Tony Edney – Bush Lawyer & Poet


Henry Lawson – Australian Bard.


Australia has a fine tradition of producing “bush” poets.

In days gone by, men like Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson wrote about us in voices that were cracked and dry, with swirling dust and sticky flies.

In modern times, we’ve produced lyrical yarn tellers like Murray Hartin.


Murray Hartin – wit and wordsmith.


At the wind power fraud rally, Murray made – with fine words in tune – the 400 or so  – that trekked from far and wide to Canberra – both laugh and cry – on a great day in June.

Tony Edney – Victorian Country Solicitor – joins Murray as not only a man who can handle timbre and verse, but one who knows what happened to make our great Country worse.


Oh, ye savages of men [and women],
Grasping remnants of the white marauders,
Who seized this land from the poor blacks,
With hearts hardened to the tribesmens’ cry,
And your hearts  to the cries of the land itself, to be and remain as it  ever has been,

Driven by greed to procure unearned wealth,
You will encumber your birth right with a forest of steel,
Ruining for ever its ancient profile,
The skies blanked out with evil metal crosses, that dance and glitter,
In mechanical insult to nature so cruelly displaced.

What greater purpose can mask your avarice?
To save the country?
Such hypocrites, who but scoundrels would invoke such a plea?
Patriotism, always being the last refuge of exploiters,
Who abuse and despoil for personal gain.

A power station, no less, on a huge scale, square miles engulfed,
Wires stringing across the grassland, spinning towers away to the horizon,
Birds, bats once passed freely through these skies,
Now in fog and cloud, at night, they enter a chopping zone,
Whoomph, whoomph, dashed to the ground, life extinct.

This land is not yours to do with as you wish,
You will be called to account for your destructive ways,
Look to the future and the legacy of ruin you will leave behind,
Wreckers of landscapes! The blighted outlooks, a sad mess of wasteland,
Now almost bereft of wildlife.

Leave and live your new lives of luxury,
Brought with the cost of a countryside,
Now lost to those who took joy from its silence and beauty,
Let the neighbours look forever upon your legacy,
But live fast for surely regret will fall upon you as profoundly as the land has been altered,
For you have made a mistake that will haunt you and generations to follow.

Tony Edney

tony edney

Tony is the handsome bloke on the right.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. History will not be kind, to the wind weasels, and their enablers!

  2. It is amazing how we see our landscape.
    Beautiful, untouched by man.

    Yes MAN – greed, dig big holes in our land, take over farmland, build houses.

    Of course Industry spreads and creates more Monsters that make noise that drives people nuts – loud noise, easily heard, then low frequency noise that makes us sick.

    Low Frequency Noise and Electromagnetic Radiation.

    Yes Industry does this and Wind Farms all making us sick and the Greed pays the Powers to be, that lets them do this to us.

    When will there be PEACE instead of GREED?

  3. Wonderful! What a pity your obvious and not inconsiderable talents must be spent expressing this outrage.

  4. Martin Hayles says:

    Tony, You have so succinctly put, that which I struggle to express without a burning rage and an anger unsurpassed.
    Unfortunately, from my experience living on our farm at Curramulka and surrounded by once friendly neighbours who have morphed into opportunistic, parasitic, signed-up turbine hosts, I despair that integrity and morality does not feature in their lexicon. The realisation that this is the case leaves a sadness that will remain in some form whether turbines are built or not.

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