Crushing Poverty: Poorest Pay Highest Price for California’s Wind & Solar Obsession

  Since World War II affordable power was regarded as a birthright: RE obsessed virtue signallers have destroyed that notion in a heartbeat. In California, the institutionalised malice that is part and parcel of subsidised wind and solar has run into resistance from those blessed with a little human compassion. Compassion, that is, for their […]

Out to Wreck Your Economy & Punish the Poor & Vulnerable? Try Intermittent Wind & Solar

A generation or so back, the ‘green’ was a well-meaning tree-hugger. Then along came CO2 gas which resulted in a new shade of ‘green’. Gone was any vestige of human empathy, let alone compassion, both replaced by a maniacal belief that humans are literally ‘cockroaches’, devouring planet Earth. Instead of hoping to improve the environment […]

Ontario’s Wind Power Obsession Punishing Thousands: 390,000 Families Struggling to Pay Power Bills & 58,000 Disconnected

  To the poorest and most vulnerable, power prices really do matter. Wherever governments have determined to throw billions of dollars in subsidies at intermittent wind and solar power, power prices have rocketed and the poor suffer. In renewables obsessed Australia, 42,000 families now suffer from the modern phenomenon of ‘energy poverty’ (see our post […]

Europe’s Wind Power Suicide Pact Killing 40,000 a Year

Green Europe is killing 40,000 poor a year Breitbart Jame Delingpole 30 March 2016 Europe’s suicidal green energy policies are killing at least 40,000 people a year. That’s just the number estimated to have died in the winter of 2014 because they were unable to afford fuel bills driven artificially high by renewable energy tariffs. But […]

Wind Power Costs Crush the Poor

The rush to ‘power’ modern economies with a Medieval ‘technology’, abandoned Centuries ago for pretty obvious reasons, has brought with it a banquet of consequences: not least, ‘energy poverty’. That term is one that has only come into common parlance with the soaring cost of electricity, caused by throwing $billions at a wholly weather dependent […]

Mandatory RET Just Another Form of Punishment for the Poor

**** The mandatory RET has seen around $9 billion worth of Renewable Energy Certificates issued to wind power outfits, so far; the cost of which has been added to retail power prices and recovered from all Australian power consumers. With a further $50 billion to be transferred from power consumers to wind power outfits via […]

Brits put All their Eggs in the Wind Power Basket

Having slung up thousands of giant fans the Brits now face a brewing energy crisis. Britain has thrown £billions in subsidies at wind power and has clearly put way too many eggs in the same (nonsensical) basket. Here’s lefty rag The Guardian on the looming – but perfectly avoidable – wind power driven catastrophe. Blackouts […]

Wind Power: Britain’s Supersized Gamble with its Future

**** Britain’s political betters have set it up for one enormous gamble.  Britain is wagering its entire economic future on its – out of control – wind power boondoggle. The Economist reports on the INSANE cost of delivering offshore wind power – where generators are guaranteed obscene returns – being able to charge “three times […]

It’s never too late to wake up

In the third and final in this series – The Advertiser calls for an inquiry into the greatest economic fraud of all time. Time for an inquiry into power prices The Advertiser 12 July 2013 CONSUMERS’ expectations are quite simple, really – when they flick the switch the lights should come on, and they shouldn’t […]

Pommy pushback against wind power price punishment: Part 1

Well down the path to wind power price penury, the Brits are shouting “enough”!! In this post we cover what London’s, The Telegraph had to say about the road to renewable energy serfdom being paved by the wind industry and its parasites in Ol’ Blighty. In the next post we turn to a report by […]