The Wind Industry: You Know It’s a ‘Ponzi’ Scheme When its Targets Include Schools & Councils

**** STT has pointed out just a few times that the wind industry is little more than the most recent and elaborate Ponzi scheme in a list that dates back to “corporate investment classics”, like the South-Sea Bubble and Dutch tulip mania. In the wind industry, the scam is all about pitching bogus projected returns […]

Germans Blame “Missing Wind” for their Wind Power Debacle

**** Germany’s Debacle: 2/3 Of Wind Projects “Running Badly To Very Badly”… Case Of The “Missing Wind” NoTricksZone P Gosselin 20 September 2014 Germany-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here brings up a television report on the disappointing returns from wind parks, recently appearing on SWR South German public television. The days of […]