The Breakout


The wind weasel is just too dumb to notice.


The wind weasel uses his faithful minions – the greentards and eco-fascists parading as journalists – to regurgitate the endless drivel tossed up by the Clean Energy Council and to suppress anything like the truth being published about the monstrous wind power rort.

Heaven help anybody with the audacity to publicly challenge these people and their perverse ideology.  Ridicule and vilification are just the warm-up acts for these characters – as we’ve said, they’re a very special kind of person.

But it seems that they are losing their vice like grip on the media.  Gradually, mainstream journos are waking up to the greatest environmental and economic fraud of all time.

It doesn’t take much to convert them – all they need are open ears, open eyes and open minds.

STT thinks we’re on the verge of a media breakout – the point when wind weasels will no longer be able to rely upon a gullible, pliant and biased press.  One or two seem to be a wake-up to what they’re being fed – and they’re not happy about it.

Here’s one of the first under the wire – Ben Acheson – with a great little summary of what a debacle wind power has been in the UK.

Wind Energy: Chalk It Up as a Loss
Huffington Post, UK
Ben Acheson
23 September 2013

Another week, another plethora of news reports attacking wind farms.  The latest headlines include; November date for Trump’s wind farm challenge”, “Approval for wind turbines sparks protest at ‘ring of steel’” and “Wind turbines may be killing bats by ‘exploding’ their lungs”, to name but a few.  Yet will the stories about Donald Trump, exploding bats and Scotland’s version of the Iron Curtain help to stem the spread of mammoth turbines across our land and seas?

Probably not.

Still, it was only two years ago that anyone who publicly opposed wind turbines was considered a social pariah and practically ostracised from society as if they were modern-day lepers.  Things have changed.  Not a day goes by without a new story slamming wind energy or highlighting the increasing wind farm opposition across the UK. Just as it was once popular to support wind energy, it has almost … almost … become fashionable to oppose wind turbines.

The problem is that many of the news reports are nothing more than filler. If they are printed on a Tuesday, they are forgotten about by Wednesday; such is the nature of the fast-paced, up-to-the minute, 24-hour news cycle that is available to us. Despite the constant barrage of anti-wind press, the spread of massive industrial wind turbines continues unabated.

In the last year alone we have seen news reports outlining how wind farms have surrounded some of Britain’s most untouched landscape and blighted some of our most bucolic and treasured towns and villages.  We have heard horror stories about planning departments ignoring guidelines and forcing homeowners to live next to monstrous whirling steel turbines.  We have been warned that property values have plummeted due to the inappropriate placement of wind farms and we have seen hundreds of anti-wind protest groups spring up across the nation, incensed at the lack of democracy in the planning system.

We have read how turbines impact human health and after years of mockery from pro-wind groups, we now have the first peer-reviewed, science-based report confirming that turbines do have harmful impacts on humans.

We have watched videos of turbines exploding in high winds and crashing to the ground in storms.  We have witnessed precious habitats and ecosystems torn apart to make way for turbines and we have seen stories about birds being chopped to bits.  We have heard how offshore wind farms will destroy precious undersea carbon stores, affect aquatic animals and close important fishing grounds.

We have been told that the tourist industry will be damaged and the golf industry will take a hit.  We read explanations of how sailing routes will be impacted and even how Britain’s strategic nuclear deterrent could be hampered.  The Ministry of Defence has objected to many wind farms which will affect radar systems and we have even seen how turbines could prevent the detection of secret nuclear weapons tests.

Mountaineers, ramblers, cyclists, equestrians, aviation enthusiasts and bird-watchers have protested. Celebrities have come out to support anti-wind campaigns.  Members of every political party, except the Greens, have spoken out against turbines.  Over 100 MPs petitioned David Cameron to stop the madness.  Members of the European Parliament have repeatedly urged the European Commission to get involved.  The Scottish Government has received 10,000 objections from people who oppose wind farms – and that was just for large developments (>50MW).

We have read that schoolchildren are being utilised as pro-wind propaganda tools and we have even seen how the United Nations has ruled that the UK is in breach of international law regarding public participation and the right to receive information in regard to wind farm developments.  In the last few weeks, we have heard how IPCC climate change projections, which formed the basis for renewable energy targets, have been called into question by leading scientists.

We have watched as turbines have had to be shut down in high winds and how consumers foot the bill when they are.  We have seen their minimal contribution the UK energy supply, even when they are needed most.  We have been affected when energy bills have skyrocketed thanks in part to a misguided focus on wind energy.  Unfortunately we have also heard how millions of households have been forced into crippling fuel poverty, now having to choose between food and fuel.

We have read about noise abatement orders and residents’ legal challenges.  We have seen some communities torn apart by wind farm proposals and others handed bribes in return for their silence.  We have read how landowners pocket exorbitant amounts of cash in return for housing turbines and we have seen developers reap vast profits from the UK’s subsidy regime.  We have heard how peat bogs have been ripped up and forests torn down to make way for wind farms.  We are now being told that wind energy has not made even the slightest difference to carbon emissions.

We have even seen those who peddle ridiculous pro-wind arguments about green jobs debunked and refuted.  There is enough credible evidence and enough of an opposition to end a policy of support for industrial wind energy.  Yet still we see wind farms popping up all around the country.

Isn’t it about time that we looked at all the evidence cumulatively?  Isn’t it about time that we just chalked it up as a loss and tried something else?
Huffington Post, UK

STT predicts more stories like this over the coming months.  People are sick and tired of spiralling power bills or, worse, not being able to afford power at all.

Hard-working rural people are sick of being driven mad in their homes by incessant low-frequency turbine noise – unable to gain meaningful sleep; or – in the worst cases – being driven out of their homes.

Taxpayers and power consumers are sick of propping up a system of power generation which was redundant before it began and which will only ever provide power at crazy, random intervals and at exorbitant cost.

And everybody is just sick to death of the constant lies, corruption and deceit that characterises one of the most rotten industries in history.

Let the press know about it – write them a letter; give them a call.  Who knows, it could just end in a mass-media-breakout.


Where did all the journos go? We had them under control just a minute ago.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Sasi Windchill says:

    Not Green, Not Cheap, Not Safe
    Not Green, Not Cheap, Not Safe

    Chant it from the rooftops…and don’t stop until they stop!

  2. Great story. Let’s hope more and more newspapers and TV stations will pick up the story from here and start telling like it really is.

    As I keep on saying, The fact is there are no safe distances for wind turbines.

    NOT GREEN, NOT CHEAP, NOT RELIABLE and they come with a very BAD side EFFECT on people and the ENVIRONMENT.

    There is NOTHING green about wind turbines.


  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    The ‘Greens’ have faded. They’ve been reaching ever increasing heights into the sky, like spires, trying to imitate the spiritual vision of a towering church spire. However their spires have outstretched arms which turn, depending on the direction and strength of the wind.

    They are no longer everlasting green, they wear the coat of many colours they’re silver grey, dull grey, white and if Development Plans allow perhaps even, canary yellow and rose pink.

    Like any show that goes on and on, without making any changes, the people and the media weary and move on to something different.

    Hopefully this time it’ll be the story of those who toil the earth, and who look into the night sky knowing they can never reach the stars but are happy to be left to look after their part of the earth, their part of this wonderful world. These are the people who have a never ending, diverse and dramatic story to tell. These are the people so many rely on to provide for others, these are the people forgotten by the fading ‘Greens’, these are the people whose life interest is ensuring it’s future.

    These are the people who today struggle not only with the elements but with danger posed by the faded ‘Greens’, who are out to destroy what once they said they wanted to save, simply to try and keep their aimlessly wafting spires erect.

  4. The truth is starting to come out big time, and will keep getting bigger and louder as time goes on. The wind weasels and greentards won’t have leg to stand on, let alone a wind turbine.

  5. Gaia Abandon says:

    “Members of every political party, except the Greens, have spoken out against turbines”.

    Might that be because, like the tainted Australian Greens under (wind)Milne, the Brit Greens are being handed brown paper bags filled with the folding stuff by big Wind?

    Clearly James Lovelock, founding member of the Greens is appalled.

  6. cornwallwindwatch says:

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:
    We can but hope! Keep up the good work – the truth will come out.


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  3. […] our post “The Breakout” we talked about just how sick and tired we all are of crippling wind power driven electricity […]

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