Ontario’s Farmers ask: which part of “NO” don’t you understand?

The forces for common sense took to the highway in Ontario last weekend in an effort to make their hopelessly corrupt government come to grips with the great wind power fraud. Here’s a video of the event: **** **** More than 150 vehicles take to Hwy. 402 for mass rally against wind turbines Chip Martin […]

Day of protest in Canada

Ontario’s  Liberals  get  an  “F”   WIND OPPONENTS CALL FOR IMMEDIATE TURBINE MORATORIUM, RESIGNATION OF DR ARLENE KING, MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH, AND PUBLIC INQUIRY: MASSIVE  “Pants  on  Fire”  PROTEST AT ALLAN GARDENS/MAPLE LEAF GARDENS, JAN 26 2013 In  what  will  surely  be  the  largest  and  most  vocal  public  display  of  public  outrage  in  Ontario’s […]