Hell hath no fury like Anne Schafer scorned


Another Annie gets her gun.


A few posts back we covered the excellent survey put together by STT Champion, Anne Schafer on the growing public health disaster at AGL’s Macarthur wind farm.

The turbine noise levels generated not only breach the conditions of AGL’s planning consent, but drive the locals nuts night, after sleepless night.

Non-compliant wind farms, like Macarthur, are under investigation by Senator John Madigan who has been hot on the trail of several other cases of REC fraud in Victoria – including Waubra (Acciona) and Cape Bridgewater (Pac Hydro).

The latest twist in Marshall Madigan’s hunt to round up REC fraudsters occurred last week when Pyrenees Shire Council staff refused to hand over a report by consulting group Heggies.

STT has it on very good authority that the Heggies report concludes that Acciona’s Waubra wind farm does not and can never comply with the noise conditions of its planning consent.  Withholding documents from a Federal Senator seems extreme – and probably amounts to an offence.  One thing’s for sure it won’t end there – STT will keep you in the loop.

Anne Schafer’s “crime” – according to wind weasel parasites – was to record and expose the suffering of locals.  How dare she!  Mind you, as we said in this post – if journos were doing their jobs – we wouldn’t need people like Anne – the truth would have already been told.

But in recording the unfolding – and completely avoidable – tragedy at Macarthur, Annie has achieved much more than just publicising the suffering of a large number of hard working country people.

Annie has exposed the industry for what it is – a subsidy driven rort fest run by liars and frauds and backed up by sociopaths without an ounce of human decency or compassion.

That monsters like AGL have gotten away with treating people like Jan Hetherington, Annie Gardner and a host of others with utter contempt is in part due to people like Andrew Bray who works for an outfit called “VicWind“.


A very special person.


Bray is someone who is very quick to dismiss, discount, diminish, undermine, challenge, limit, qualify, explain, excuse or otherwise spin away the heart wrenching stories laid out by AGL’s dozens of victims at Macarthur.  That type of approach to human suffering takes a special kind of person in our view.

But not only is Bray ready to RIDICULE and VILIFY the victims, he went on to ATTACK Anne Schafer for having the temerity to survey and record the SUFFERING of others.

Anne Schafer – quite rightly – wasn’t about to take that sort of unjustified abuse lying down and came back with this scorching little letter to the Hamilton Spectator in response.

Letter to the Editor,
Hamilton Spectator,
Saturday 21st September, 2013


I have written the following in response to Myles Peterson’s article in The Spectator on 14th September 2013.

It is an indisputable fact that many people living near to wind energy facilities are suffering negative impacts.  The Macarthur wind facility is no exception as is clearly shown in the preliminary survey, where 23 households, with 63 residents, reported impacts.

This is alarming considering that the facility has only been operational for a short period and that the surveyed area contains the proposed wind energy facilities of Penshurst (225 turbines) and Willatook (90 turbines), where stakeholders will likely be silenced by contractual confidentiality clauses.

I am appalled by Pro Winds’ Andrew Bray’s statements that say the reporting of a survey will cause suffering and “do more harm than good”.  His inference is that the respondents’ symptoms are caused by mental stimulus and not by the full sound spectrum emanating from the massive Macarthur turbines.

As Mr Bray is neither a physician nor an acoustician, one wonders what sort of person belittles the suffering of others.  His “diagnosis” is made without examining a single person, conducting an independent study or even speaking to those suffering adverse health effects.

Even Friends of the Earths’ spokesman Mr Cam Walker, stated “we do understand that some people are getting sick as a result of living near turbines.  This is a terrible situation, and we support getting to the bottom of the issue” (Ballarat Courier, October 3, 2011)

Why has there never been independent studies conducted where the sufferers are interviewed, examined and long term recording of infrasound and low frequency noise inside people’s homes?  Why have the Government Health Departments and the EPA ignored the issues?  Where are their responsibility and ethics codes of practice?

There are certainly many, many impacted residents around Australia who have been pleading for answers, such as people living near to Waubra, Toora, Cape Bridgewater, Glenthompson, Hepburn, Waterloo, Cullerin, Capital etc.

The Australian Federal Senate, in 2011, recommended that urgent research be conducted into the health impacts of wind farms.

The NHMRC are currently undertaking another literature review of health impacts and the CEO, Professor Warwick Anderson has recommended a cautionary approach and has stated that “we do not say there are no ill effects”.

The wind industry has long been well aware of the problems of infrasound and low frequency noise.  As far back as 1987, a peer reviewed research paper was presented at the wind industry’s Windpower Conference by NASA scientist, Neil Kelley et al, that clearly showed that infrasound and low frequency noise can cause negative health symptoms.

The new Coalition Government has a policy to conduct independent research and real-time recording of the full sound spectrum of wind facilities.

In April 2013 at the VCAT hearing into the Cherry Tree wind farm, the Commissioners acknowledged the existence of direct evidence of a range of symptoms in residents living near to wind facilities.  They also acknowledged a lack of studies and research by what they called a “knowledge vacuum” and have thus delayed their decision.

The survey merely asks the residents, using a simple questionnaire, if they are being impacted and to detail those impacts.  The purpose of the survey was to document their experiences.

It is not about petty political point-scoring  it is about genuine concern that many people living near to wind facilities are experiencing adverse health impacts.

*Please note that I can supply many sources of peer-reviewed articles regarding the impacts of wind facility noise.
Anne Schafer

STT says: “hats off, Anne”.

An entirely justified response to entirely unjustified criticism from a man we now regard as a VERY special kind of person.

Hannibal Lecter

Empathy was never one of MY strongest traits.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Keith Staff says:

    Vic wind have their own tatty little website, could be a good idea to send them some “educational ” material to back-up one of our
    Champions – Anne Schafer.

  2. Noel Dean. says:

    Great work Anne and Allan very brave of you to do this survey.

    Hats off to the editor for printing your letter. I have sent letters to the Ballarat Courier, but they refuse to print them. I have spoken directly to the people in charge at the Courier to try to correct the lies by the likes of Andrew Bray and Acciona – but to no avail.

    I have medical issues, which means that I rely on my son working on our farm. However, my son is impacted by the turbines.
    In a legal letter addressed to Acciona in response to request for information from them on !6 June 2009, my son and wife were clearly Identified as being affected by the operation of their turbines. Our farm is now relocated – apart from house area on a few acres – because Rod could not work on the farm without getting ill.

    At a meeting with Acciona to resolve our dispute on June 17 2010, my son reinforced that he was adversely affected while working on the farm at Waubra. I also stated at this meeting that I was a polio sufferer and that I needed Rod to work on the property full time and we wanted the problem fixed. Then came legal threats based on lies – to try to get ‘The Dean Report’ for nothing, and the refusal to speak to us or respond in a civil way as required by law.

    Many thanks to STT for allowing me to have a voice.
    Noel Dean.

  3. Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    You have to read this….does an excellent job of explaining the truth!

  4. The government officials here in Ontario know the truth, and help to cover it up. The have invested heavily of their personal funds, and have a vested interest in covering up the truth!

  5. media what? says:

    Thank you Anne for your study and courage, and seeking and speaking the truth.

    The Wind industry are failing fundamentally because they are deeply and maliciously dishonest. And they know it. They intentionally confuse nameplate capacity with output capacity, misrepresent the quantification of Co2 mitigation, lie about the economic viability, and they lie, manipulate and misrepresent acoustic emission data (if they release any at all) and adverse health impacts on neighbours too close.

    They are an asbestos, thalidomide and tobacco industry rolled into green clothing, tapping into a green sentiment and gullible or complicit government’s subsidies. They are a corporate and environmental lie. They damage human health, the environment and the economy. They are a green collar crime.

    The sooner they are held to account by a courageous government the better. Royal commission and police investigation no less. And a few more journalists worthy of their profession.

  6. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Ah yes but you must remember the only people allowed to conduct surveys and speak about this industry are those who work in it, for it, support it or receive ‘hush little baby don’t say a word’ money to ‘host’ turbines.
    Keep up the good work Anne, Mary and all those others – you’re filling the void left by money hungry, and deluded people who would have this country shrivel up and sink just to serve their own purposes.

  7. cornwallwindwatch says:

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:

    Even Friends of the Earths’ spokesman Mr Cam Walker, stated “we do understand that some people are getting sick as a result of living near turbines. This is a terrible situation, and we support getting to the bottom of the issue” (Ballarat Courier, October 3, 2011).

    Of course they know, we know, everyone knows. The industry is playing the numbers game and once the subsidies are removed they’ll have to deal with the fallout. Until then, fingers in the ears – la la la.

  8. All the wind weasel and greentard DOGS are going to go running and yelping for their lives when we get the offical truth out in goverment circles. These DOGS wil have to cough up with DOLLARS for all the sufferers of this wind fraud,

    They are the ones that have been lying to the goverments and the people of Australia, and they will have to pay the price for their lies.


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