STT’s Australian of the Year Awards


Australians are a weird mob – as that, somewhat historically inaccurate, mash up demonstrates.

Cooky” was, of course, a Yorkshireman; and, strictly speaking, Burke, of Burke and Wills fame, was an Irish born solider and policeman. Ned Kelly, the only gluten intolerant bushranger in history – born in Victoria, to an Irish convict father – is unlikely to have been equipped with a Dubliner’s lilt.

But, quibbles aside, the video otherwise hits the bull’s-eye: 26 January is the day when Australians hit the beach, haul-out the barbie and wash down paddocks full (or, rather emptied) of Aussie lamb, with frosty cold beverages. Mmmmm

Australians, on the whole, are slow to anger, but quick to jump in to a stoush when the bullies of the world start throwing their weight around.

Australian soldiers afghanistan

Australian Diggers taking on the Taliban.
Even Rex the Kelpie was ready to muscle up and
help put Afghanistan on the road to peace and prosperity.


And, on Australia Day, the country turns to reflect on the achievements of those who fight with honour and courage, in a whole range of human endeavours, for the betterment of our collective lot.

In Australia, the fight to bring the great wind power fraud to a shuddering halt is being won: the wind industry is on its knees, investment is at a standstill and the financial collapse of wind power outfits – like the near-bankrupt Infigen – is a case of when not if.

The talk has turned from consideration of the wind industry’s “future”, to the timing of its inevitable demise.

But that switch in fortune has come thanks to the blood sweat and tears of hundreds of well-informed and dedicated individuals around this country.

As with any public gong, it’s impossible to mention them all, so we’ll stick to those who STT thinks have made outstanding contributions in their respective fields.

Following the style of Australia’s national daily, The Australian, STT throws up the following nominees as “STT’s Australians of the Year”.

It’s not necessarily a beauty contest, so feel free to vote according to your heads and not your hearts. And, because our little list is obviously cursory and incomplete, you have absolute liberty to nominate and vote for all of those unsung heroes in your communities who have made the kind of contributions that are worthy of recognition and praise.

And the categories and nominees are:

Tireless Community Defenders

With this award, STT hopes to recognise the tireless and dedicated work of the people who have rallied to promote the interests of farmers and rural communities around the Country.

Where the wind industry and its parasites attack these people as “anti-wind” (a strange and meaningless epithet, if ever there was one – STT thinks it impossible to find a human being with antipathy towards a gentle summer’s breeze) – STT says the proper characterisation is of a group of people who are positively fearless in advocating in favour of sensible energy policy and, therefore, are better described as “pro-Australian”, “pro-farming” and “pro-community” leaders and advocates.

Mary Morris


STT Champion of Champions, Mary Morris.


Mary hails from Buchanan (near Eudunda) in South Australia, which is nestled on the eastern side of the range where Energy Australia speared a phalanx of Vestas V90s into Waterloo, back in 2010. The results have been an unmitigated disaster.

Since then, Mary – a former science teacher, now farmer and mother – has dedicated thousands of hours of her time to harry and shame the South Australian government and its rotten little EPA into action.

But for Mary’s tireless efforts and dogged pursuit of the truth, the EPA would have simply continued to run cover for its wind industry mates; and done nothing.

Mary went on to assist and organise the work done by Steven Cooper, and Prof Colin Hansen and his team from the University of Adelaide, which proved – contrary to the bogus claims made by SA’s bumbling and incompetent EPA – that infrasound is very much a feature of modern wind farms; and that it has direct adverse health impacts on neighbours, including sleep deprivation.

Here’s a little list of Mary’s efforts:

Annie Gardner


Annie Gardner (husband Gus to her left and Alan Jones to her right) addresses the great wind power fraud rally in Canberra, June 2013.


Annie hails from Macarthur in western Victoria, another unmitigated public health disaster, where AGL speared 140 Vestas V112s into some of the most productive grazing country in Australia.

From the moment AGL cooked up its plans for wanton and pointless community destruction, Annie was on the case.

Since the turbines kicked into gear in October 2012 – the first 30 fired up then and the balance were roaring and thumping by February 2013 – and started ruining the ability of dozens of families in her community to sleep in, use and otherwise enjoy their own homes, Annie has been a fearless warrior.

Constantly challenging and attacking the lies, deception and malfeasance of the local Council (see our post here); hassling and harrying those with political responsibility further up the food chain (see our post here); and getting that message made public through local and national media outlets (see our post here) puts Annie in the parade ring as an STT Champion of Champions.

Here’s some more on Annie’s sterling efforts:

Keith Staff

Keith staff

Maureen and Keith “Bulldog” Staff: at the barricades, Canberra, June 2013.


Keith hails from Penshurst in western Victoria, where RES has plans to spear a couple of hundred blade-chucking, pyrotechnic devices into the territory just north of Macarthur.

A British Bulldog, Keith is fairly described as “dogged”, in his pursuit of the truth about the great wind power fraud – and in his efforts to expose it.

Keith’s email contact list can only be described as “awesome” – and he uses it to great effect, bombarding our political betters and journalists with every “inconvenient” fact that scuttles the endlessly repeated lies, upon which the great wind power fraud depends.

Patina Schneider


Alive and well – now at war on the Tablelands of NSW.


Patina Schneider is New South Wales’ answer to the Celtic warrior queen, Boadicea.

Patina is the brains and muscle behind the Australian Industrial Wind Turbine Awareness Network – a group dedicated to smashing the wind industry and exposing the corruption that it exploits to its advantage.

And Patina has given near-bankrupt wind power outfit, Infigen no end of grief in relation to its proposal to destroy Flyers Creek (see our post here).

Patina has been relentless in her efforts to smash into institutional corruption at every level of government: belting into the New South Wales Planning Department, exposing the rotten eggs within it; turning a blowtorch on the NHMRC, and the fact that it has been infiltrated and co-opted by wind industry advocates, such as – Liz Hanna – from Drs for wind turbines, among others (for a taste, see this effort here).

Expect to hear a whole lot more from Patina and her band of warriors as the Senate Inquiry revs into gear next month.

For Contributions to Science and Public Health

Professor Colin Hansen


Colin Hansen: a gentleman and fine scholar.


Professor Colin Hansen is one of nature’s true gentleman; and Australia’s leading academic authority on noise and vibration.

Colin’s work on identifying the precise nature of the noise generated by industrial wind turbines, and its relationship to the health impacts suffered by neighbours, has been going on quietly in the background for almost 6 years now.

Careful, considered and precise describes the manner of Colin’s approach to the work and the output of that work.

In the finest academic tradition, Colin – who is ostensibly ‘retired’ – is in the process of passing his intellectual baton to a team of others, with the capacity to build on his grand body of work.

That team includes his daughter, Kristy and her partner, Branko Zajamšek – who put together a very solid piece of research at Waterloo in SA (see our post here). A body of work that came together with more than just a little help from Mary Morris.

Here’s a tiny taste of Colin’s contribution to science and public health:

Steven Cooper

steve cooper

Steven Cooper: holds a one-way ticket in pursuit of scientific truth.


Quiet and methodical, Steven Cooper is the acoustican’s acoustician. He’s never had an axe to grind with the wind industry. Instead, he is motivated by the ethical responsibilities that are attached to acousticians, requiring them to put public health and safety first and foremost.

It’s his level of integrity, and dedication to scientific investigation, that led to the groundbreaking study carried out at Pacific Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater disaster last year. The publication of that study last week has seen the wind industry and its parasites in apoplexy. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

In truth, the work is simply an extension of the obligation of acoustic engineers to protect public health.

Steven Cooper has spent hundreds of hours of his own time (unpaid) investigating the precise cause of the hundreds of complaints that emanate from wind farm neighbours: both in deference to his ethical responsibilities; and in the noble pursuit of science.

Here’s a wrap up of Steven’s most recent efforts:

Dr Sarah Laurie

sarah laurie

Dr Sarah Laurie: standing up for communities all around the World.


Where to start.

Fortitude, resilience, stoicism, fearlessness, and an overall desire to let right be done: terms that only begin to capture the essence of a remarkable women.

Set upon by the attack dogs that help run media and political interference for the wind industry, Sarah has been subjected to more than her fair share of utterly unwarranted, vilification and abuse.

Notwithstanding the virulence and relentlessness of their attacks, Sarah continues to press those that govern us to get on and do the research into the known and obvious adverse health impacts caused by turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

Properly vindicated in her efforts to date by Steven Cooper’s work at Cape Bridgewater, STT fully expects that Sarah’s efforts will be fully recognised in the halls of power; starting with the Senate Inquiry, which kicks off next month.

Here’s a roundup of some of Sarah’s efforts:

For Contributions to Political Reform

John Madigan

John Madigan

John Madigan: a will of iron, and a heart of gold.


For Victorian Senator, John Madigan “justice” and “right” are not just fancy concepts to chatter about – they are the pillars of decent, civil society.

With an unparalleled tenacity, John Madigan has badgered and embarrassed his political peers into action on a whole range of issues arising from the great wind power fraud. His efforts to root out corruption and fraud amongst authorities and agencies like the Clean Energy Regulator, the NHMRC, State Planning Departments and local councils is the stuff of legend.

Dogged and determined, STT fully expects a standout effort during the Senate Inquiry (John will take the Chair).

Here’s a sample of the Senator’s character and of the contributions made to his Country:

Nick Xenophon

Nick Xenophon

Nick Xenophon: SA’s favourite Greek.


South Australia’s favourite Greek, Senator Nick Xenophon has rallied behind South Australian communities set upon by wind power outfits from the very beginning.

Nick gets it.

Challenging the great wind power fraud on the economic level (see our post here); and pressing for legislative change that would result in better protection for wind farm neighbours from wind farm noise (see our post here), Nick is driven by an overriding sense for decency and fair play.

The wind industry unleashed its attack dogs on Nick, some time ago, in an effort to silence him and shut him down. However, it’s a strategy that makes evident that these intellectual ‘giants’ don’t know him very well: Nick, true to form, simply dug in and went on the counter-attack.

Nick, is 1 of the 8 crossbench Senators that holds the balance of power; and, as wily political operators do, has been quietly working in the background to engineer an energy policy that would exclude insanely expensive, intermittent and unreliable wind power, in favour of “on-demand renewables”, such as geothermal.

Angus Taylor

Angus Taylor

Angus Taylor: dedicated to undoing the great wind power fraud.


Angus “the Enforcer” Taylor has been smashing into the great wind power fraud, even before he was elected in a landslide to the New South Wales seat of Hume in September 2013.

Angus, a Rhodes scholar in economics and law, has been on the front foot ever since.

With an encyclopaedic knowledge of the facts and numbers that demonstrate what a colossal economic debacle the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target is, Angus has used every opportunity to educate his political peers, as well as the media, on the greatest rort of all time; or what Angus calls “corporate welfare on steroids”.

“Method” and “insight” best describe Angus’ approach to unwinding the great wind power fraud and, thereby, setting Australia up with an energy policy that works for us, and not against us.

Here’s a little catalogue of the Enforcer’s relentless work:

David Leyonhjelm

david leyonhjelm

David Leyonhjelm: Captain Common Sense.


New South Wales Senator, David Leyonhjelm is another of the 8 cross-bench Senators with the power and, thankfully, the desire to put an end to the great wind power fraud.

David doesn’t hide his light under a bushel – going on the front foot numerous times last year in an effort to educate and inform Australians about the nature, scale and scope of the greatest rort of all time.

David will sit on the Senate Inquiry – the existence of which is due in no small part to his powers of influence and persuasion – so expect to hear much more from David in the coming months.

Here’s a little of David’s recent efforts:

For Excellence in (Proper) Journalism

Alan Jones AO


Alan Jones: a voice for the voiceless.


To say that 2GB’s Alan Jones has taken an “interest” in the great wind power fraud, its causes and consequences, and the victims thereof is a monumental understatement.

From his appearance as the MC at the great wind power fraud rally in June 2013 (see our post here) and ever since, Alan has been very much the ‘voice’ of the people.

And when we say people, we mean hard-working, law-abiding, taxpaying, fair-minded, community focused people of the kind that make this Country worth celebrating, at all. People like Mary Morris, David Mortimer and Annie Gardner, for example.

But for Alan’s efforts, these people would largely be voiceless. However, thanks to them, these voices are heard by some 2 million listeners, loud and clear, via 77 stations around the country. And, more important still, Alan Jones commands the ears and attentions of our political betters, like no other radio broadcaster.

Here are a few examples of what we mean:

Graham Lloyd


Graham Lloyd: engages with the facts, before putting pen to paper.


Graham Lloyd is The Australian’s Environmental Editor and, among his journalistic peers who claim that tag, is unique. Where Graham differs, is that he lives up to the ethical responsibilities, which were once central to journalism as a profession: he equips himself with the facts.

Instead of simply parroting the endless stream of press releases pitched up by the wind industry and its parasites, Graham does what good journalists do: wherever there is a big story to be told, he pulls on a pair of dusty or muddy boots and hits the ground in order to get a proper grip on precisely what is going on.

Graham’s investigation into the lies pitched up by the wind industry, about the community division it has caused, and the adverse health impacts suffered by neighbours, began in earnest back in April 2012 at Waterloo, in SA.

Graham lobbed into that productive (and once happy) little agricultural community and set about doing what journalists once did as a matter of course: he stayed with, and spoke to, the subjects of his investigations; and told their stories (see our post here).

It used to be called “journalism”. STT still calls it journalism.

It was Graham Lloyd that broke the news to the world of Steven Cooper’s groundbreaking study at Cape Bridgewater.

For his proper journalistic endeavours there, Graham has been attacked by the eco-fascist cheer squad, the wind industry and its parasites. However, true to his professional responsibilities (and, dare we say it, character), Graham hasn’t backed down. Instead, he has gone on with more articles aimed at doing what journalists are meant to do: exposing the truth (see our post here).

And here’s some more examples what real journalists do:

So, as you tuck into your lamb chops, we think it only fitting to spare a thought about the efforts outlined above. Australia is all the better for people like these and the contributions that they make.

Happy Australia Day!

richie benaud

No bones about it Richie, you’re way over dressed.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Martin Hayles, Curramulka says:

    Thankyou STT,

    Your work has been breathtaking in its ability to get the message across so that so many have learned a much greater understanding of a relatively complex narrative.

    Who would get a gong for their work? There are so many.

    With regard to the Ceres Industrial Wind farm, Tania Stock has been a truly resilient character. Bambi with fangs.

    James Vandepeer, Naomi Bittner have been tireless.

    Peter (the mighty) Quinn and Tony Abbott of Piper Alderman have contributed many, many hours of pro bono work. Meritorious, for a profession that is usually compared to sharks. These men, along with Sarah Laurie are to be admired.

    We all have a lot of work to do before we give ourselves a pat on the back.
    May it pass quickly and bless you all.

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Perhaps instead of Australian of the Year, it should be AUSTRALIANS of the Year.

    Each one has worked hard and long utilising skills they have and who have pushed themselves to achieve far more than they could ever have imagined a few years ago. Each has undertaken tasks for their communities and for Australians who they may never meet, each can only do so much but each is stronger with the others alongside them.

    Working together is what we are told Australians do, each of these have demonstrated they are truly Australian citizens of the Year.

  3. Tony Edney says:

    One person has been left out, and without him there would be no Waubra Foundation, and no platform for Sarah Laurie to do her great work from. Peter Mitchell deserves high praise for providing the impetus and the vehicle to publicise the health impacts of these things and to take the issue into the political arena.

  4. Well done STT. You are definitely up there in the honours list too…..what a huge effort you put in, day after day with the fantastic articles full of information!! And being a West Aussie, I’d also nominate Senator Chris Back. Thank you all for the awesome support & ability to get the truth out there!!

  5. Big thanks STT, 5 stars for all you do seeking to right so fundamental wrongs, on so many levels.

  6. Crispin Trist says:

    I am extremely proud of Australia for trying to get to the bottom of this Public Health menace. Industrial Wind Turbines are being rolled out across the planet all for the sake of a profit by greedy developers without any due care or concern for the people who have to live next to them 24/7.

    Thank you all for your perseverance.

    You are most certainly my Australians of the Year.

  7. Happy Australia Day STT, everyone on this list are very deserving recipients, especially Sarah.

    The wind industry and its goons tried to crucify her, but she soldiered on and now has been totally vindicated. Of course they won’t let up, but the hole they are digging for themselves is getting deeper and deeper.

    Do not underestimate your role in all of this, either, STT, you have given a lot of people the courage to fight harder, to try and stop the wind farm madness from spreading. I see your posts appearing on social media pages from all over the world.

    Now what I think would be really interesting, is for you to put up another post called, ‘STT’s Unaustralian Awards” for those who ‘don’t get it’. Mind you, a much more direct title would be appropriate. How about the ‘F…wit Awards. I could even nominate a contender for the top award.

    It should be a ‘no holds barred’ article and we should all have an input. No doubt we would all end up in gaol for defamation, but it would be a lot of fun.


  8. Jim hutson says:

    Over the years I have read and studied the Health issues associated with Industrial wind turbines. I have always accepted the fact that those people talking of their stress and health issues are not liars.
    However nothing can prepare you for the day your local friendly wind turbine company gives it to you full bore.
    Yesterday was that day it has been bad before but horrendous yesterday.
    It has been said that “every cloud has a silver lining ” and so it was with the arrival yesterday of an unexpected visitor, who remarked, ” I felt it as soon as I got out of the car ” what ? ” ear pressure and it’s not good. Later he informed me it’s in my house. I then took him to my Hangar and after about 10 minutes asked him if he felt anything. Yes, as soon as I went through the door and it’s in the office also. How do you work in here, how do you concentrate. You couldn’t employ anyone here now , you would be sued for having an unsafe work environment. You will have to leave, you cannot stay here.
    The best bit was as he looked me in the eye and said ” I never believed you before when you told me ”
    When I asked him, how do I leave, he like everyone else couldn’t give me an answer.
    So on this Australia day when our Leaders talk of our Democracy, our decent country, our ability to give everyone a fair go and to look after each other, I say that is all true, unless you happen to be a second class citizen living next to an industrial wind farm where all of this doesn’t apply.

  9. STT also deserves the same honour as those lauded above. STT cuts to the chase and calls a spade a spade in post after informative post. It has become the website the windies love to hate. Thank you to all of you, including those not mentioned here (you know who you are) who continue to tirelessly battle on to see that justice is done.

  10. Well done STT.

    That all of the people mentioned in this article did not even get a mention in the Australia day honours list is a disgrace.

    For their tireless efforts, they should of been at the very top of the list. These people have been fighting for years, for the well-being of their fellow Australians; especially the people that have had to endure infrasound and low-frequency noise from the giant fans hammered into communities by rotten and corrupt wind weasels. Well done to them all.

  11. Terry Conn says:

    Every one of the people nominated by STT deserves an award as Australian of the year. Their effort and achievement has been extraordinary. I add one extraordinary ‘body’ to the list — namely, STT.

  12. Happy Australia Day STT
    Yes it is the poor
    people like myself on a Pension being poo hooed, being called a nutter.
    Told to learn to meditate and get in the rythmn of your house.
    Industry is making life hell here.

  13. Happy Australia Day to all our friends.

    Great list of worthy folk, STT. We have added you too for providing us with informative pieces day after day, written in a style we can only dream of emulating.

  14. Love you all.
    I live in HELL
    from Industrial ILFN and EMF.

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