Alan Jones: Victims – Like Turbine Host David Mortimer – Vindicated by Steven Cooper’s Groundbreaking Wind Farm Study


Australia’s STT Champion: Alan Jones AO.

David Mortimer – a turbine host (ie contracted farmer) for Infigen (see our post here) – was interviewed by Alan Jones on 2GB  last week.

Alan, first gives great little wrap up of the evidence tying wind turbines to adverse health impacts, going back to Neil Kelley’s research in the 1980s and right up to Steve Cooper’s recent Cape Bridgewater report.

Neil Kelley’s research is the highly relevant, detailed, multidisciplinary work that the NHMRC failed to rustle up (or deliberately ignored) in its efforts to run a smoke screen over the known and obvious health impacts caused by turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound (see our posts here and here and here) – which STT found without too much trouble (see our posts here and here).

Alan has a little radio show that more than just a few Australians tune into each morning. Syndicated through over 77 Stations and with close to 2 million listeners Countrywide – AJ as he’s known – is one of those people that leads the political charge on many issues that really affect ordinary Australians and which the rest of the press ignore.

To hear the interview click on the player below. The transcript follows.


Alan Jones AO: Way back in June 2013 and even before that, but in June 2013, I MCed a rally in Canberra about wind farms. My correspondence was a mile high over families facing awful distress, the sickness that people were experiencing. We were laughed at. The newspapers chorused “Jones’ wind protest fails to blow”.

It wasn’t my wind protest but I was invited to MC the day. But I had done some home work on this issue for years and years, and you’d know that if you listen to the program. Another headline “Jones’ backed wind farm runs out of puff”. And so the stories went right across the country. People had come from South Australia and north Queensland from tiny communities where there are wind farms.

They don’t have them down Macquarie Street, they don’t have them down Parramatta Road. If wind farms weren’t injurious to health, why not put them in George Street? But the wind farm-that’s where most of the energy is needed, in the city. But the wind farm protest, gloatingly the media said, had “run out of puff”.  Pictures of me everywhere as if it were my rally.

But at that rally we heard from people who live with these things, wind farms, and turbines and it was desperate, depressing and demoralising to hear what they were suffering in health terms as a result of wind farms. No one, not a person in government anywhere in this country has listened.

New South Wales at the time, responsible for objective – New South Wales Health – responsible for objective assessment of environmental health said, “it was very clear, there is no published scientific evidence to link wind turbines with adverse health effects”. The New South Wales Planning Assessment Commission, in spite of much that I had said, dismissed the possibility of any adverse health effects from turbine noise. I said at the time I couldn’t count the number of research papers I had read including the world renowned expert Neil Kelley, which highlighted the dangers of low-frequency noise to human health. But there was the New South Wales Health Department in 2013 claiming no published scientific evidence.

I spoke to Doctor Paul Schomer on this program from the University of Illinois in America who presented a paper at the fifth International conference on wind turbine noise in Denver in August 2013, in which he explains scientifically the adverse physiological effects of the infrasonic emissions at wind farm sites.

Indeed, I interviewed Steven Cooper at the time. He had spent time at that meeting. More on Steven Cooper in a moment. But you’ve got the Federal Energy Minister Ian Macfarlane, who was never interested in getting any research done. The Australian Senate recommended in 2011 that wind turbine health research be done – there was no stomach for it in government on either side. They didn’t want it. They were in bed with the wind farm industry.

The AMA in a disgraceful statement last year said “there was no evidence to support the view that the infrasound or low frequency sound generated by wind farms caused adverse health effects.” The AMA. A monumental untruth.

In South Australia, in 2013 the South Australian Environmental Protection Authority said that they would do full spectrum noise monitoring on the effects of wind turbines on health.

And a University of South Australia (Adelaide) Professor, Con Doolan found there was a direct correlation between the low frequency noise and ill health in residents at Waterloo. Nothing was done by the government.

I’ve written millions of letters about this. I have spoken to Professor Alex Salt an eminent world authority at the Washington School of Medicine. He too had come to the same conclusions. And yet in Victoria, where people had suffered so appalling in health terms, not one person in local or in state government has done a thing.

The Waubra wind farm in Victoria – 35 km north west of Ballarat, is the 4th largest in Australia. 128 wind turbines. The Portland group – 4 separate sites near the city of Portland in Victoria; 98 of them. But the Victorian health department refused to conduct any health impact study on the awful problems people were facing. They are in bed with the wind turbine industry. They are in bed with this renewable energy rubbish.

Ann Gardner, I’ve spoken to on this program, in Napthine’s electorate, the former Premier of Victoria, has to face 140 turbines, 150 m high with 56 m blades; some of them 90 m from her property. It’s driven them off their farm. The health consequences have been diabolical.

The Irish department of health in 2013 warned people who lived near wind turbines that they risked having their health and psychological well being compromised. No one here worried. Everyone who argued the health consequences was an alarmist.

I’ve spoken to medical experts from all around the world who’ve talked on this program about wind turbine syndrome, the condition suffered by people living within earshot of the whole noise made by wind turbine blades as they spin around. And if there were no problem, why aren’t they in George street? Why aren’t they down at Maroubra, or Malabar? Or Coogee beach? You get plenty of wind there.

The blades are known to make infrasound vibrations that we cannot consciously hear, yet they still have an effect on the inner ear. And the symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, headaches, difficulty concentrating, insomnia – but the wind lobby has prevailed.

Government is in bed with them. There’s money to be made you see.

Christopher Booker, the distinguished British author, I spoke to him. He described the whole wind power issue as the greatest political delusion and the greatest piece of political dishonesty that he has ever known. He called the whole wind turbine movement one of the most bizarre follies of our age which belongs, he said, firmly in the rubbish bin of history. But people still have to put up with it.

Near Goulburn at the Gullen Range wind farm, they break the law. But they still operate. No one closes them down.

I spoke to Dr Jay Tibbetts a practising physician, a member of the Brown County Board of Health, a medical adviser to the Brown County Health Department in Wisconsin America. He was alerted to the position taken by our AMA about the health consequences of wind turbines and was absolutely bewildered because the Brown County Board of Heath had studied the deleterious effects of wind turbines on human health and had found that they constitute a human health hazard “for residents, workers, visitors and sensitive passers by”. Dr Tibbetts cited many studies which proved wind farms were a health risk to neighbours. Still nothing done.

Well now headlines confirming all of that. A new study by the same Steven Cooper, the acoustics expert I’ve spoken to often on this program has found that many people living near wind farms are suffering from health complaints caused by low frequency noise.

This is the first study of its kind, where a wind turbine operator, in this case Pacific Hydro, has fully cooperated and even turned turbines off during testing so that you can get the difference between the impact. The study found all the things that I have been saying for years and proving, with the best medical experts on this issue in the world, that people living near wind farms face a greater risk of suffering health complaints caused by the low frequency noise generated by turbines, and it’s now been described as a ground-breaking study.

Well it might be a ground-breaking study, but it’s not to people like David Mortimer, to whom I have spoken on many occasions – an interesting individual. He was the first so-called host farmer in Australia.

In other words, happy to have them on his farm. And then suddenly he found what they had done to him. He’s no longer there. He hasn’t been there since 2006. He says he’s worse off than when he was on the farm. On the farm the turbines were about 500 m away, but they were on a hill, but the impact wasn’t as bad. Now they are a bit over 2 km from the turbines, but the turbines, are at what he calls ‘hub height’ – the impact of them is greater. David Mortimer doesn’t need any study. He knows exactly what’s happened. David, good morning.

David Mortimer: Good morning, Alan, pleased to be on the program again.

Alan: Not at all. You are still suffering eh?

David Mortimer:  Still suffering. Last night was not a good night. Just coincidentally, nearly every night every day for the last 3 to 4 weeks now, the wind has been blowing directly from the wind turbines at our house, and the sensations inside the house have been absolutely horrible. And every night – and the only exception was last night – but every night I’ve woken up in absolute blind panic in the middle of the night, with something after me.

Alan Jones AO: Poor Bugger.

David Mortimer: Not good. I check the…

Alan Jones AO: And you thought you were a good citizen. You’d heard all of this renewable energy stuff, and you said well, I’ll host 2 wind farms and they paid you for it.

David Mortimer: That’s right.

Alan Jones AO: And you had a new farm house. You thought this was good. You move in and in 2006 you’ve had to leave. You gave evidence in a court case in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal about all this. You told the court, from the time you moved in you’d started experiencing symptoms and sensations which you believe were due to turbine noise impact. You said they increased in severity over the next 12 months. No one wanted to know. You described … sorry…

David Mortimer:  It wasn’t until 2012 that we actually found that it was the turbine noise that was causing our problems. From 2004 when the turbines were installed, until 2012, our doctor had no idea what was wrong with us.

Alan Jones AO: See, to my listeners, not to David Mortimer, could I say to my listeners, so this bloke must be a rat bag – mustn’t he? (David laughs) He must be. This bloke must be dishonest. This bloke’s making it up. Or is this bloke one of the many voiceless people who without this program have no voice. Government do not want to know. They are in bed with the wind farm industry. He builds a brand new farm house. I’ll quote what he told me last time we spoke – he’s had to leave it now he said, during the first 12 months, living in the new farm house, I developed tinnitus and an apparent irregular heart beat.

David Mortimer: Among other things

Alan Jones AO: Yeah. I’ve never had any prior heart problems you told me. I consulted our GP several times about it. He said there was nothing wrong with you. So you are a liar and a mug eh?

David Mortimer: I guess so. And as some of the ABC would say I think I am a … they say a “dick-brain” is it? Annabell What’s-her-name?

Alan Jones AO: Annabell Crabb. Now you can’t get to sleep at night, and you wake in the morning feeling desperately tired as though you’d not slept at all.

David Mortimer: That was this morning, yes.

Alan Jones AO: And you get a pulsing sensation, irregular heart rhythms, anxiety, pressure in your head. And you said to me last time, my wife began suffering dizzy spells, she now complains about pulsing and pressure sensations in her head when we’re at home. All because someone has built wind turbines next to you.

David Mortimer: And it’s gradually getting worse.

Alan Jones AO: What do you do?

David Mortimer: Well the only thing we can do, at least once a fortnight,

Alan Jones AO: Leave

David Mortimer: At least once a fortnight, go away at least 30 km.

Alan Jones AO: To get a sleep. To get a sleep.

David Mortimer: Yep.

Alan Jones AO:  Is it true that these wind turbine companies, many of them foreign, signed contracts with farmers where there was a penalty if they spoke out? People signed an agreement with wind turbine companies in return for accepting money, and the agreement was that they would sign to the fact that the noise has no impact.
The noise won’t cause the landholder any nuisance and the landholder won’t make any claim, objection or complaint.

David Mortimer:  That is true, but it wasn’t true in our case because the wind farm affecting us was I think one of the first ones and as such, at that stage those matters hadn’t been realised.

Alan Jones AO: No. And these – and these wind .. and now we’ve got this ground-breaking research we’ve known it all along – have we not? And yet these things continue. At the end of the day, they should be shut down and turned off until such time as all the answers are available, shouldn’t they?

David Mortimer: They should be. It’s interesting to note. I read the Pacific Hydro media release. And on their page they proudly display that 5 million Australians have got their superannuation funds tied up in Pacific Hydro.

Alan Jones AO: There you are.

David Mortimer: They are getting a wonderful return – when little wonder, they are getting it from the tax payer.

Alan Jones AO: Absolutely. Totally subsidised. You hang in and we’ll keep in touch.

David Mortimer: Okay.

Alan Jones AO: How would you walk in his shoes? eh? How – this is Australia! We’re doing this to blokes like this. No one wants to know about David Mortimer. Or Anne Gardiner. I have spoken to a stack of them. The study demonstrates that wind farms and these wind turbines should be turned off today.

Alan Jones Breakfast, 2GB


David and Alida Mortimer: unwitting victims
of Infigen and the great wind power fraud.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Linda wright says:

    I live in Texas. In 2007 Enel Power North America placed a farm of turbines on a hill 1/2 mile from my home. I have constant noise and vibrations and I have contacted the power company. They have stated that they will not do anything about it. They told me other people have complained. Those who tried to do something got nowhere; nothing happened. So they are unmoved by my request to have it addressed. I can only sleep in my living room; that’s really large with the cathedral ceiling. I cannot sleep in my bed rooms. I have tried to give them the evidence; they won’t listen.

  2. I am particularly interested in climate, and I found the comments re fat in the following CBC program remarkably similar to the attitudes toward climate. Now I can extend the comment to wind farms. Go to: and click on ‘Fat does not make you fat’.

    Ian M

  3. Marshall Rosenthal says:

    Good on you, Alan Jones!

  4. ‘The peculiar noises that the wind turbines emit cannot only be heard, they can also be felt by the body, and thus trying to rest becomes impossible. We tried: fans, white noise machines, sleeping tablets, red wine and ear plugs. The latter mask background noises but allow the low frequency sound wave to penetrate so that it feels part of your body. Meanwhile the beat, the pulsation, that is slightly faster than our human hearts beat, means that you feel as if you are constantly trying to get your heart to catch up with this external rhythm that is felt by the body rather than heard, so rest is impossible.’

    Familiar? Not Australia in 2015; UK in 2006 onwards.

    The above is an extract from the submission by Jane and Julian Davis in 2008 to the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs. The Davis family were forced to rent a place in which to sleep and eventually move out of their farmhouse.

    And there are others; many others – all around the world; all experiencing the same or very similar effects. At one time the names could be reeled off; now there are too many to list.

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