Melissa Ware: “Please Tony, Save Our Souls”


Melissa Ware – how we treat her, reflects on all of us.


Melissa Ware is one of Pac Hydro’s numerous tragic victims at Cape Bridgewater, Victoria – where the Labor/Union backed outfit – run by former union heavy Gary Weaven – runs another non-compliant wind farm that’s been driving the neighbours to hell and back for over five years now (see our post here).

Here is Melissa’s plea to our Prime Minister for help.

The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

30th January, 2014

Open letter re: wind farm impacts.

Property in close proximity to wind farms is devaluing as evidenced in the above news article link from Britain.  Unofficially informed by a real estate valuer that our home and land neighbouring the Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm is “virtually un-saleable” and leaves us part of a growing number of Australians unable to ‘sell up’ and just move on.

I am expressing concern for my family situation and for residents of South Portland whom shortly will deal with impacts of Stage 4 of the Portland Wind Energy Project; one home is 350 metres close.  Cumulatively, turbines in the Portland district, South West and Central Victoria will synergistically impact much further distances and studies need to be independently undertaken to determine what I personally and others professionally, detect here at Cape Bridgewater, Portland and other areas.

This wind farm project and others are unbelievably and wrongly proceeding regardless of warnings and evidence of health and noise impacts being endured.

Devaluations of 11% and higher and abandoned homes due to noise exposure must surely be of concern to you as well. I have trust, due to Senator Madigan’s speech in Parliament just prior to Christmas, and with your ongoing interest, that empathy, willingness and resolve to openly and actively take measures, will prevent this economic, health and landscape disaster continuing.

Mortgage obligations for an historical, Wilson family, perhaps ‘Henty’ built settler house, (see p19. Amendment C55 Planning Panel Report, May 2013) its unique location now inundated with industrial infrasound, broadband noise and vibrations, is a complete and devastating loss for us and historical and cultural loss for the State.  Financial and real loss certainly not covered by insurance.  We have the responsibilities of the advantaged, to no benefit and find ourselves in a newest group of disadvantaged as wind farm refugees.

66% of people surveyed near Macarthur wind farm are adversely being affected.

If say one in four people have profound health impacts from wind farm exposure you may expect more distressed people, more abandoned homes and more requests for answers and assistance and related rising and preventable costs.

Problems experienced are bought to your attention to prevent further damage and conflict and as with any problems, resolution must be found.  What is the resolution for wind farm property devaluation, neighbouring homelessness, growing numbers of wind farm related health concerns, escalating energy costs and Government Departments and wind energy companies that do not respond to legitimate questions? Resolution is not occurring in conduction of meeting after endless meeting or letters proffering no meaningful help.  There is probably a yuppie term but ‘passing the buck’ and lack of empathy and action holds no resolution for anyone.

Power lies in a pen-stroke that could allow at least a good and restorative sleep by turning off turbines at night. Resolution could be found if wind facilities are constructed and operate to planning permit conditions. The Cape Bridgewater wind facility operations exceed noise standards and no-one enacts the law, to stop Pacific Hydro etc. creating nuisance.  No answer lies in planning permit conditions for neighbours as current noise standards are inadequate for modern gigantic turbines and components that are geared for maximum shareholder gain.  Review and investigation of current planning guidelines, practices and authority to ensure protection for neighbours is required.

No wind farm should be constructed within the Victorian 2km wind farm buffer zone as is currently underway in Portland.

Our first reports of noise were made, following official procedure, not long after commissioning of Cape Bridgewater wind farm in 2008, un-aware others apart from immediate neighbours, were being adversely impacted by noise.  Previously we supported the idea of turbine generated electricity but were assuredly, emphatically and dismissively told, if there were to be problems, those problems would be fixed.  Told by Council and Pacific Hydro there would be no noise, no EMF’s, no pollution.

Over five years reporting experiences to Glenelg Shire, EPA, Health Dept, Planning Department (Dtlpi), Minister Guy, our GP and Specialists, the media, Government Inquiries (confidential submissions) etc.  Five years with no respite from exposure to noise and no resolution.

Ita Buttrose on Australia Day pointed out (words to this effect), that the weakest i.e. disadvantaged people of a nation are a reflection on the weakness of the Government. Escalating and unending negative impacts of wind facilities disadvantages people, our Government, federal and local, our States and Shires and should be addressed.  Negative wind facility impacts and associated fraudulent behaviour as disclosed in Parliament must be ceased and resolved; as any other national concern to public health, well-being and private property of the populace would be.

Be concerned, and then be the example for the world.  Mr. Abbott, Australia is not founded on hypocrisy, lies and abuse of power.  I ask all, how will you with honesty Serve and who is your mentor.  John Madigan and Ita Buttrose are only two examples of great figures of Service to disadvantaged people.  There is a serious price not measured in percentage, for loss of public trust that no measure of ‘Company’ social license or social management ever resolves.

Yours sincerely,

Melissa Ware.

Eco-fascists, greentards and former tobacco advertising gurus are quick to ridicule and deride the suffering of people like Melissa Ware on the basis that – in their view – only a tiny minority complain about the impact of giant fans.

Not that these monsters would know who and how many are suffering – they’ve never once bothered to visit these communities, let alone speak to victims like Melissa.  The impacts are far worse and more widespread than these worms will ever admit (see our posts here and here).

Melissa draws on comments made by Ita Buttrose (of Women’s Weekly fame) that how a Nation treats the weakest of their number reflects the weakness (or strength) of a Nation’s Government.

STT thinks Ita might have been channelling some principles laid down just a little earlier – principles that the Head Boy – who trained for the priesthood – might well recognise.

Humane societies are all about our willingness to stand with the weak – not our desire to stand with the mighty.  One chap – who apparently knew a thing or two about being prepared to take a bullet for hard done by minorities – put it something like this: “What you do unto the least of my brothers and sisters, you have done unto me.”

From STT’s standpoint it wouldn’t matter whether a single Australian was suffering from the impacts of the acts or omissions of others – we couldn’t sleep knowing one of our brothers or sisters was set upon by the greed, thoughtlessness or tyranny of others.  Could be something to do with our British heritage – Magna Carta, and all that.

STT loves the story of Lord Palmerston’s reaction to a mob of Greek anti-Semitic zealots who – in 1847 – vandalised and plundered the Athens home of a Portuguese Jew, named David (Don) Pacifico, while police loitered nearby.  Pacifico – a trader and the Portuguese consul in Athens – was born in Gibraltar, British territory – he was, therefore, a British subject.  The Greeks weren’t about to cough up the cash to compensate Pacifico, so he took his case to London.

In 1850, Lord Palmerston – then British Foreign Secretary – took up Pacifico’s case and took on the Greeks by sending a Royal Navy squadron into the Aegean to seize Greek ships and property equal to the value of Pacifico’s claim for compensation. Palmerston ignored Greek howls about their sovereignty – as the case involved a British subject. The Naval squadron eventually blockaded Piraeus, the main port of the capital, Athens – which led to a diplomatic row with France and Russia.  However, the blockade – which lasted two months – did the trick – the Greek government coughed up and compensated Pacifico for the destruction of his home and theft of his property.


Lord Palmerston – ready to go to war for a lone Jewish trader.


Palmerston copped a fair bit of heat from his parliamentary colleagues – but he came back swinging with a famous five-hour speech in which he explained his actions to protect the interest of the lone Jewish trader, Pacifico:

“As the Roman, in days of old, held himself free from indignity, when he could say, Civis Romanus sum, so also a British subject, in whatever land he may be, shall feel confident that the watchful eye and the strong arm of England will protect him from injustice and wrong.”

Decent, civil societies – are built around protection for the weak and the vulnerable among their number – whether it be one or hundreds.

When faced with the unarguable suffering of human beings, arguments pitched along the lines of “it’s all for the greater good” don’t cut it with STT – and they never used to cut it with Australians, either.

Last time we looked, Australians were gifted with a few fundamental precepts in their treatment of their fellow Australians.

First, don’t annoy your neighbours – and, if one of them is in trouble, don’t hang back and wait to be asked – get in there and help them.

queensland flood clean up

Doing the right thing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.
It Ain’t Half Hot Mum cast meets the Queensland 2010 floods.


Whether it’s bushfires or floods – Australians know how to pitch in and save their neighbours’ lives and property.  Why?  Because it is the right thing to do.

Tony, Melissa is not the only one suffering – there are many more Melissas.  Their suffering is unnecessary, unwarranted and perfectly avoidable.  Now is the time to do the right thing – help these people.


Please help them, Tony – if only because it is the right thing to do.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Simon has not visited any community because he is paid a lot of money (not from wind industry but his employer I presume) and hangs with his good friend from a wind company to denigrate those who are anti-turbine.

    He reads only what he wants and then says its the ‘nocebo’ effect or they bring on their own suffering. This man is a disgrace as his mate Tim, who rang a host who said no problems then told a nurses group that they were good (WTs).

    Where do these men get off with views without doing proper research? They both should read “The Windfarm Scam” Dr. Etherington, “Watermelons”, “Pigs in the Trough”, ” and look at YouTube noise from Wind Turbines, “Ill Wind Over Europe”, Rare Earth mineral mining in China.

    Also see, National Wind Watch and of course Stop These Things. Maybe then they will see that people all over the world have impacts from industrial wind turbines

  2. It’s always about the almighty Dollar $$$$$$$$$$$$

    The fact is there is no safe setback distances for wind turbines.

    NOT GREEN, NOT CHEAP, NOT RELIABLE and come with a very BAD side EFFECT on people and the ENVIRONMENT.

    There is nothing GREEN about WIND TURBINES.


  3. Keith Staff says:

    We also know and have met with Melissa and her family.
    She is a brave and inspirational lady, who has attended the Canberra rallies as well as traveling long distances to attend meetings at our home.

    All of this in spite of tragic health, noise and visual impacts for her and her family.

    Anyone ready for a march & protest ………Melbourne ?

  4. David Mortimer says:

    Thank you Melissa,
    You have inspired me to also write to our PM regarding our situation which parallels yours. I am deeply concerned about set back distances of one or two kilometres being mentioned as minima because we are significantly affected at 2.5Km where we live and have also been at 17km from Waterloo, approx. 4km from King Island turbines, 8 to 12 km from Macarthur wind turbines….need I say more? I think the subject of set back distances should be left to be determined proper scientific research. I think you will find that a minimum set back will well and truly exceed 10km.
    I found out recently in discussion with a land owner in our district who lives in close proximity to turbines but is not a host indicated that he “hung out until he got the contract from the wind farm developer that he wanted”. I wonder how many other neighbours’ silence was bought? No wonder no one our way has complained!

  5. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Through the courageous actions of Richard Paltridge I am fortunate not to be living close to an Industrial Wind Factory. I have though, met Melissa, her husband and son.
    During one of their necessary survival trips away from their home they visited us in ours for a few hours. During the time they were here I sat and listened and watched the pain in Melissa’s eyes, a pain that cannot be ‘acted out,’ and watched the anguish in her husband’s. I listened to their concerns for their son and his future, the nightmare of living in their historic family home that at one time was a haven of peace and safety.
    That their plight is continuing and being experienced by more and more people around the country and world is appalling.
    The harm being reported is continually set aside because of some misguided assumption that IWT’s will cut emissions, and provide ‘safe’ energy. Misguided because I am sure many have been advised by those who have an interest in this form of energy production, and that advice is given to ensure the uptake of IWT’s regardless of the damage to the human and natural environment. Advice given from those who don’t care what damage is being done as long as the money keeps rolling in.
    Melissa her family and all others suffering need our support and assistance to fight this grubby, insane industry. They need our help to get those with the power to stop it, to understand and accept what is happening and act to stop it NOW.
    There is NO EXCUSE to stall, there is NO EXCUSE to wait for research or reports, the agony being thrust on people and the environment can be stopped NOW, by calling a moratorium, forcing shutdown of turbines in areas where health and safety is being adversely affected. When this has been done then properly organized unbiased research can be conducted.

  6. Little Simon would not go and visit the citizens of Australia who are suffering from these huge fans, because he would have to eat HUMBLE PIE. He is too proud, as he and others are wind weasels and greentard goons, just like destroying peoples lives that live near these useless huge fans.

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