The NHMRC: Australia’s Great Shame

Well – knock us down with a feather – if things didn’t just get a whole lot worse for wind weasels and their highly-paid apologists. A few posts back you’ll remember the wind weasels’ pinup boy, Russell “Rusty” Marsh tossing up a whale of a tale. When faced with research done over 30 years ago […]

More propaganda from Herr Marsh of the Stasi

Recently, the South Australian Environment Protection Authority and a company called Resonate Acoustics issued a joint paper called “Infrasound levels near windfarms and in other environments”. The report claimed to have measured infrasound at a variety of locations, including urban and rural environments, both in the vicinity of wind developments and elsewhere. Resonate do a […]

The crusade of Mary Morris

Mary Morris knew immediately when she was on the right track in her campaign to have houses around Waterloo wind farm tested for low frequency noise and infrasound. It was when the Clean Energy Council began its smear campaign. “They said I was telling people to make up complaints,” Mary said today. “That made me […]

We’re gagging to tell you something truthful

What’s the deal with gag orders? I don’t get it. It’s an order to throw up, is that it? Here’s your contract to host some wind turbines on your land. Now look at clause 64E. The gag clause. You gotta vomit once a week, or once a day. You know what? I haven’t vomited in […]