Trawool Legend Tim Brew gives Infigen a serve

Trawool Resort 2

Trawool – the place that’s got it all.

After VCAT’s disgraceful Cherry Tree decision, Trawool Valley locals have thrown down the gauntlet.

Here’s Trawool legend Tim Brew unloading on STT’s favourite whipping boys Infigen (aka Babcock and Brown).

BY Tim Brew

Having sat through most days of VCAT, I say thanks for the education. “You donʼt know who is swimming naked till the tide goes out”. We can now see what wind energy is all about and Infigenʼs values and we now have genuine reasons for concern.

Wind turbines sole purpose is Government subsidies, including renewable energy certificates. They acknowledge that in fact more coal is burnt as a consequence of their inclusion to the Eastern seaboard powergrid, due to their unreliability.

A double dipping also occurs, when their backup generators are invited to contribute, they set their own price – a 400-1000% increase. Not bad if you can get it. They make more money when wind doesn’t blow. Their inclusion to the powergrid is the main reason your power bill has increased by 60%!

Infigen Energy formerly known as Babcock and Brown.

The CEO David Griffen is proud that 99.7% of people don’t complain about wind turbines. He also says peoples’ health and sleep disturbance is not recognised as a complaint. This is the same as the luckiest punter that only counts his winning tickets. Does this man sound like a good corporate citizen, does he understand fairness and ethical behaviour (as should be expected from a public listed company director)?

Sure, they presented a “good” case, with their panel of “experts” – professors and doctors who are nothing but a collection of jackals – highly paid professional witnesses who road-show for wind farm proponents and give evidence “made to measure”.

These people are adept at navigating planning, council, health and environment rules and regulations. Some of them have been on advisory panels and have been able to water down considerations and circumvent health concerns.

Design specifications are there for a reason, nobody should make modifications to structural and engineering specs and layout!

But Infigen’s plan is to space their turbines at a distance 50% less than what is recommended. Who then takes upon the liability? Infigen, Vestas (the turbine manufacturer) or the landowner? Can any of these afford responsibility?

All of us have a right to feel deceived. Including those spouting the virtues of turbines.

They have obviously never been sailing and were denied kites as kids! Wind is never there when you need it most. Hydro, geothermal and solar are more reliable power sources and last forever. Wind turbines max out in 20 years and most only last 8-12 – are they really a solution?

After VCAT’s decision it’s clear that industrial noise levels are now deemed safe for rural residents living in ultra-quiet night-time environments.

The result is that we will get to suffer noise levels double what’s deemed safe anywhere else – the World Health Organisation hasn’t adjusted their safe night-time noise levels, but VCAT’s decision has.

Using the same denial process as their predecessors or former employers in defending damage from Agent Orange, thalidomide, asbestos and cigarettes, the doctors and professors deny that exposing continual annoyance upon a community does no harm.

Neil Kelley’s work showed turbines a quarter of the size from thirty years ago caused health problems.  Today, despite much bigger turbines creating far greater noise, all we get is a raft of denials.

World wide they are a menace and no country can afford them. This is the biggest hoax in world history.

Infigen are, no doubt, gloating of another triumph and the chance to ridicule and belittle more “renewable-road-kill” and “fan-fodder”, as they inch themselves closer to more government subsidy.

In reality, they have simply help to educate hundreds, hopefully thousands, to the greatest hoax of the modern world and just how low corporate Australia has sunk. Australia has already given $50 billion in RECs and other subsidies – most of it to non-complying wind farms.

If politicians can’t grasp it, let a Royal Commission join the dots for them!

Claw back the $billions these people have pocketed at our expense, cut the energy costs, pull down the turbines and can the scam.

Let good people sleep again and prosecute the deceitful rogues preying upon the system.

England, Scotland, Germany, Japan … people the world over are waking up to the hoax and health consequences, the implosion has begun.

Let’s get interested, get active and Stop These Things!

Everything that I have spoken of was presented at VCAT, I am not normally a protestor or activist, but when a fraud and environmental catastrophe threatens our livelihood and our picturesque valley, I think it is worth fighting for and I hope we can speed up the implosion.
Tim Brew

Nice work Tim.  Don’t get angry – get even.

Tim Brew

Tim took Trawool’s fight to Canberra for the rally in June.
He will be back.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. I love this post.
    Things are getting better, yeah.

  2. Maureen Campbell – I agree that more Australians need to be protesters and activists and social media is a great way to start.

    I currently work with a group of fine people who have given many years fighting the building of the Gullen Range Wind Farm, near Crookwell, NSW. And the fight is continuing. We try to meet together weekly. Our group is small – so protesting against the wind industry is no easy task. Just chipping away. Working hard nevertheless.

    We must try to stick together despite our individual circumstances and differences.

  3. Crispin Trist says:

    As we drove back from the National Wind Power Fraud Rally in Canberra, to Cape Bridgewater in Southwest Victoria, I looked out upon the rolling hills and open valleys in Southern NSW with a sense of wonder. What a beautiful country Australia is. We could see homes and small towns along the way where people have chosen to live away from the stress and noise of modern day city living. We need these open spaces to both live, work and enjoy on our holidays should we happen to live in the city. Stress is a part of modern day living for many of us. We have to be able to take time out. And it is our right to a decent nights sleep.

    But as we drove on I noticed something tall, something out of place in the rural surrounds. Something taking measurements on another level. Up high. Not at human level but above us as if ruling over us as part of some New World Order. It was a MET mast!

    Oh God I thought. Not there. Please not there. What a beautiful place. Not another location for more non human scale Industrial Wind Turbines!

    Then as if on cue, a huge convoy of trucks and flashing lights headed north past us with yet another load of Wind Tower components. The countryside as we know it has now changed forever!


    This IS happening now.

    Do we really want this for our future Generations. We are trusting Energy companies who got us into this situation in the first place to now get us out of it! AGL to name but one, part owns and runs Australia’s largest Wind Farm at Macarthur in Victoria. They also have massive interests in Brown Coal energy and Gas Fracking. Are these really the people we should be trusting with our future and the environment!

    Our treasured landscape is being corporatised by this industry on a scale similar to the industrial revolution of past. Have we learnt nothing?

    Stop These Things! Or it will be too late.

  4. Maureen Campbell says:

    This is the problem we are facing Mr Brew. Australians are not protesters or activists. they don’t like to make a noise or be heard. Shame on you Australians for standing by and not fighting for your fellow men who are in dire need of you to stand up and shout.

    We need you now to voice your opinions!

  5. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    As I understand it researchers using humans in experimentation is frowned on, unless Ethical constraints and strict controls are applied for the testing of new medical treatments, but only after exhaustive laboratory testing has been conducted.
    Why then is it acceptable to our Governments for this industry to install and operate their machines so close to human habitation?

    Even after research not using humans has been undertaken and shown these turbines can cause adverse effects on humans that have been unwillingly/unwittingly exposed.
    Surely what is happening is unauthorised unethical and uncontrolled human experimentation and not only is it unauthorised those being experimented on have not given permission to be part of such experiments.
    Why are Governments assisting this experimentation on human beings?
    When did it become the norm to use reluctant or unwitting humans for experimentation purposes!!!!

  6. Tony Hodgson says:

    Bravo Tim. Your experience is exactly that which we received at Collector. The evidence as well as 95+% of people attending the PAC hearings was simply dismissed, as if the decision had already been made. This treatment is a clear denial of natural justice.
    Tony Hodgson– Collector

  7. Jim Hutson says:

    Today I listened to the Treasurer, Mr Hockey, telling us about our enormous National Debt.

    Today I watch another Wind Turbine being erected at the Gullen Range Wind Farm.

    Sending cheap coal to China to produce cheap power and then sending back to us Wind turbines, to give us the World’s dearest electricity, which in turn is sending all our manufacturing industry offshore, loosing all our jobs and sending us broke.

    Makes no sense to me Joe.

  8. Why? Why?

    Is it such a crime.

    Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise and Electromagnetic Frequency.
    It’s a monsterous CRIME again innocent people.

    It is allowed to continue because the Authorities in Government Federal, State and Local Government are happy to collect the dollars.

    Is it a crime not to be sure this thing is not causing harm to we, the Tax Payer, the unfortunate who has invested all they have in their retirement home or property?

    Yes it is.

    Wind Farms near to people is a Crime. Industry near to Subdivisions is a Crime.
    We are being tortured.

    Why is no one getting that this thing is pure absolute torture, a modern form of concentration camp.

    It is Hell on Earth and I have no where to go.

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