The crusade of Mary Morris

Mary-MorrisMary Morris knew immediately when she was on the right track in her campaign to have houses around Waterloo wind farm tested for low frequency noise and infrasound.

It was when the Clean Energy Council began its smear campaign.

“They said I was telling people to make up complaints,” Mary said today.

“That made me feel like I was getting to the core of the problem. I was getting under their skin. I knew I was touching a nerve.

“And it made me totally committed to what I was doing. The complaints are genuine, the people who are complaining are genuinely affected and I knew, when they started telling lies about me, I was on the right track.”

The CEC is well known for its attack response to wind industry criticism.

But its move against Mary Morris was particularly underhand.

It accused her of whipping up bogus complaints, of effectively lying to her community. Nobody from the CEC contacted Mary. Nobody from the CEC spoke with residents at Waterloo.

A pathological wind-supporter blogger, who is quoted extensively by pro-wind farm media, repeated the slander.

Waterloo wind farm operator TRUenergy was also quick to join in. It said on ABC radio it was being subjected to a “spurious complaint campaign”, with emails distributed urging people to formally complain.

But it’s the CEC that is a repeat offender.

It is threatened by the wind farm push-back rolling across rural Australia. It targets individuals who oppose its scorched-earth renewable energy agenda.

CWAAnd Mary Morris is a farmer’s wife.

And like many farmers’ wives across Australia, she is the backbone of her family and an integral party of her community.

It used to be said Australia rides on the sheep’s back. But rural Australia rides on the backs of women like Mary Morris.

And any organisation dismisses these women at their cost.

Mary’s great grandfather, J.W. Armstrong, was one of the original pioneers in the Robertstown district in the 1870s. Old Armstrong was one of the original local councillors.

A magistrate, he was a community leader for decades. Since then, four generations of her family have been stanchions of the community.

This is a lineage that has been deeply involved in areas of social justice, the local church, sport, teaching, nursing, youth groups and local government.

They were founding members of the local RSL, board members (including chair) of Eudunda Hospital, regional Board of Health members, and chair of the school council for 22 years.Aust military women

Mary’s family has farmed this part of rural South Australia almost from time eternal. Their roots are in the soil of the communities of Robertstown and Buchanan, and throughout the 23 km of farming land in between.

But Mary also sees herself as more than just a “farmer’s wife”.

In an email to STT, she said:

I also have a fair idea about scientific method and what constitutes proper science.

What genuine scientist would ever say … we have all the answers?

My science and agricultural qualifications and experience:

3-year diploma secondary science teaching – South Australian College of the Arts and Education.

4- years – technical assistant pasture research, Adelaide University Waite Agricultural Research Institute

1-year graduate diploma in agriculture – Roseworthy Agricultural College

7-years teaching high school agricultural acience up to and including year 12.

20 years co-running our 1500 hundred acres of cropping and livestock.

It would only be someone like the CEC’s Russell Marsh who could underestimate such a pedigree, who would accuse someone like Mary of generating fake complaints.

CWAMary said her local community welcomed the study done by Adelaide University’s Zhenhua (Frank) Wang as an opportunity to publicize what was going on in her community since Waterloo wind farm began operation.

She said a member of her community who was dealing directly with Wang kept telling her to hold her fire, that the study would be released to residents.

But when the university blocked residents’ access to it, Mary decided there was no other course.

The residents would conduct their own research.

Our next post:

How one small community convinced a bureaucracy to take another look.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Wanda Allott says:

    Dear Mary,
    I want to thank you for all you do for us, our life in Waterloo is a miserable one,
    but thanks to you we are being heard. I am proud to know you.

  2. Andreas Marciniak says:

    Hi Mary
    I’m glad your are on our side, it looks like we are making a crack, if you need any more Info, just let me know.?
    stay strong and healthy .
    Andreas Marciniak

  3. Jeff's Last Goodbye says:

    You are the white light, the crucifix and the holy water that the dark and vampiric wind ‘industry’ fears. You, strong lady, possess in spades that which they could only hope for, and that quality is character. Big wind knows it, and knows no better than to attempt assassination. When the house of cards in which Chapman, Marsh, Upson et al reside falls over, and the Ponzi scheme is exposed , we will witness the rats scurry.
    The time for a Royal Commision draws near, me thinks.

  4. All of the upstanding people fighting the corrupt wind industry have my undying respect. This scam is worldwide, but will topple, even if we tear it down one brick at a time. Stay strong!!

  5. For the wind industry and its cronies, Sarah Laurie and Nina Pierpont are “only doctors”; Chris Back is an “uneducated senator”; Nick Xenophon is a “good guy gone stray; Alby Schultz is best avoided because it hurts to talk about him; Alan Watts is also “only a doctor”.

    But for this same windy bunch, with Chapman the trumpets come out and the song starts “Professor”, “THE PROFESSOR”, “Oh my the Professor has spoken”. The fail to identify that the “Professor’s” specific research to wind turbines and health seems restricted to the Google search engine and ranting on blog sites…

    But for this same biased bunch any research on wind turbines and health is promptly ridiculed and dismissed. For example: Professor Salt performs experiements on rat hair; Dr Nissenbaum and his research dismissed because of “activism”; and Shepherd’s paper not worth talking because of “methodological flaws”.

    So what can we say about this miserable bunch of windy looney tunes and their attitude to Mary Morris? Mary is not a little woman who goes about gossiping and stirring base instincts (much like Chapman and his friends -they do a wonderful job at this). Mary Morris has hit them exactly where it hurts and good on her!

  6. Dear Mary,

    A couple of years ago the spiteful little media manager at the Clean Energy Council went behind my back and complained to my employer, a member of the CEC, when in the interests of fairmess I dared politely suggest he mention a noise study which contradicted the findings of the CEC sponsored and funded study.

    After a brief verbal exchange which ended in my labelling him a vulgar apologist for vested interests he took me off his circulation list and blocked all my emails. I reported his behaviour to the chairman and several other councillors as bringing the CEC into direpute but they took no action, indeed didn’t even have the courtesy to reply.

    Sock it to ’em Mary!

  7. Jackie Rovensky says:

    The CEC is an embarassment they and their ‘buddies’ the Wind Industry are full of ‘wind’, it comes and it goes, it can cause a great deal of damage in its wake, but eventually it blows itself out. Mary is the ‘rock’ which causes the wind to have to veer off, go around it but she – the rock – is still there after the wind has passed. Mary will not flinch in the face of the CEC or anyone else who tries to slander and put her down. When will this industry and its supporters realise Mary is not alone there are other rocks and pebbles working, binding, building together to interupt and stop the progress of wind, until it realises it has to find another more appropriate path.

    • Dear Mary,
      Thankyou for being there you and others are fighting for the underdog. Without you we would be living with a windfarm on our doorstep right now. You are one in a million. You are not only fighting for yourselves but you are doing it for many people, but you are getting the message out there keep up the good work. People just don’t pack up and leave their homes for nothing they don’t uproot their families for nothing. Windfarms should be in unpopulated areas where lives are not interfered with. People move to the country to live in peace not to live near a industry such a s a windfarm. Keep up with the good work. But do take time out for you and your family. You are one in a million


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