Well, Vic Health, why are we waiting?

You’ll remember the serve Annie Gardner dished up recently to the Victorian Department of Health over its lamentable piece of wind industry backed spin. STT knows that “Tenacity” is Annie’s middle name, and true to it, she is back on the warpath demanding a response from the Department’s Graeme Gillespie. Well Graeme, a Gentleman never […]

Tony Abbott called on to scrap the REC & chase the REC fraud

STT champion and pin-up girl, Annie Gardner says it louder and better than most, so we say: “hats off”. At a meeting in Hamilton last week, Annie gave Tony Abbott a “heads-up” on the REC fraud going on at Waubra (which we’ll cover in another post soon). But never one to rest, here’s what Annie […]

‘It’s like cigarettes in the 1950s …’

Ballarat-based sleep specialist Dr Wayne Spring first spoke on wind turbine sickness 18 months ago, comparing it to cigarette smoking’s connection to cancer back in the 1950s. As reported in The Courier, Dr Spring said he had been treating patients living near the Waubra and Hepburn wind farms. “Research needs to be done into the […]