Infigen Imploding: Puts US Wind Farms On the Market in Last-Ditch Attempt to Balance its Books

**** Infigen is an all-wind-power-outfit that used to be called Babcock and Brown, which collapsed in spectacular fashion back in 2009: the way things are headed, get set for a replay. Infigen is bleeding cash (it backed up a $55 million loss in 2011/12 with an $80 million loss in 2012/13 and keeps losing money, […]

Senator Chris Back Unloads

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset that any country can have – Winston Churchill This was cited by Liberal Senator Chris Back at our Wind Power Fraud Rally in June 2013  (see our post here). This time we have Chris unloading in the Senate on Infigen, the AMA and the NH&MRC. Occasionally, there are speeches […]

Trawool Legend Tim Brew gives Infigen a serve

After VCAT’s disgraceful Cherry Tree decision, Trawool Valley locals have thrown down the gauntlet. Here’s Trawool legend Tim Brew unloading on STT’s favourite whipping boys Infigen (aka Babcock and Brown). “EXPOSED” BY Tim Brew Having sat through most days of VCAT, I say thanks for the education. “You donʼt know who is swimming naked till […]

Australia – the wind industry’s “Vietnam”

**** The United States is the hegemonic superpower and has been – without question – since 1945.  However, even that mighty behemoth met its match in the rice fields and jungles of Vietnam. Early on in the conflict US military strategists turned their attention to local psychology and devised a campaign for “winning hearts and […]

Who are the wind industry rats in the Liberal ranks?

The wind industry is driven by one factor. Greed. It’s growth is due to the billions of taxpayer dollars siphoned off into various pockets. And a lot of those pockets are political. In the UK the Daily Mail has just published a report on how green companies have paid Conservative MPs to influence environmental and […]

Another freeloader on the green gravy train

Babcock and Brown was one of 36 companies that went bankrupt, laid off workers or were in critical financial trouble that were offered massive American federal support. The infamous company, which went belly-up in a cloud of scandal and unanswered questions, received $178 million of US taxpayer money. This was reportedly the largest grant made […]

Greed, greed, greed and hubris

Nowhere on Miles George’s biography on the website of Infigen Energy are the words Babcock and Brown. And this is unusual because, according to a document we unearthed, he was certainly an important person in the former Sydney-based global investment and advisory firm. George joined the infrastructure and project finance group of B&B in 1997. […]

Infigen Energy’s shame – and Sarah Laurie’s truth

The document below is a statutory declaration. Under Australian law, it is equivalent to giving evidence under oath. If it contains false information, charges of perjury can be laid. This declaration was sworn before a policeman by Whiteheads Creek resident Ursula James last Thursday. It concerns alleged statements made before a number of people by […]

The biggest government sponsored fraud in the history of our country

“The snouts in the easy money making renewable energy trough are many and varied. “There is an urgent need to eliminate conflicts of interest within our government.  The only reason people are not rioting in the streets about the unjustified increase in their power bills is that they simply have no idea what is going […]