‘Anne Gardner is a very great Australian. Australia will be indebted to people like you.’

ajAlan Jones on 2GB this morning interviewed Senator Ron Boswell and Anne Gardner.

At the bottom are links to the full interview.

Alan Jones: “Who wants these blights on the landscape that threaten the health of surrounding residents?”

“Wind farms are a manipulation of the energy market.”

“This is a scandal.”

“Macfarlane, the Shadow Minister for Energy … part of the problem.”

“This Macarfarlane … is anybody going to stand up to him in the party room?”

“Wind power leads to the destruction of family lives.”

“Australian families and Australian farmers, why are we putting them to the sword like this over some blind ideology.”

“Why doesn’t the Abbott Opposition say this will be stopped?”

“What is the agenda here?”

“You take this bloke Macfarlane … I have serious concerns about this bloke.”

“Anne Gardner is a very great Australian. Australia will be indebted to people like you.”

ronboswellSenator Ron Boswell: “The cost to generate wind power is about $214 per megawatt power, the cost to do it by coal is $70, maybe $60 per megawatt hour.”

“It is a very serious situation, we’re pricing ourselves out of the market.”

“Gradually I believe people will see what a fraud this is.”

Anne and Gus Gardner

Anne Gardner, (above with husband Gus), from near Macarthur wind farm: “AGL are denying any health impacts or any impacts on our business or on our lives.”

“Incredible head pressure … drained and exhausted …wake up sharply, hard to get back to sleep. Feel as if our head is in a vice. The air is thick in our house.”

“You wake up in the morning as if you’ve been driven over by a truck.”

“The noise guidelines in Victoria are inadequate to protect the community.”

“We have to leave our property for at least two days and two nights a week … “

” … what an enormous government-sponsored fraud this wind power is … “

“The greater the generating capacity the greater the impact.”

Download the full interview here:

Or stream it here:

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Ivan Chan says:

    There is an elite power master tribe that sits above and commands these puppet government leaders of all stripes. These j** supremacists intend to drive Australia into social/economic ruins with the help of all these treasonous politicians. Only a few brave ones dare speak out.

    Major corporations and multinationals of mostly foreign origins are favoured over the rights and welfare of Australians. Soon, there would be NO RECOGNITION for any of our Human Rights.

    Industrial Wind Turbines are a TOTAL CRIMINAL FRAUD that also serves as a state-approved TERRORISM against defenseless rural folks.

  2. Thank you Alan Jones. It is refreshing to finally have someone in media picking up this issue. These industrial wind turbines would never get planning approval to be placed in urban areas because they would be too close to residential zones. Why are rural residential zones any different. Why do rural residents have to put up with the health and economic impacts that these things create? There are safer, more effective and more sustainable renewable energy options than industrial wind turbines.

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    It was good to hear that the Victorian Premier is going to meet with those opposing the MacArthur Installation. Though if what was reported in The Age is anything to go by he is firmly for this form of Torture. Maybe he needs to spend a few nights at Annie’s place to see how he feels about them after that.
    So he believes they are ‘majestic’, well I may believe the Melbourne or New York skylines have a certain aesthetic attraction, but I wouldn’t want to live in either place or even vist them.
    Why because I know there is more to them than what they look like at a distance.
    The Premier should consider this before glorifying and supporting this industry.
    I agree they should not be allowed to install them everywhere, but believe they should be not within 5km of a home, without written permission, not on any-ones boundary that is not a participating (paid) property owner and not without permission of those living within 10km of an installations boundary.
    All projects should have to submit FINAL plans for assessment, and not plans that will have final placement and research conducted AFTER receiving permission to install being no cart before the horse.
    Research into the noise, health and social effects in each and every community within 30km of a project boundary should be undertaken by fully independent fully qualified people before any project plans are submitted.
    This to take into account the geographic, geological and environmental situation of each and every turbine placement to ensure it will not create problems of any sort at the time or for the future.
    All projects to openly state the true energy production they have assessed will be archived, not just the stated capacity of the project.
    All project applications should have a decommissioning component, which removes ALL evidence of the project including the turbine foundation supporting concrete slabs and including regenerating the whole project site back to its previous use and any failure to meet compliance throughout the life of the project requiring the loss of any RECs or other subsidies. No RECs for the first year of operation, and the RECs to be reduced each year of the life of the project to ensure it becomes financially self-supporting.
    Just a few things for the Victorian Premier and those of other states as well as the PM to consider with respect to these installations.

  4. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Annie and to all those who are speaking out. To expose yourselves to public scrutiny, and often villification, is courageous. All are doing a fantastic job in clearly and honestly publicising your shocking situations. To present a concise and coherent account when so compromised by ill health is inspiring. Let’s hope we can hear of many more personal experiences – although heartbreaking, they expose the cruel truth.

  5. Thanks Mr Jones once again

  6. wind power a total fraud.

  7. Andreas Marciniak says:

    same story just a different place again, and this will keep on happening all around the world, Turbines and there side effects, and of course, more lies from the Developer.This is a cancer on the world , NOT GREEN , NOT CHEAP , NOT RELIABLE , a BIG scam with huge side EFFECTS to People , the Environment , communities .


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