As always, money and power is in the hands of corporate wind …

Guest poster: Frank Campbell, Elmhurst, Victoria, Australia. Frank is a retired sociologist and former supporter of the Greens.

in-greed-we-trustIt’s galling that paid propagandists like Leigh Ewbank (Pyrenees Advocate, February 1, 2013), safe in their Carlton castles, lecture rural people about the wonders of wind turbines.

The rural press is flooded with their formula letters.

Like the rest of the Turbine Taliban, Ewbank denigrates the work of Dr Sarah Laurie, who exposed adverse health effects including severe sleep deprivation and chronic stress, causing turbine hosts and their neighbours to become sick and in some instances leave their homes. Yet there is extensive peer-reviewed medical evidence that sleep loss and stress are bad for human health.

Ewbank also falsely accuses Dr Laurie of avoiding cross-examination in tribunal hearings – in fact she will appear for three hours this week at a VCAT hearing as a “witness with expertise”.

This is precisely to allow her to face corporate wind’s lawyers directly, rather than passively making a submission. Ewbank also falsely claims that the Seymour turbine objectors will call no expert witnesses at all. Independent acoustician Steven Cooper will appear.

As always, money and power is in the hands of corporate wind and its tame “consultants”.  Mere residents have to defend themselves out of their own pocket – and travel to Melbourne where all the wind suits, lawyers and Turbine Taliban live …

But corporate wind’s denialism is becoming desperate because other medical professionals are speaking out i.e. Drs. Spring, Andjic, Iser and Mr Peter Trask. And many others overseas.  Growing evidence of cover-up, plus new research, is eroding the credibility of corporate wind.

The CEO of the South Australian EPA says there is a very real problem with turbine noise, and will investigate the full spectrum of sound at Waterloo.

A Canadian court has found that industrial wind noise is indeed a threat to health, saying the question now is merely the degree of severity in specific places.

In Wisconsin, four acoustic firms (including those working for wind companies) jointly stated that “Low Frequency Noise/ infrasound is a serious issue, possibly affecting the future of the industry. It should be addressed beyond the present practice of showing that wind turbine levels are magnitudes below the threshold of hearing at low frequencies.”

Cruelty and ruthlessness is inherent in all fundamentalism, as it is in greed. The unholy alliance between corporate power and climate fundamentalists is uniquely corrupting.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Harry Makris says:

    ……So, now we have come to that relentless, unyielding and presumably inevitable period of personal and community “interactions”, “consultations,” “letters”, “submissions”, and endless meetings. Exchanges, given their intensity and volume, indicate, that This..!.. Now..!… may well be The Tipping Point…


  2. Harry Makris says:

    Yes Heidi…
    ….the People of Keyneton have done more to reduce atmospheric carbon than the proposed wind farm will ever achieve..if anything ….. an exceptional demonstration of tree planting and re-vegetation which was created many years ago, long before “Green and Sustainability” became politically and financially exploitative….

    ”””””’.21st February at Cambrai where everyone who wants to protect their Landscape,livelihoods,and democratic rights can say to the Development Assessment Commission……

    …………..Enough Waste…..Go Away…We will not end up like Spain…..Raped by Big Wind….. !

  3. We have been opposing a 42 turbine development at Keyneton, in the midst of the Barossa Valley and River Murraylands, for almost 2 years. The company has made its application to the Development Assessment Commission and a public hearing will be held 21st February 12.30pm at the Cambrai Institute (all welcome!) where speakers will be heard.
    Throughout the challenging journey to raise awareness about these useless, hypocritical and dangerous developments we have constantly had a great many folk ask us “Why bother? The government will do what it wants and corporate greed rules. Money is the priority along with popularity, not the good interests of the people or the environment.” Our answer is because if we are complacent and quiet about the truth the governmnent and the wind industry, without regard for truth, reason or right, assume people agree with them.
    If we hand over our power, along with our responsibility to the truth, then those we give it to will do what they will with it. At times we have wished we could be as “care-less” as the folk who think like this and get on with “life as usual” but we cannot and are not prepared to, lay down, roll over, shut up and allow injustice to happen…we care more that the truth is heard and believe we have the responsibility and the power (because we claim it and do not hand it over to others to abuse it) to ensure the truth is known. We will not be ruled by, or hand over our power to corporate greed and small minded, non visionary politics…it belongs to us and we’ll fight you for it! Shame on those who won’t.
    Keep up the great work everyone, your sense of justice, your courage and your determination allow the truth to be heard over the turbines and the decieving corporate mantra “it’s all good” when the truth is, industrial turbine developments are not.

  4. Jackie Rovensky says:

    It appears those supporting the false notion that these turbines are harmless have a problem comprehending an/or processing what is being reported from around the world.

  5. David Mortimer says:

    I am a turbine host who for around 8 years has been suffering symptoms mirroring those associated with “wind turbine syndrome”. Last year I discovered that the turbines adjacent my home may be the cause of the symptoms. My doctor can find nothig clinically wrong with me and the symptoms disappear when I am away from home and the wind farm. I have viewed a plot of an accoustic monitoring of my house which to my untrained eye looks very like a cluster of 4 turbines at 4 Hertz.
    The symptoms and sensations are gradually getting worse. No one seems to be listening!

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