Windfall: a documentary about the facade of wind energy



Watch the documentary Windfall – but in Australia you will need to be mobile

Snagfilms has made available online the 2010 documentary, Windfall, a story familiar to many around the world. It shows the devious ways that wind weasels infiltrate a quiet rural community and the suffering that results, as one by one, the lies spun by the developers are realised.

For some reason, it is not available on computers in Australia. But it does currently work on mobile devices in Australia (tablets, smartphones, android and apple).


Wind power… It’s green… It’s good… Or is it? WINDFALL exposes the dark side of wind energy development when the residents of a rural upstate New York town consider going green.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Not playing in Greece either

  2. Our township in Michigan showed this film to the residents. We had about 200 people show up to view the movie at our local school. A few people walked in not knowing whether they were for or against IWT’s. Those people came out from the movie and joined in our efforts to keep IWT’s out of our township !!!
    It’s a good movie to get people thinking about what the consequences are when you allow big wind into your community.
    The cost was relatively cheap. Well worth every penny, since it made a significant impact on the minds of local residents. !

  3. Old Ranga says:

    Interesting. This means the environmentally-aware under-40s warmists will be the target demographic. Greens voters. Not the geriatric battlers (i.e. the STT frontline fighters and their support teams).

    The world is a strange and wonderful place.

  4. Jim Hutson says:

    Noise testing of Wind Turbines,
    The persistence of using dBA and dBG in reference to Wind Turbine noise is flawed. Measurements should be SPL or dB with no weighting.
    dBA / dBG / dBC Filters off low frequency content making it practically un measureable.

  5. Quick FYI…Windfall can also be watched on iTunes, Amazon & Netflix, but you may have to pay a small amount.

  6. Keith Staff says:

    The ‘Windfall’ DVD is powerful and evocative.
    Contact an Australian Industrial Wind Turbine Awareness Network member in your area, I am sure we will be able to help.

    • Patina Schneider says:

      Community Screenings of “Windfall” are also available with permission. Not sure what the latest fees are but happy to provide the contact details if you would like to email

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