Tony Abbott flags the Mother of all Wind Farm Health Inquiries

  STT Champion, Alan Jones is taking a well-earned summer break and 2GB stablemate, Andrew Moore is keeping his seat warm till he gets back. Andrew got to speak with Action Man Abbott about the energy market debacle caused by the RET and giant fans. Here’s part of his interview with the PM on 9 […]

Investec Bails out at Belalie

In yet another sign that the wheels are falling off the wind industry gravy train, Investec has announced it wants to flog its plans for its proposed 105 turbine Hornsdale project. The project was planned for the hills near Belalie, North of Jamestown in South Australia and drew the same hostile opposition to giant fans […]

We’re from the Government, and we’re here to “help”

The SA Labor Government has been the loudest advocate for wind power and, to make damn sure the turbines go up anywhere the developers want, it has the slackest planning rules of all States. With wind power making up around 35% of SA’s total generating capacity, it’s no surprise that it has the highest power […]