Mary Morris – On the Warpath


STT Champion, Mary Morris talks with Sarah Tomlinson on the ABC North and West Morning show on 639 about the EPA’s Waterloo “Noise-wash”.

The EPA’s kit at Waterloo – measuring noise from trees, not giant fans:

epa gear under tree at Quast place

Sure, seems Legit!?!

One of the crack American acoustic experts – who is keen to get hold of the Waterloo data promised by the EPA – after seeing the photo above – commented to STT:

Hiding microphones in the trees and shrubs is part of the ‘industry standards’ that are used by acoustical firms around the world when measuring wind turbine noise.  Without doing so it would be harder to claim that wind turbines only make noise when the wind blows and when that happens the wind noise masks the wind turbine noise.  (wrong on so many levels as to be ludicrous, yet I have heard and read statements like that from experts who really ought to know better.)

Hmmmm …..  Do the idiots that work for the EPA really know any better?

No, apparently not.  Here’s another example of the EPA’s “fine work”, measuring the noise generated by pine trees at the property of another of Energy Australia’s many Waterloo victims:

EPA EAST 4     June 2013

SA’s EPA – crooked or just plain dumb?

Their own guidelines specify that noise loggers should be located away from trees and “at least 5 metres from any reflecting surface (other than the ground)”. For example, the “reflecting surface” of that rainwater tank 3-4m away.

With Mary on the warpath – it won’t end there, that’s for sure.

The SA EPA’s unseemly links with the wind industry – and the acoustic goons that run interference for them – are so obvious it doesn’t take a wild conspiracy theorist to draw them – or the obvious conclusions that follow – as to collusion, bias and interference.

And the EPA, as the body charged – under the Act that created it – with protecting people from the adverse effects of industrial noise pollution (and abjectly failing to do so at Waterloo, Mt Bryan and elsewhere) is hardly likely to prepare the “brief” for its own prosecution, now is it?

That “brief” is, however, being prepared by Waterloo locals as we speak – and we hear it will lob on “Bulldog” Bruce Lander’s desk in the not too distant future.

bruce lander

ICAC’s “Bulldog” Bruce Lander – rooting out corruption in SA.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. We need to send these examples of mis-methods through to the senior school science programs. There would be nothing more embarrassing for the scientists performing these fraudulent methods, to have a school physics student call what they are doing as rubbish to their face.

  2. As long as the miscreants in the wind industry, are allowed to self-monitor, or pay the “company of their choice”, to perform the tests, do NOT expect any accurate results. We need independent, unbiased studies, or we will be subjected to more of their abuse!!!

  3. None of this is ROCKET SCIENCE and I didn’t finish High School.
    Stop the denials.
    Governments step up.
    All noise no action.
    Stop sweeping things under the carpet. Get a backbone.
    Give people some peace in this world.


  1. […] This most recent review from the NH&MRC  contained only one Australian study – where a farmer’s wife, STT pin-up girl, Mary Morris, put in the hard yards and got something  decent done to survey the residents around the Waterloo Wind farm in South Australia (see our posts here, here and here). […]

  2. […] more on the EPA’s Waterloo Noise-Wash see our posts here and […]

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