The Wind Industry Knows No Shame: Turbines to Desecrate the Unknown Graves of Thousands of Australian Soldiers in France

**** This coming Anzac Day, 25 April 2015, looms large in Australia’s history, and collective consciousness, marking the Centenary of Australia’s bloody entry to the War to end all Wars, on the beaches of Gallipoli. Not so much a celebration, as a reflection on the honour, courage and spirit of Australia’s fighting men and women, […]

“Macca” & “Ronno” should watch & learn from Europe

In Australia the battle to kill off the Renewable Energy Target has well and truly begun.  In response, wind industry goons have been seen crawling all over the Big House on the Hill in Canberra; trying to schmooze and booze their way into the hearts – and pockets – of a few Coalition members. **** […]

Who are the wind industry rats in the Liberal ranks?

The wind industry is driven by one factor. Greed. It’s growth is due to the billions of taxpayer dollars siphoned off into various pockets. And a lot of those pockets are political. In the UK the Daily Mail has just published a report on how green companies have paid Conservative MPs to influence environmental and […]