationale –FED)

ABDV – A Bout De Vents (FED)

A.C.P.E.M. (Association Contre les Projets Eoliens en Mer) St-Germain-sur-Ay Créances Pirou (Côte Ouest du Cotentin) (FED)

ADERE – Association de Défense de l’Environnement de la Région d’Egreville (FED)

ADEVA — l’association ADEVA de Villebéon (FED)

ADTC – Avis de Tempête Cévenole



APEEVA – Association pour la Préservation de l’Environnement de l’Ecaillon, de sa Vallée et de ses Alentours


Association Avenir et Patrimoine 88 (FED)

Association Coûp de Vent (FED)


Association DCA, Defense de la Cote D’albatre (FED)

Association de Défense de l’Environnement de la Région d’Egreville (FED)

Association de Défense de l’Environnement en Nord Lauragais

Association “Défense de l’Environnement dans le département des Vosges” (FED)

Association de Sauvegarde des Paysages et du Patrimoine en Haut-Limousin

Association de Défense des Droits et des Intérêts des Citoyens Crosvillais (FED)

Association de Sauvegarde des Paysages et du Patrimoine en Haut-Limousin (FED)

Association Développement Durable du Bayonnais du Saintois et de la Lorraine (FED)

Association Gâtinaise pour le Patrimoine et l’Environnement (FED)

Association Pour Agir Groupés (FED)

Association Pour la Défense et le Développement du Haut Nivernais (FED)

Association pour la Sauvegarde et la Protection du Patrimoine 88 (FED)

Association pour la Sauvegarde et le Développement du Patrimoine de Pargues et de ses Environs (FED)

Association vent d’anjou (FED)

Association vigilance éoliennes de la Pévèle (FED)

Avenir et Patrimoine 88


Bosq le Hard (FED)

Bourbon’air (FED)

CCK et Vent d’Est Pluvignois (FED)

Château de Bourgon (FED)

Chavagnes Luigné Authentique

Collectif Agir pour le Lévezou (FED)

Collectif Allier Citoyen (FED)

Collectif 6 Octobre – “Contre l’eolien industriel”

Collectif PULSE Pour Un Littoral Sans EolienneCollective Pulse for a Coastline without Wind – “Stop offshore wind turbines along the coast: at sea and coastal region”

Comité des Barthes — “Les victimes de l’eolien” (FED)

Contre-Vents sur Dixmont et Les Bordes

corbieresmaritimes (FED)

Défense de l’Environnement dans le département des Vosges (FED)

Du vent les €oliennes ! ( FED)

Eolien-cathare (FED)

eolesocial (FED)

Eoliennes en Vendee Longeville sur Mer-Le Bernard

Force dedefense des ayantsdroits de sections de commune (AFASC) (FED)

L’A.V.E.P. (Association Vigilance Eoliennes de la Pévèle) (FED)

La haye d’ectot sans éoliennes (FED)

Les Amis des Montagnes d’Azur

Les Ventilacteurs (FED)

Le ven tourne (FED)

Librevent -”Industrial, economic and political interests continue to prevail over the health of our citizens”

L’r2rien (FED)

Menace d’un projet éolien visible du château de Bourgon

National Academy of Medicine (Report on the impact of wind turbines on human health)

Oise-dans-le-Vent (FED)

Picardie.stop.eolien (FED)

Pivoine (FED)

Projet Eoliennes entre Auchy, Vermelles, Hulluch et Haisnes

Protection de l’Environement du Pays de Retz (FED)

Protection des sommets du haut doubs (FED)

PULSE – Pour Un Littoral Sans Eolienne

S.O.S. Mont-Saint-Michel (FED)

STOP au Projet des Deux Plaines

Suivi Eolien Verite (FED) – “The highest performance to counter industrial wind in France”

Union Bellîloise pour l’Environnement et le développement

VDC sur PC – Vent de colère sur le plateau du Petit-Caux

Vent debout! (FED)

Vent de Colère (FED)

Vent de Liberté Haute-Vienne (FED)

Ventderaison (FED)

Ventdubocage (FED)

Vent Libre Sur Nos Collines (FED)

Ventsdauvergne (FED)

Vigi-eole (FED) “Promote renewable energy – Fight against Industrial Wind — Preserve our village”

Voisine D’eoliennes Industrielles Near the Wind Farms (A journal from a lover of nature and the silence)

Wind – Aquitaine

Germany (742)

According to this article in the German newspaper Spiegel, there are over 700 anti-wind groups across Germany. Since I’m unable to list all of them, I’ve posted just a partial listing.

This site Windkraftgegner (Independent portal for organisations, community groups and private individuals in Germany, which in general speak against wind power)is a site that lists just some of the anti-wind turbine organizations in Germany. On Windkraftgegner, you will find links to 87 different anti-wind groups. I’ve listed just a few of them below, along with translations of their headlines.

Aktion Gegenwind

Aktion Gegenwind Allgäu (

Aktion Rettet den Stadtwald

Allgäuer Bürgerinitiative gegen die Windkraft (

Anliegerinitiative Jeversen gegen Windkraftanlagen (

Arbeitsgemeinschaft für eine windradfreie Heimat (

Bergeraktion Gegenwind Stiftland (Citizen’s initiative for the promotion of nature conservation and landscape management by preventing the construction of wind turbines)

BI Windkraft-Nordkirchen

BI Rückenwind fürs Erlauholz

Bundesverband Landschaftsschutz

Bündnis fordert Überarbeitung der BI Web-Seite

Bürger gegen den Windenergiepark Schulendorf

Bürgerinitiative Adelberg (

Bürgerinitiative Balge

Bürgerinitiative, Bayern

Bürgerinitiative Bliesendorf

Bürgerinitiative Freier Wald

Bürgerinitiative Garßen (

Bürgerinitiative gegen ein Windfeld Wolfsmoor

Bürgerinitiative Gegenwindheide

Bürgerinitiative Gegenwind Golzow (

Bürgerinitiative GegenWind Hartenstein

Bürgerinitiative Gegenwind Husarenhof

Bürgerinitiative Gegenwind-Jurahöhe

Bürgerinitiative Gegenwind – Keine WKA zwischen Ingersheim und Husarenhof

Bürgerinitiative gegen Windkraft in Schülldorf (

Bürgerinitiative gegen Windkraft (

Bürgerinitiative Goldebek / Goldelund (

Bürgerinitiative Hardebek (

Bürgerinitiative Höhendörfer (petra.dahms@inter.jet)

Bürgerinitiative Landschaftsschutz Aller-Oker-Aue

Bürgerinitiative “Lebenswertes Langenhorn

Bürgerinitiative Naturpark statt Windpark

Bürgerinitiative Nauener Platte e.V. (

Bürgerinitiative Ockholm (

Bürgerinitiative proWald Niedernhausen

Bürgerinitiative “Rettet den Hungerberg” (

Bürgerinitiative Rheinhessen-Pfalz

Bürgerinitiative zum Schutz des Hochschwarzwaldes

Bürgerinitiative Stauferland

Bürgerinitiative Stahnsdorf Süd

Bürgerinitiative, Schleswig-Holstein

Bürgerinitiative “Unser Wald” gegen den Windpark Odelzhausen/Brugger

Bürgerinitiative Windkraft im Spessart

Bürgerinitiative “Windpark Lange Heide Heilshorn” (The residents of the villages are threatened by significant * Attacks on their health * Withdrawal of their economic livelihoods * Destruction of their environment. The extent of the looming dangers of thousands residents breaks all negative records on political immorality and inhumanity in our Republic. The dance of lowly profiteers to the golden calf has begun here.)

Bürgerinitiative Windstille

Bürgerinitiative zum Schutz des Hochschwarzwaldes e. V.

Bürgerinitiative zum Schutz des Naturparks Frankenwald (

Bürgerinitiative zur Förderung des Naturschutzes und der Heimatpflege Holzhausen am Hünstein und Umgebung

Bürgernetzwerk Energiewende Niedersachsen-Hessen

Das Maß ist voll

Die Windmühlen von Hilgert

Dorferneuerung Bieswang & Ochsenhart

Dorfgemeinschaft Winterschneidbach

Ein Dorf kämpft gegen Windriesen

Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz: Ziel verfehlt – aber Umverteilung des Geldes von unten nach oben

Europäisches Institut für Klima und Energie

Förderkreis der Demokratischen Gesellschaft Rhein/Neckar e.V. (

Freier Wald e. V.

Für Mensch und Natur – Gegenwind Schleswig-Holstein

Gegenwind Bad Orb

Gegenwind Bälau (

Gegenwind Dirmstein

Gegenwind Dülmen

GegenWind Engelschoff (Gegenwind — Against Wind)

Gegenwind Ettlingen

Gegen-Wind Fargau-Pratjau (

Gegenwind – für eine industriefreie Nordsee

Gegenwind Hassendorf

Gegenwind in Krukow – Bürgerinitiative für Mensch und Umwelt (

Gegenwind Lamstedt

GEGEN-WIND Lindenhardt

Gegenwind Naturparkdörfer

Gegenwind Neuendorf-Sachsenbande

Gegenwind Oldenborstel (

Gegenwind Rüthnick / Herzberg (


Gegenwind Schiphorst

Gegenwind Spessart

Gegenwind Stiftland e. V.

Gegenwind Vogelsberg (For the protection of the oldest nature park in Germany)

Gegenwind Vogelsberg – Stehen Sie Auf

Gegenwind Wendland (

Gegenwind Wetzlar-Naunheim

Gegenwind Youtube site (videos are in German)

Gemeinschaft zum Schutz vor Schaden für Landschaft, Umwelt und Gesundheit durch Windindustrie im Allgäu


IG Breinermoor/Backemoor (

IG „Gegen Repowering – Auf der Scheid (

IG Gegenwind

IG gegen Windpark Drült (

Initiative gegen Windkraft “Im Stenges”

Initiative Schälker Heide – Ergste

Interessengemeinsachft zur Erhaltung der Notte-Niederung

Irrweg Windkraft

Keine Windkraft in Ebersburg und Eichenzell !

Landesverband Gegenwind Bayern – für Mensch und Natur (

Landesverband Sachsen des Bundesverbandes Landschaftsschutz

Landschaftsschutz Niedersachsen e. V.

Lebensraum Schluttenbach

LLS Nds – Landesverband Landschaftsschutz Niedersachsen

NAEB – Nationale Anti-EEG-Bewegung

Naturpark statt Windpark

Naturschutz paradox — Ulrich Löbert

Naturstrom- und Windkrafteuphorie in Deutschland und ihre Folgen

Oberngruber Gegenwind (


Pro Limpurger Berge

Randowkurier (Wind Turbines — It Is Enough)

Rennersdorfer Gegenwind

Rettet den Taunuskamm

Rettet die Bünte e. V.

Rettet die Uckermark (The circle group is committed to the protection and preservation of the landscapes in the Uckermark)


Rückenwind fürs Erlauholz e. V.

Schöner Ausblick Elbenrod

Sturm gegen Wind

Sturm Im Storm

Unser Hessenreuther Wald e.V

Verband für Mensch und Umwelt Saar

Verein zur Bewahrung der Kulturlandschaft Mainfranken e.V. (

Wattenrat Ostfriesland

W.I.N.D. e.V. Initiative zur Wahrung intakter, natürlicher (

Windenergie in Schmalensee (

Windenergienutzung und Illegalität (Wind and Crime)

Wind gegen Wind

Windkraft: Eine Alternative, die keine ist! Verband für Gesundheits- und Landschaftsschutz

Windkraftfreier Soonwald

Windkraftfreies Aller-Leine-Tal (

Windkraftgegner Schwarzwald

Windkraftgegner – Thransheide (Citizen’s initiative against the planned wind farm in the Thransheide at Walsrode)

Windkraft ja, aber



Wind mit Vernunft (

Windpark Fürfeld: So nicht!

Windpark Isny im Allgäu

Windrad 180

Windradfreies Voralpenland

Windradgegner Niederkrüchten


Windwahn (Civil rights are our motivation, nature is our energy)

Zwischen Rhein und Donnersberg (Initiative for the preservation of the native landscape and against useless wind turbines)

Greece (11)

Αίολίκα Παρκα Κεφαλονίας

Αίολίκα Παρκα Ναξου


Citizens and friends of Kandanos and Selino

Κίνηση Πολιτών για την Προστασία του Ευρυτανικού Περιβάλλοντος

Πρωτοβουλία Πολιτών για τη Διάσωση του Πράμνειου Όρους

Πολίτες Κατά του Λιθάνθρακα

Network for Environmental and Cultural Protection of Laconia

The Green Fraud


Szélerőművek Hárskúton?

Italy (15)

CEA Messina Onlus

Comitato Liberiamo il vento di Faeto (FG)

Comitato Nazionale contro Fotovoltaico Eolico Aree Verdi (National Coalition)

Comitato Nazionale del Paesaggio

Comitato No Eolico, vediamoci chiaro – Pro Matine Santeramo

Comitato spontaneo Ariacheta

Eolico, No Grazie, Difendiamo Il Nostro Paesaggio — Wind? No Thanks. Defend Our Landscape

Eolico Santa Donna

Fare Verde Calabria

Il blog di Pasquale Trivisonne dal titolo esplicativo — “Wind Energy. The Great Fraud of Wind Power”

Initiative | Iniziativa Unser Sattelberg

Mountain Wilderness — “More Wind? Thanks, that’s Enough!”

No centrale Torrente Terchio

No eolico in alta valnure. ecco i perchè

No Eolico Industriale a Nicelli

Rete della Resistenza sui Crinali

Salviamo la Lunigiana

Via dal Vento



The Netherlands (14)

De Groene Rekenkamer

Dorpsbelang Oudesluis – Werkgroep “In Oudesluis horen geen windmolens thuis”

Nationaal Kritisch Platform Windenergie (NKPW)

Platform Storm — Stop the Wind Turbines

Stichting Dalfsen tegen windmolens

Stichting Kritisch Platform Ontwikkeling de Zijpe

Stichting Platform Tegenwind N33

Stichting Windhoek

Urk Briest

Wind Turbines: The Whole Truth


Farma Wiatrowa W Dobkowie?

Liga Ochrony Przyrody

*Protest* Sobowidz Wiatraki Nowa Energia

Stop Wiatrakom

Slovenia (2)

Krajina Bez Vrtul


Spain (15)


Coordinadora d´Estudis Eòlics del Comtat

Grup d’Estudi i Protecció dels Ecosistemes Catalans

Grupo Roquez

GURELUR Fondo Navarro para la Protección del Medio Natural

IAEDEN – Institució alt-empordanesa per a la Defensa i Estudi de la Natura i Salvem l’Empordà

No Als Ventiladors a la Costa de L’Ametlla de Mar

Omaña sin molinos

PCAPIC – Plataforma Cívica Antimolins de Portbou i Colera

Plataforma El Quijote contra los Molinos

Plataforma para la Defensa de Gistreo

Plataforma para la Defensa de la Cordillera Cantábrica

Plataforma para la Defensa del Sur de Cantabria

Plataforma Per La Defensa de la Terra Alta – CATALÀ

Plataforma Per La Defensa de la Terra Alta – CASTELLÀ

Switzerland (5)

Association des Amis de Tête-de-Ran / La Vue-des-Alpes


librevent – Association pour la sauvegarde des paysages des Franches-Montagnes et de ses régions limitrophes

Rassemblement Jura Crêtes

Vent de Folie, la base de donnees – The green scam …. A kind of modern-day cancer… ‘ information and expose how ‘ deception, came here in our hands…!


Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Concern About Wind Power Stations


Australian Industrial Wind Turbine Awareness Network

Boorowa District Landscape Guardians

Crookwell District Landscape Guardians

Eastern Mt Lofty Ranges Landscape Guardians

Flyers Creek Wind Turbine Awareness Group

Friends of Collector

Heartland Farmers

Holy Transfiguration Monastery

No Wind Farms in Twofold Bay

Noise Watch Australia

Spa Country Landscape Guardians

Stop These Things

Swindle Australia

Tablelands Wind Turbine Action Group

Waubra Foundation


New Zealand Wind Farms — A Public Policy Failure

NoTas Wind Farm Group

Palmerston North

The Rangitikei Guardians


South Africa

Nieuwerust Nosie & Bird Watch — No-Go for Wind Turbines

Wind Point — The Truth about Wind Farms

International Groups

Artists Against Wind — Artists from across the world unite to save and celebrate our threatened landscapes

Facebook Anti-wind groups (308)

This list includes anti-wind facebook groups from around the world. Europe, North America, Australia, Puerto Rico, and more!!

Against Controversial Wind Turbines in Blackburn with Darwen (UK — 17 Members)

Against GSK turbines Montrose (UK — 18 members)

Airriequhillart Wind Farm Protest – Dumfries & Galloway (UK — 92 members)

Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound (America — 479 members)

Ardglass Wind Turbine Action Awareness Group (Ireland — 167 members)

Artists Against Wind Farms (Worldwide — 359 members)

Ballycommon in Co Offaly (Ireland)

Ballymore Industrial Wind Turbine Information Group (Ireland)

Ballynacargy in Co Westmeath (Ireland)

Ban Wind Turbines from our Countryside (UK)

Belper Against Turbines

BI Windkraft Mit Abstand

Bog of Allen Communities Against Spin

Bürgerinitiative Gegenwind Schiphorst (Germany)

Bürgerinitiative Müncheberg EV (Germany)

Bürgerinitiative Windpark Schönfeld (Germany)

Bürgerinitiative Windstille (Germany)

Bürgerinitiative Zukunft Mönchberg (Germany)

Campaign to Protect Rural England (UK)

Canadians Against Wind Power

Cape Vincent Wind Sacrifice Zone

Carrickfergus Says No to Wind Turbines (UK)

Castlejordan & Ballinabracky in Co Meath (Ireland)


Challenge Navitus Wind Farm

Citizens Voice of Mason County

Clonbullogue in Co Offaly (Ireland)

Coalicion Pro Bosque Seco (Puerto Rico)

Comeraghs Against Pylons (Ireland)

Connemara Against Windfarms

Conservation of Upland Powys (UK)

Coralstown Kinnegad (CK) Wind Information Group (Ireland)

Croghan in Co Offaly (Ireland)

Cubert And Crantock Against Wind Turbines

Darke County Wind Worriers

End Wind Energy

Energy Integrity Project

Eolico Santa Donna e le vere energie sostenibili (Italy)

Eon Wedonotwantyourwindfarmhere

Ernestown Wind Concern (Canada)

Europe’s Ill Wind (U.K.)

EVAG – Endrick Valley Action Group (UK)

Falmouth Turbine Neighbors (U.S.)

Farmers Against Rural Turbines (Australia)

F.I.G.H.T – Fight in Guisborough to Halt Turbines (UK)

Five Roads — RATS

Foes of Kingdom Community Wind

Fowey Landscape Action Group (UK)

Friends of Mojave (America)

Friends of Grafton’s Heritage

Friends of Llanllwni Mountain (Wales)

Friends of Saddleback

Friends of Sand Canyon

Friends of Searchlight Desert and Mountains

Garryhinch Wind Energy Awareness Group (Ireland)

Gaybrook Residents Against Wind Turbines (Ireland)

Geashill in Co Offaly (Ireland)

Gegenwind Baden-Württemberg

Gegenwind Oberkrämer (Germany)

Gegen Schiessanlage Wünsdorf (Germany)

Gegenwind Deutschland (Germany)

Gegenwind-Gattendorf (Germany)

Gegenwind Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)

Gegenwind Vogelsberg (Germany)

Gegenwind Vorfläming (Germany)

Gegen Windkraft (Germany)

Great Lakes Wind Truth (Canada and U.S.)

Green Berkshires (UK)

Gründungsgruppe gegen EEG (Germany)

Gruppe mod vindmøller i Manna Kær (Scandinavia)

Gweebarra Conservation Group (Ireland)

Hamlin Preservation (America)

Hände Weg Vom Liepnitzwald (Germany)

Hankensbüttel Gegenwind (Germany)

Hoosac Wind Watch (America)

Hoosiers Against Wind farms (America)

How Green Is This?

Ill Wind Reporting

illwind: No to Wind Turbines in Stratton and South Marston (UK — 101 members)

International Committee against Photovoltaic and Wind Power in Green Areas

Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition, Inc. – IICC

Jeddore Industrial Wind Farm Development (Canada)

Keeping Hampshire Green (America)

Killucan Raharney Rathwire Wind Information Group (Ireland)

Kimbolton Stop Bicton Wind Farm

Lakelands Windfarm Information Group (Ireland)

Landschaftsschutz Ebersberger Land e.V. (Germany)

Laois Against Wind Colonisation (UK)

Laois Wind Energy Awareness Group (UK)

Legan Wind Action Group (Ireland)

Lexington & Concord Townships — Help Protect Rural Maine

Litchfield United


Maine Wind Concerns (America)

Manvers Wind Concerns Kawartha (Canada)

MAP (Montgomeryshire Against Pylons) (UK)

Menston Against Wind Turbines

Middle Hill Action Group

Middlesex Lambton Wind Action Group (Canada)

Middleton Burn Action Group (UK)

Montgomery Against Pylons

Mortlake South Windfarm Action Group (UK)

Mothers Against Turbines

Mull of Galloway action against offshore wind farms

National Association Against Wind Turbines

NEI til vindkraftanlegg i Meråker (Scandinavia)

Neighbors of the Scituate Turbine

Nej till vindkraft i Östernärke (Scandinavia)

NEPAVEJUI (no wind turbine)

Newburgh Wind Farm

Newfound Lake Wind Watch (America)

NH Wind Watch

NIE dla wiatraków na Łysej Górze ! (Poland)

Nie Turbinom Wiatrowym W Gminie Rutka-Tartak (Poland)

NMEPC – Wind Turbines don’t belong next to where we live!

No centrale Torrente Terchio (Italy)

No Eolico Bagnoregio (Italy)

No Ellesmere Wind Turbine

No Industrial Wind Turbines on Bras D’or Sc

No Nant y Moch Windfarm

No al Parque Eólico Cozumel (Mexico)


North Kildare Against Wind (Ireland)

No Sea Girt Turbine

No! To Ben Wyvis Wind Farm (UK)

NO to Bog of Allen Wind Farm (UK)

NO to Chittlehampton Wind Turbines

No to Cockermouth Wind Turbines

No to Slíabh Bán Wind Farm

No to Tibberchindy Wind Farm

No to UK Industrial Wind Turbines

No Wind Farms in Twofold Bay

No Wind Turbines in Garmouth or Kingston

No to Wind Turbines for Moycullen

No To Wind Turbines Near To Y Foryd and Caernarfon Castle


No to Wolds Wind Farm Group

No Turbines !!!

NO Turbines On Lodge Hill

No Wind Farm Here

No Wind Farm for Crossgar

No Wind Farms in Twofold Bay

No Wind Turbines For Walkamin

No Wind Farms in Dekalb County

No Wind Park in Noord

No Wind Turbines in Kirkby Overblow

No to wind Turbines in the Trent Valley

No Wind Turbines off the Dorset, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Coast

No Wind Turbines on Killoch Hill

No Wind Turbines On Lake Erie

No Wind Turbines on Lake Superior or other Great Lakes

Nuclear Power! Not Wind Turbines.

Occupy WIND Energy

Ocotillo Wind Turbine Destruction (America)

Offaly Wind Energy Information Group (Ireland)

Onshore Wind Farm worries in Northern Ireland! (UK)

Ontario Anti Wind Turbine Movement

Ontario Residents Against Wind Turbines

Ontario Wind Turbines = FAIL

Oppose Blackmains

Orby Windfarm Action Group

Österreichischer Bundesverband zum Schutz des Waldes



Passadumkeag Mountain Friends

People Against the Lake Michigan Wind Farm

People Against Wind Turbines

People Against Wind Turbines in Finland

People Against Wind Turbines in Haldimand/Norfolk (Ontario)

People Over Wind in Co Laois (Ireland)

Petition against wind turbines

Preserve Lenox Mountain

Protect North Carolinas Highest Ridges from Commercial Wind Plants

Protect Pumlumon — Folks Against Nant y Moch wind farms

Protect Rockmarshall Mountain

Protest Against SNP Wind Policy

Rathangan Against Spin

Rathowenwind Turbines (Ireland)

Rettet Den Stadtwald Müncheberg (Germany)

Rhynie Against Cairnmore Extension

Rhode Wind Farm Information Group (Ireland)

River Valley Alliance Against Wind

Rochfortbridge Windfarm Information Group (Ireland)

RTS Substation Action Group – Ratheniska Timahoe Spink and beyond (Ireland)

Salviamo La Lunigiana (Italy)

SATNAV Saltburn

Saugus Residents Against Industrial Wind Turbines

Save Bonnie Lauderdale

Save Brown Muir Hill

Save Cherokee Rock Village

Save Salcey Forest

Save Mt. Emerald and Walsh’s Bluff Queensland From Wind Turbines

Save Mynydd Brombil

Save Ontario

Save Our Allegheny Ridges

SaveOurSeaShore No Industrial Wind Turbines in our National Parks

Save Our Senecas (Vermont)

Save Our Shropshire

Save Our Villages – Newton Longville

Save Prince Edward County

Save The East Renfrewshire Green Belt

Save The Machars

Save the Mynydd y Betws Neolithic Site

Save Western Maryland

Say No to Big Thunder Wind Farm (Canada)

Say No To Erection Of 45 M Wind Turbine!

Say NO to EU wind turbines

Say No to Fallago – from wind farm to wind factory

Say No to Gail Windfarm

Say No To More South Wales Valleys Wind Farms

Say No To Mormond Hill Wind Farm

Say No To Stithians/Longdowns Wind Turbine

Say no to the 85.5m wind turbines at Princes Gate, Pembrokeshire

Say NO to the Coxley Wind Turbine near Middlestown and Overton Wakefield

Say NO to the Mynydd-y-Gwair Wind Farm

Say NO to The proposed Queniborough Windfarm

Say NO to the Uttoxeter Wind Turbine

Say NO to the turbines on Thornton Moor

Say NO to Tiree Wind Farm Array

Say No to Turbine on Victoria Embankment Nottingham

Say NO to the Upper Badrain Windfarm, Culbokie

Say ‘NO’ to Weir Windfarm

Say no to wind turbines

Say NO to Wind Turbines / Farms

Say NO! To Wind Turbines on Anglesey (UK)

Say NO to wind turbines on Bumblebee Mountain

Say NO to wind turbines on March Hywel

Say NO to Wind Turbines on the East Coast

Say NO to windmills on the Great Lakes


Scottish Wild Land Group

SHAMWAG — Shotteswell, Hanwell & Mollington Wind Farm Action Group (UK)

Slieve Bloom Wind Turbine Awareness Group (Ireland)

SPWAG – Shuckburgh Park Wind Farm Action Group

Smithville Turbine Opposition Party

South Kildare Against Spin (Ireland)

SWWAG South Wicklow Wind Action Group (Ireland)

Stithians Turbine Action Group

S.T.E.M.M – (Stop the Exploitation of Mynydd Mynyllod)

Stop Clyde Valley Wind Farm

Stop Davidstow Windfarm

Stop Dorcas Lane Turbines

Stop Grange Farm Wind Farm, West Ashton, Wilts

Stop Haversham Wind Farm

Stop Heydon Grange Wind Farm

Stop Industrial Wind Power

Stop Industrial Wind Turbines

Stop Langford Wind Farm

Stop Maple Hill Turbines (Canada)

STOP North Pembs Wind Turbines (SNPWT)

Stop Salden Turbines

STOP Scarista Wind Turbine

Stop Shepham Wind Farm

Stop the Blairshinnoch and Culbirnie Wind Turbines

STOP the CAW Wind Turbine

Stop the Conestogo Wind Project in North Perth-Perth East, Ontario

Stop The Industrial Wind Turbines

Stop the Industrial Wind Turbines in West Lincoln and Glanbrook

STOP (Stop The Overhead Pylons)

Stop the West Lincoln Wind Turbines! (Ontario)

Stop the wind farms

STOP the Wind Farm at Black Ditch, West Huntspill

Stop the Wind Turbines

STOP the Wind Turbines in Hastings

Stop Viking Energy Windfarm

Stop West Pinchbeck Wind Farm

Stop Windfarm At Nathro

Stop Wind Turbine Development in New Hampshire

Summerhaven Summerhell


sWINDle Australia

Tehachapi Communities for Responsible Energy Development

The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland

The Fighting Wind Machine

The Firetower Wind Watch (Massachusetts)

The Wind Action Group

Tillery Against the Turbines

Tove Action Group

Trees NOT Turbines on Ontario’s West Coast

Tubber Windfarm Information Group (Ireland)

Turbine Watch 312

Unite against pylons and industrial wind farm development

Unser Hessenreuther Wald e.V.

Valle Del Tammaro Molise (Italy)

Vermont Wind Resistance II (U.S.)

Vermonters Against Industrial Wind Development

Waldschutz Hollabrunn

WAIT Plympton – Wyoming

Walkington and Beverley against wind turbines

West Tyrone Against Wind Turbines

Wind Aware Ireland

Wind Concerns Bruce (Ontario)

Wind Energy’s Absurd

Wind mills and wind turbines are destroying our beautiful scenery.

Wind Power — It Blows

Windwise Fairhaven

Wind Swindle Alabama

Wind turbines bad for Florida residents and wildlife

Wind Turbine Industry In Rural Ohio

Wind Turbines on Lake Ontario — NO

Wind Turbines Ruining Landscape

Wind Watch

Wind Wise ~ Massachusetts

Χιώτες Πολίτες και Ανεμογεννήτριες (Greece)

Yerra, no more wind farms in Kerry


Resource Sites

Acoustic Ecology Institute

AWED – Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions

Friends of Science

Master Resource

No More Lies

Our Energy Policies — From Science or Lobbyists — John Droz Jr.

Save the Eagles International

Stop These Things

The Acoustic Ecology Institute

The Carbon Sense Coalition (Australia)

The Green Agenda

The Resilient Earth

Tom Adams Energy

Variable Pitch (UK)

Watt’s Up With That?

Wind Power Toolkit (John Droz)

World Council for Nature


Reference Sites

Australian Climate Skeptics

AWED – Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions

C3 Headlines — Climate History

Climate Depot

Climbing Out of the Dark

Digging In the Clay

European Institute for Climate and Energy (German site — You might need a translator like Google to read)

False Alarm (Why Almost Everything We’ve Been Told About Global Warming is Misleading, Exaggerated, or Plain Wrong)

Global Warming Policy Foundation

Global Warming Solved

Master Resource

No Tricks Zone

Principia Scientific

Real Climate by Real Scientists

Real Science

The Daily Bayonet

The Resilient Earth

Watts Up With That?

43 Comments on “Links to over 2000 International Anti-wind Groups”

  1. Brad Blake March 14, 2013 at 12:00 am #

    Please add the link in Maine for This group is fighting a large project slated for a ridge overlooking East Grand Lake in gorgeous Downeast Grand Lakes region of Maine. Greenland Ridge is on the US side of the US-Canada border. This is an active web site.

    • Donna Quixote March 14, 2013 at 8:21 pm #

      Thanks so much for the information Brad. I’ve added the link. Any and all groups are welcome so everyone please feel free to let me know of any other sites! Thanks!

  2. Jennifer Disley March 19, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

    Please add Tablelands Wind Turbine Action. We are fighting another large development in Far North Queensland, Australia, of 75, 3MW turbines right in the middle of some of the best horticultural land in Australia. This industrial complex is slated for a high plateau (Mt Emerald) in the wet tropics which draws many tourists for its picturesque scenery.

  3. jan May 15, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    please add SATNAV – Saltburn Against Turbine Noise and Vibration, plans for 4 x 210m turbines on open land with amazing views – these turbines would be approx. 700m from housing and set so that the sun would set behind them leaving massive flicker problems, thankyou

  4. Donna Davidge June 7, 2013 at 7:45 pm #

    thank you for listing these..since there is so much brainwash on this we must rely on each other to join forces and spread the word-

  5. Donna Davidge June 7, 2013 at 7:47 pm #

    thank you for creating a site like this..I am part of the fight Brad Blake is heading so well in Maine and I headed Protect our Lakes..we need to keep getting the word out there on the horrible pitfalls of this scam technology..if green people really thought about it the word INDUSTRIAL would tell them this is NOT a wind mill (which are also intermittent) and NOT environmental in any way..

    • Donna Quixote June 20, 2013 at 1:32 pm #

      Thanks for the words of encouragement Donna! We need to keep fighting together and not let up.

  6. Alastair Nelson July 18, 2013 at 3:46 am #

    This is a fantastic website. It shows how many people worldwide are against this awful menace.

    As Part of the fight, I have had an e-petition to the UK government trying to have a minimum distance set between houses and wind turbines of at least 3km. In some parts of the UK there is an advisory setback of 2 km, however as its not compulsory, many wind developers just ignore it. If you live in the UK then please sign.

  7. Rob Swift October 25, 2013 at 9:13 am #

    Our group originally set up to fight against a single wind turbine in NE Derbyshire, but joined forces with members from other local groups opposed to wind farms in our area.

  8. Rob Swift October 25, 2013 at 9:21 am #

    You’re welcome. We are currently waiting for the decision of the Planning Inspectorate. So far, our local Council has turned down all applications (4 of them). Ours is the first to go to appeal. We had 1334 signatures on a petition, collected in only two weeks. 200+ objection letters to our application, and we still aren’t confident the result will go our way.

    • Donna Quixote October 25, 2013 at 9:25 am #

      Unfortunately governments seem to be in the pockets of Big Wind and have completely forgotten who they were elected to represent.

      Good luck Rob and let us know how it turns out for you. If you have any articles you’d like us to put up on Quixotes let me know and I’ll be glad to do that for your group.

      • Rob Swift October 25, 2013 at 9:42 am #

        Thanks Donna. 🙂

  9. mcguintylies October 27, 2013 at 8:53 am #

    Hi Donna,

    I do not see ” Preserve Clearview” on your list for Ontario. We have been fighting for 5 years and have been involved in law suits . 8 IWT’s 500 meters high , if approved will block in our Collingwood airport and a private aerodrome as well. Houses for sale in the area have been sitting on the market for years!

  10. Denise Martin October 30, 2013 at 11:19 am #

    I can not see BI Aufgewacht Eichenzell und Ebersburg in your list. We are from Germany/ Hessen.

  11. Werner Halbe December 10, 2013 at 4:15 am #

    we are a new Bürgerinitiative in Germany

    • Donna Quixote December 10, 2013 at 7:25 am #

      Hi Werner!

      Do you have a name and a website that I can add to our list?


  12. Lyndsey January 15, 2014 at 4:46 pm #

    Hi Two things please. One can you add our new action group from Scotland UK to your list. We are fighting German developer ABO Wind to stop their 25 turbine proposal in Kilmorack / Strathglass communities near iconic Glen Affric and Strathfarrar. Also is there anyone who can tell me of an American newspaper that may carry a story of what is happening here. We have a lot of American visitors and we want to tell them how our government is trashing the place and ask them if they will still want to visit if it continues. If anyone knows a friendly journalist that would be awesome! Thank you

    • Donna Quixote January 15, 2014 at 5:40 pm #

      Hi Lyndsey,
      Thanks so much for your site. I will put it up right away.

      • Lyndsey February 28, 2014 at 8:33 am #

        Hi Donna – can’t see our website – if it’s not there please can you put us up under Scotland. Thank you

    • Donna Quixote February 28, 2014 at 8:59 am #

      Hi Lindsay. I have had your website up for quite a while. I figured out why you didn’t see it. I had it under the heading of “No Wind Farm in Kilmorack and Strathglass”, because that’s what your banner says. Is there a different title that you want me to use?

  13. purslane March 1, 2014 at 6:29 pm #

    Some more from Czech Republic here:

    • Donna Quixote March 1, 2014 at 7:18 pm #

      Oh my goodness!!! Thanks so much for the information.

  14. éolien global ecopower April 5, 2014 at 2:36 pm #

    Fabulous, what a webpage it is! This weblog provides helpful data to us, keep
    it up.

  15. john April 11, 2014 at 2:57 pm #

    Hi Donna,
    Please include – Anglesey Against Wind Turbines (AAWT) – under UK – Wales

    Keep up the good work,
    Kind regards

    • Donna Quixote April 11, 2014 at 3:10 pm #

      Hi John. I’ve already got them listed under England. Do I have them under the wrong country? Let me know and I’ll correct it. Thanks for reading our site. 🙂

  16. Pat Gabb May 15, 2014 at 7:41 am #

    Stockyard Hill Community Guardians is a proactive group in Australia fighting Wind Turbines — there are also many others not listed .

    • Donna Quixote May 15, 2014 at 7:43 am #

      Pat, I would appreciate any information you can give me on these groups, especially websites, if they have any.


  17. (genie81) May 21, 2014 at 7:52 pm #

    This should be sent to every Government. Maybe then they would think about what they are doing to this world.

    • Donna Quixote May 21, 2014 at 7:53 pm #

      It depends on how big their kickbacks from the wind industry are.

  18. Donna Quixote May 16, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

    Hi Karen,

    I already have this group up. Maybe I have it under the wrong country? I’ve got it under Wales.

  19. Karen May 17, 2013 at 2:45 am #

    Hi Donna,
    We are Tranwell not Trannon and we are in Northumberland in England. I think you are doing a wonderful job! Very best wishes, Karen

  20. Donna Quixote May 17, 2013 at 3:53 am #

    Oh! I’ve got it now. LOL…It gets confusing sometimes with so many groups. Thanks for your help!

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. U.S. Public Interest Groups Fighting Windpower:

  2. Please could you add for Scotland. We are being inundated with them just now, they are destroying our land. Tinnitus, ear pain, lack of sleep, etc. are all becoming common in my area of Lochgelly, Fife. Keeping up the fight! And thanking you for your website and information, you’re doing a grand job! Cheers.

    Michigan USA

  4. Keith Staff says:

    And to think that a wind proponent sales person had the audacity to stand up in front of over 200 concerned residents at a public forum arranged in South West Victoria and said

    there are no problems anywhere else in the world

    These people believe their own lies.

  5. cornwallwindwatch says:

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch.

  6. People power has huge power when let loose. This massive power WILL bring the wind turbine scam to the point where it will hit the massive brick wall, and be destroyed for ever.


  7. Jim Hutson says:

    Please, What we need is a ‘LEADER’, a statesman, someone with unique integrity, someone fearless, someone who the Public knows and respects, and is willing to fight for our Democratic rights. Someone who will UNITE ALL THE ANTI-WIND TURBINE GROUPS World wide and put the SWORD through this rotten fraudulent Industry. In doing this, so free everyone affected. The Billions of dollars this is being wasted could then be put to good use, for the benefit of Mankind.
    You’re out there. Now is the TIME to come forward.

  8. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    A great resource and good to see so many around the world – it just goes to show how many are concerned about these things, no one is alone anymore and the companies are feeling the pressure as we reach and support each other for the cause.
    Allendale and District Concerned Residents Group, who prevented Acciona destroying their piece of paradise is still being informed of what is going on in South Australia, Australia and around the world and the ‘sleeping giant’ could be awakened if danger ever came their way again. Hopefully this will never happen.
    With the work undertaken by so many and all the academic and professional papers available for use and worldwide support, if they need to awaken they will be better prepared than before.
    We know it’s possible things could be going on in secret/behind closed doors/in confidence but if a whisper is heard we will begin to stir.

  9. Anthony Gardner says:

    Please add “Residents Against Jupiter Wind Turbines” to your Australian list.
    Web site:

  10. Please add Bodangora Wind Turbine Awareness Group. Fighting a proposal near Wellington in NSW, Australia.


  1. […] In this post we documented over 2,000 Anti-Wind Power Fraud groups operating world-wide, fighting to protect their homes, farms, families and communities from being overrun and destroyed by giant industrial wind turbines. […]

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