Winning Taiwanese Hearts and Minds?

A while back we covered one failed wind industry effort to win hearts and minds in “Big Wind sends in the “muscle” to “win Taiwanese hearts and minds

Here’s an update on how – when push comes to shove – “green” energy outfits are quick to show their true colours.

Activists pan power firm for violence
Taipei Times
Loa Iok-sin
24 October 2013

Taipei Times

VICIOUS:The activists said elderly residents of Yuanli Township were beaten and a security guard hit one in the face with a rock while police officers did nothing

Activists against a wind turbine construction project in Miaoli County’s Yuanli Township (苑裡) yesterday criticized wind energy firm InfraVest over violent acts by security guards during a protest by local residents at the construction site.

Showing pictures of construction site security guards and workers clashing verbally and physically with protesters at 2am yesterday morning, activists accused InfraVest of attempting to illegally continue wind turbine construction early in the morning before the Bureau of Energy was due to hold a special meeting on wind turbines later yesterday morning and allowing its workers and security guards to attack protesters who tried to stop the construction.

“Early in the morning, at about 2am, InfraVest sent in a construction crew which tried to restart wind turbine construction. We local residents tried to stop them and the construction workers and security guards used violence against us,” said Liu Yu-yu (劉育育), a Yuanli resident and a member of a local self-help organization, at a brief press conference outside the Bureau of Energy in Taipei as the meeting took place inside. “Some of the elderly residents were beaten, hit in the face, and a security guard even hit a resident’s face with a small rock he picked up from the ground.”

Showing injury diagnosis certificates issued by a hospital, Liu said police officers were standing aside and doing nothing when the violence occurred.

“We are not against green energy, we support it, but we believe that the well-being of local residents should be taken into consideration when wind turbines are erected,” Liu said.

Yeh Ting-kui (葉丁貴), another resident of Yuanli, said the company attempted to restart the construction in the early hours of the morning because it knew local residents were heading to the Bureau of Energy in Taipei to protest outside the meeting.

“I wonder if the Bureau of Energy and InfraVest set the whole thing up?” Yeh asked.

Originally, some residents were invited to attend, but they were upset that not everyone affected would be allowed into the meeting and therefore all those who oppose the wind turbine project decided not to attend the meeting in protest.

Yuanli residents have been protesting the project for more than a year.

While not opposed to wind power, residents said they were upset about the proximity of some of the turbines to their homes, worrying that low-frequency noise from the machines may disturb them and that their safety could be threatened should fans from the turbines break off — an incident that has occurred in Taoyuan County, although there were no buildings or anyone close by when the fan fell off.
Taipei Times

If you can’t win ’em over with money, lies and treachery, why not just beat the crap out of your opponents?

The wind industry – filled with a great bunch of lads.

Wind industry PR man explains his firm’s position.

5 thoughts on “Winning Taiwanese Hearts and Minds?

  1. Is the PR chappy from NexTerror?

    Big Wind, winning hearts and minds when lies, misinformation and public and legal bullying are no longer working.

  2. The companies here may not have yet used physical force on those trying to be heard or wanting truth and justice to prevail, but they and their supporters do use verbal abuse by the use of degrading comments, flippant responses to questions and concerns and spouting of their lies, all of which are just as bad if not worse. They certainly are more prevalent, even in courts, hearing rooms, information meetings and the media.
    Whether physical or by other means these companies and their supporters are trying to intimidate and control those who oppose them.
    This is their form of ‘Democracy’ and is supported by Governments and others who stand on a podium of Democratic beliefs. Unfortunately in this instance Democracy is only allotted to those who support this industry allowing it to run roughshod over everyone who doesn’t stand aside to allow it to prosper at the expense of the environment and everyone else’s lives and livelihoods.

  3. These nice little wind weasels and greentards ( ha- ha ) here in Australia would like to do the same to us here in this county, but are doing it verberly and getting away with it until a short time ago, but not any more because the truth is coming out more and more each day and they don’t like it.

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