The Answers you get – depend on the Questions you ask

The Battle for Bodangora begins. Brewing for some time – the battle for Bodangora, NSW is on in earnest – as Infigen sets out to lie and bully its way to planning approval. Oh yes, Infigen isn’t afraid to gild the lily when it comes to getting its way and is more than happy to […]

What price do you put on friendship?

“For four years, a handful of farmers in the district hid a secret that not even a weekly drinks session or years of friendship could drag out. They had covertly opened up their farm gate to wind farm developers, lured by the cash offer of $15,000 for every wind turbine dug into their property — unbeknownst to the mate across […]

Fear and loathing blowing through the bush

From The Daily Telegraph, February 21, 2013 Journalist: Andrew Carswell AGGRIEVED farmers from NSW’s central west are gearing up for the mother of all legal battles, fighting an enemy that has ripped apart their communities and pitted neighbours against each other. Their targets – wind farms. As the federal government fumbles over its proposed report […]