Fan Makers Howl: The Sound of Squealing Pigs from Germany

Germans have woken up to the true cost of the insanity brought to them by their political betters aka the Energiewende. That ludicrous policy has foisted thousands of fans all over the German countryside – subsidised to the tune of €billions – but has, perversely – and predictably – resulted in increased CO2 emissions as […]

The Gambler

On a train bound for nowhere, I met up with a Gambler… A little while back, that great philosopher, Kenny Rogers spelt out the rules for Gamblers in clear and simple terms: You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, Know when to walk away and know when to run. […]

This is the End – my only friend, the End

***** As Mr Mojo Risin just said: “This is the End”. In Australia – this is the end of the greatest economic and environmental fraud ever committed on a Nation. After a decade of lording it over ordinary Australians – you know, the ones who can no longer pay their crippling power bills; the ones […]

The campaign of hate against Sarah Laurie

International anti wind industry campaigners have called the vilification of Waubra Foundation CEO Sarah Laurie a “campaign of hate” and alerted Australian police to concerns for her safety. An organisation based in Spain, the World Council for Nature, as well as the North American Platform Against Wind Power contacted the Commissioner of Police in Tasmania […]