Rally – Mary Morris

Next at the National Wind Power Fraud Rally on June 18, 2013 at Parliament House, Canberra,  was Mary Morris from South Australia.

mary morris

Mary is a representative of a rural community impacted by noise from the Waterloo wind farm. Although research on the impact of the noise on Waterloo residents’ health and sleep was conducted by a Masters student from the University of Adelaide, the results were withheld. Frustrated, Mary conducted her own survey of residents, asking if they were impacted and took the results to the Premier and then the Environmental Protection Authority.

In this talk Mary talks about how eventually, the EPA did agree to do full-spectrum noise testing at Waterloo, with parallel studies by independent acoustician, Steve Cooper.

This is a transcript of the video

I am a Mum, I am a Farmer’s wife, in a small community, where people aren’t politically active. We just get on with what we have to do. And put our head down if something is a problem and usually we don’t make too much fuss about it.

But the fact that we are making a fuss about it sends a really strong message that there is a huge problem, not just at Waterloo, but obviously at all these other wind farms around the country.

I did my survey, which led to the EPA doing their testing, because I wanted to find out for myself, just how bad this problem was. I heard a lot of anecdotes about people who were affected and I just really wanted to know for myself before I jumped in – ‘well is this just a handful of nutters, or is this a deeper problem?’ I found out, to my horror how deep the problem was.

I did my survey because there was one done by an Adelaide University student, and we were waiting for him to release his results but that survey, by Frank Wang, was always denied by the University, they said it was nothing to do with them.

But I did a bit of digging around and found out that survey, that project, had a Human Ethics Research Ethics Committee Approval. The number of that approval was 81482011. So if anybody wants to follow that up at the Adelaide University as another example of people lying to the people about what is really going on with wind turbines – you can chase that down.

Since then I sent the survey to the EPA, and they said, this is nice, this qualitative, it’s not science. There is no evidence anywhere that there is a problem with noise at wind farms.

With a bit of help, I wrote back to them and said, the reason why there is no evidence that because no one is bothering to come here to get it. The EPA has said there was no problem at Waterloo wind farm because they’d been there themselves and monitored – at one person’s house, on one day, for 7 hours, in the day time, in her garden. Unfortunately that person, who lives 2 and a half kilometres from the wind farm wasn’t trying to sleep in her garden, in the day time. The noise is a problem at night and it is in her house, and it is not there every day, or every night.

They didn’t like it that I was being a bit threatening, that they weren’t living up to their duty of protecting the community. They met with us, they decided they would do the testing.

and I guess, lots of people are pretty sceptical in the community, that it was actually going to achieve anything, because we were very aware that when there is testing is going on, the turbines ‘going at there normal rate. And also, they had to cobble together bits and pieces, all sorts of antique equipment – Have they used the right microphones and so on?

Well fortunately for us, we have had Steven Cooper, acoustician, has put his high-tech gear, side by side with the EPA at four of the locations, and the chance that they are going to fudge results seriously diminished by that – so we were very happy about that. And also the Adelaide Uni has had two lots of gear around the place as well.

Since my survey which was April last year, and since the EPA announced that they were going to do this testing, people have come out of the woodwork, all over the place, because they said we always felt that nothing could be done. I now have 52 people, 52 households, on my map of Waterloo, where they have stuck there hands up to have noise monitoring done at their house because there is a problem. And we are working our way through those.

So that’s me. I just want to say thank you to Senator Madigan and other people that are standing up for rural communities. We don’t have a very big vote – all the wind farms in South Australia seem to be in Liberal Party, safe Liberal Party seats. So the Government doesn’t have to worry about that too much.

But, if we can get this noise data done, if we can get the subsidies chucked out, because they won’t do anything – there is no incentive for them to do it.

We need to do the research. We need everybody rocking up to Waterloo with their gear and monitoring. And we need them to go to Macarthur and to Cape Bridgewater and Waubra, and all the other places where they are suffering. Do the research there. Don’t do it in your office in Sydney University.

And hopefully, we will get some proper noise guidelines written by the EPA, not ones that are based on studies that were done prior to 2003, with tiny turbines, instead of the big monsters they are trying to put in our backyard everywhere.

Thank you.

All the Rally videos will be available in this playlist.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Mary Morris, I don’t know how to put it.

    I think you are a saint, as you have made the South Australian EPA do more noise testing of the infrasound and low frequency noise, so hopefully there will be some results that will be useful in controlling these useless wind turbines.

  2. Frank Wang Study
    Adelaide Uni Human Research Ethics Approval H -148-2011

    Ethics Committee Secretary : Sabine Schreiber
    Secretary, Human Research Ethics Committee
    Research Ethics and Compliance Unit
    Research Branch, Level 7, 115 Grenfell St
    The University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA 5005
    Ph : 8303 6028 (Mon – Thurs)
    Fax : 8303 7325
    e-mail: sabine.schreiber@adelaide.edu.au

  3. You are an inspiration to all Mary. Thank you for advocating for the truth. It does not seem too much to ask for.


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