VCAT = Very Casual Attitude To (justice, fairness, human decency etc)

Cobden/Naroghid VCAT Hearing, 21 Mar 2013

Today, we went to the 3rd VCAT Hearing, once again in Melbourne.

We are requesting  the  Cobden/Naroghid wind development  to abide by the new ruling stating that turbines must be ‘2 kilometres from uncontracted landholders residences’, and that permission must be granted by the ‘uncontracted landowners for further development’. The new ruling has been brought in by the State Government.

There are between 30 to 40 residences in the 2 kilometre radius, including the local CFA shed.

Seven objectors ventured down to Melbourne, who could manage to take time off work, or in our case, organise someone to come and do the milking.

We were once again treated like third world citizens, not allowed to speak at  the hearing or even make mention of our objections. Our only wish is for the turbines to be 2 kilometres from residences, Would you like a turbine as close as  500 meters from your house? And an absentee land owner getting paid for the invasion of your space?

The  Cobden/Naroghid wind development had its permit issued in 2006. At the VCAT hearing, we heard from the Minister of Planning’s office that the basic permit requirements had not been fulfilled, including the Flora and Fauna, Indigenous Cultural Heritage, Archaeological ground survey, wind turbine infrastructure, Aboriginal affairs, and the list goes on.

Surely if you and I had not fulfilled our basic permit issues, then the permit would become null and void. They have had numerous extensions, and still missed the widely  published cut- off date.

The last question the VCAT hearing asked the  Cobden/Naroghid wind development was how much money has been spent so far?

Well!! Excuse me?

Is this question a disgrace? Is VCAT saying,’because the wind farm has spent so much money’ (and if they have spent money, what have they spent it on,….. certainly not on fulfilling their permit requirements) it should be a factor for consideration?

Yet we collectively stand to lose millions of dollars due to the depreciation of our farms.

So much for VCAT standing for a ‘Fast and Efficient Justice for all Victorians’!

The Cobden/Naroghid wind farm development had had one Community Open Day since 2005.

Is this sponsoring ‘Good corporate citizenship’!

Uncontracted landowner within the 2 kilometre radius spokespersons

Barrie and Angela Molloy


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. blowing in the wind. says:

    The Naroghid wind farm has been stopped,VCAT has ruled the permit has expired well and truly.
    Yeah to people power, turbines 500 metres from your house, children, dairy farm. Get Real!!!

  2. My understanding is that a compliance officer with the local Council or planning department should have approached the development owners and, as per previous discussion by others here, brought responsibility to the situation. Without compliance review, we have public administrators and regulators ignoring illegal actions. On that basis the matter should be brought before the ICAC or auditor General’s Office. The Ombudsman won’t look at anything more than 12 months out. What input are local elected members of our democracy saying about the matter? What accountability are they demanding?

  3. You can look at the “Wind Turbine Industry” from the side, upside down, right way up, third dimension, in fact ,anyway you
    look at it, the only conclusion that can be drawn is , This is Fraud and Corruption, sponsored by the State.

  4. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Obvously this project has not fullfilled ANY of its requirements. No matter how much they have spent if they have not met requirments and datelines then they have ‘faulted’ on the approval requirements. If nothing else they should have to submit a new application under the current requirements.
    The Victorian Government should insist that his project is not given any further extension of time. If it is refused and are required to submit a new proposal then you will have more chance to oppose it, so with luck they will simply walk away.
    It has become very clear that when we were looking to move home and were looking for properties between Melbourne and Quorn in SA from the Murray River to the Coast, the reason so many properties appeared to be very cheap in rural areas, but had not sold for long periods was because of the possibility of Industrial Wind Energy estates in every place we considered, were possible, though we were never informed of this. It appears the adverse effect on assets has been going on for a number of years.

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