Well, Vic Health, why are we waiting?

You’ll remember the serve Annie Gardner dished up recently to the Victorian Department of Health over its lamentable piece of wind industry backed spin.

STT knows that “Tenacity” is Annie’s middle name, and true to it, she is back on the warpath demanding a response from the Department’s Graeme Gillespie.

Well Graeme, a Gentleman never keeps a lady waiting – especially if that lady is fired up enough to grab a 6 gun – if that’s what it takes to get to the heart of a rotten story.

STT thinks if the Department doesn’t come clean soon, it’ll be a case of “Annie, Get Your Gun”.


Dear Mr. Gillespie,

I am writing again to request an IMMEDIATE response to the letter I sent to you earlier this week, requesting the Victorian Health Department’s answers to the many questions I posed to you, regarding the appalling report released last week.

As you’re aware, this report really “got legs” and was covered very widely by the media both rural and urban, which was no doubt the intention of the Health Department, in order to further support the wind industry’s claim that there are no health impacts from their turbines.  It gave the wind industry further mileage in their attempt to denigrate rural people publicly, and deny that any serious health impacts claimed, are caused by the industrial wind factories for which our properties and our homes have been used as a buffer zone.

As I write this letter I am finishing yet another week of hell and suffering caused by – amazingly – INFRASOUND – from the 140 turbines from the Macarthur wind farm right next door to our once peaceful home and property.  But according to your Department’s report “if you can’t hear a sound, there is no known way that it can affect health”.  What a load of rubbish.  How shameful is the behaviour of a government department in their treatment of this very serious issue.

I am going away again tomorrow morning, literally to take my body away from the detrimental impact of the infrasound which is present both inside and outside our home in the paddocks, which is our work place.

How would you like it if your wife couldn’t live in her home for little more than half a week Mr. Gillespie, and the time spent in her home is absolute hell with severe head/ear/throat/nose pressure, in addition to nausea and a pounding heart day and night?

That’s what’s happening to people in the district of Macarthur up to 7 kilometres from the nearest turbine.

How would you like it if your wife could no longer work in her work place for any length of time, due to the extreme head/ear pressure, along with nausea, tight chest and a constant pounding heart?

That’s what’s happening to people in the district of Macarthur up to 7 kilometres from the nearest turbine.

It’s happening at the Macarthur wind farm due to INFRASOUND and it’s happening all around.  I am certainly not the only one complaining, as your Department is fully aware having received copies of many, many complaints.

Your Department is also fully aware of the extreme impact of audible noise from the 140 turbines at the Macarthur wind farm.  You are in receipt of multiple complaints of sleepless nights, at the same time as requests to turn the turbines off at night.  It’s time you DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Not once has anybody been contacted by your Department as a result of the multiple complaints about sleepless nights due to the roaring of turbines 24 hours a day.

I would appreciate the courtesy of a reply from the Department of Health today.

Ann Gardner


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    It seems to me that it’s a matter of if they don’t answer then there is nothing wrong. Perhaps its time Politicians wives, husbands, partners and young children were invited to stay for a ‘restful’ few days away from the bustle of their political partners lives.
    Maybe they would have more luck at waking their politician partners to the dangers faced by so many. Obviously they’re not listening to those they promised to serve.

  2. Grrrrrrrrr. Yee haa Annie!

  3. Love your style Annie

  4. Jim Hutson says:

    Spin and B/S from the Wind Turbine Industry and from the Politicians. They are fighting like hell because it’s an Industry continually being exposed, with it’s grubby fingers into every aspect of all three forms of Government.The whole thing has got out of control, in their quest for money, like Scrooge, they have forgotten some fundementals.
    Namely there are good decent people out there in the Community with a healthy respect for the Law,a love of their properties, in some case bought with a life time of savings, for their neighbours ( unless they are in Fact Wind Turbine Hosts ) and have a feeling that Justice will and must prevail.
    To this end, the Politicians and the Wind turbine Companies who have stolen our democratic rights, know that it is all based on lies, deceit,and mis-representation of what Wind Turbines will do and how it will affect Communities.
    The Problem as I see it is, they have spent Billions of “OTHER PEOPLES MONEY ” on a Lemon. They’re up and we want them down and they know it.Think about it where do they go, do they tear them down with billions in compensation or do they leave them up and screw everyone around them and all the electricity consumers, for the next 25 years. Let’s face it we have had 10 years of this crap hanging over our heads, and now it’s time for the people who gave us this mess to start WORRYING.
    Thanks, STT, to come in each night and see how other people around the World are coming to grips with this Nonsense, really
    Is Annie out there? There always is an Annie, maybe with some other name.

  5. Sounds like the Health Department has gone a bit too far in sitting back and watching its citizens fall prey to noisy industrial developments. Maybe some heads need to finally roll.


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