Texan Turbine Hosts Declare War on Developers

**** Texans are said to ride a little taller in the saddle than most.  Their swagger and independence goes back to the very beginning of the Lone Star State in 1836. In 1835 Texans went to war with the Mexican government, fighting a series of pitched battles and bloody skirmishes ending in April 1836 – […]

No amount of electricity generation is worth this

The following first appeared as a comment under the post Cape Bridgewater: Sonia. You say it so well dear lady. My own situation is so similar to yours here in Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA. I have abandoned my dream and it hurts every day, I live worse now than ever in my life at 57-years-old. We […]

The doctors, researchers and health practitioners worldwide who get it

An impressive number of health practitioners, researchers and acousticians around the world are now voicing their concern about the impact of wind turbines on people’s health. The list has been published by the Waubra Foundation, the European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) and the North American Platform Against Windfarms (NA-PAW). The latter two organisations represent more […]

Infigen Energy’s shame – and Sarah Laurie’s truth

The document below is a statutory declaration. Under Australian law, it is equivalent to giving evidence under oath. If it contains false information, charges of perjury can be laid. This declaration was sworn before a policeman by Whiteheads Creek resident Ursula James last Thursday. It concerns alleged statements made before a number of people by […]

Wind turbine syndrome – an inconvenient truth

“Based on my recent experiences and interactions with such affected individuals, I am satisfied that this WTS condition is real. This conclusion of mine is based upon both hearing the stories of affected individuals and being aware of and having access to the limited yet growing scientific body of evidence highlighting this deleterious syndrome. This […]

Blaming the victims of Big Wind

This post by Curt Devlin first appeared on http://www.windturbinesyndrome.com. Devlin is a software architect, has worked with Microsoft and is a former teaching fellow in the Tulane University Department of Philosophy. Founded in 1834, Tulane is one of the most highly regarded and selective independent research universities in the United States. During my years at […]