Merry Christmas to you & Happy Second Birthday to STT

Father Christmas

A Merry Christmas from STT. It’s summer-time Downunder, where Santa’s rather well-earned thirst is properly met with ice-cold beer. Cheers, Santa!

Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings to all of our dedicated band of followers, all around the World.

And it’s Happy Birthday to STT: Boxing Day 2014 marks 2 years of giving the beleaguered wind industry and its dwindling band of parasites and spruikers hell.

We’ve clocked over 637,000 views and given our loyal readers 827 posts – which spell out – in clear and simple terms – the economic and environmental nonsense that is wind power – and the harm caused to communities around the world by giant fans.

And, we keep picking up dedicated followers – 10,000 so far, from all corners of the globe, including a bunch of canny Scots, Canadians, Americans, English, Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Danes, Germans, Greeks and plenty from Downunder.

Those that watch us include lots of political staffers and journos. STT hears our posts have become the staple diet for the Cross-Bench Senators and their staffers, who have been using it as a trusted reference tool for media releases etc.

The Greentard bloggers from wind industry spruik-sites like – The Climate Speculator, yes2ruining-us and ruin-economy – can’t help themselves but sneak a peek at the only place in town where you’ll find out what’s really going on – and to find out what their nemesis is up to.

Although – sadly for them and their wind industry pay-masters – they lost their eco-fascist “capo dei capi” – Mike Barnard – a week or so back when he self-immolated in a fire-ball of his own deluded, vitriol and rage and ended up having his blogging “rights” chopped by his boss, IBM. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

The wind industry is finding it harder than ever to put its case – principally because – apart from fleecing power consumers – it doesn’t have one.

When we started this time 2 years ago, STT was a lone voice in the Australian wilderness and the wind industry thought it had a complete grip on the game.

Two years on, it’s clear that the wind weasels have not only lost their grip, they’re fighting for their very existence.

In its effort to keep the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) alive and the massive wind industry subsidies flowing unchecked, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) has been pumping out a dozen press releases a day, which have become so shrill, incoherent and internally inconsistent as to be nothing short of ridiculous.

While the CEC’s propaganda and hectoring struggles to get much column space these days, STT has been joined by a growing number of real journalists who are ready to help sink the slipper.

2GB’s Alan Jones has been solidly belting the wind industry since the National Rally in June 2103 – reaching around 2 million Australian voters every week-day through 77 stations around the Country.

Plenty of mainstream journos have picked up on the debacle that is Australian energy policy today: joining the growing National and International backlash against the greatest economic and environmental fraud ever committed.

We’re not here to debate the wind industry – we’re here to destroy it.

turbine collapse 9

But the verdict will be suicide, not murder.

2014 has been a turning point in the battle to bring the great wind power fraud to a screaming halt.

European governments have run-out of patience with the eternal promises that the wind industry will grow-up soon, and no longer need a massive pile of taxpayer/power consumer subsidies. The tap has been turned off in Spain, the Brits are putting a lid on the subsidies for new projects and the Germans have chopped “welfare-for-wind” by 25% – all in the name of trying to cut spiralling power costs and keep their struggling economies afloat.

The wind industry’s subsidy fuelled mission to cover every last corner of Australia in giant fans is in melt down.

There are a handful still being speared into a couple of spots around the Country (Bald Hills and Cape Bridgewater in Victoria; Boco Rock, NSW), but the hucksters and frauds that are seeking to pocket $50 billion in REC Tax/Subsidies at power consumers’ expense are watching their plans for fans crumble before their beady, greedy little eyes.

Power retailers haven’t signed any power purchase agreements (PPAs) with wind power outfits for over 2 years – without which wind power outfits will never get the finance to plant another turbine: FULL STOP.

STT hears from insiders that – whatever happens to the LRET during the life of this Federal government – retailers are not going to enter PPAs; the banks are not going to lend for any new projects; and the banks that have lent, are all looking to call in their loans as and when the terms of their current lending facilities expire (the bulk of them expire in 2015/2016).

After which, wind power outfits will need to refinance on terms reflecting the very real RISK that the LRET will either be scaled back, scrapped, or inevitably collapse, at some point in the near future – as the completely unsustainable economic debacle that it is. That means either substantially higher rates or no-finance at all.

This will hopefully be the last Christmas celebrated by our favourite whipping boys at the near-bankrupt wind power outfit Infigen (aka Babcock and Brown): its losses continue to pile up, it’s bleeding cash, its share price is rocketing South and its mountain of debt is fast-becoming insurmountable. In a strange way, we’ll be sorry to see them go. But – rest assured – we’ll be amongst the first to let you know when they do.

Infigen december 19

Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Pro-farming (REAL farming, that is) and pro-community groups are better informed and organised, and more vocal and hostile, than ever before.

Hard-working, decent, rural people throughout the world are fighting back – to obtain sensible energy policies that support growth, development and vibrant, prosperous rural communities.

These are entirely reasonable people who have tumbled to the fact that they have been lined up as “road-kill” by their political betters to suffer the consequences of a policy built around an insanely expensive, utterly unreliable, intermittent power source that can only survive on a raft of massive subsidies; kills millions of birds and bats; destroys communities; drives people from their homes; and otherwise makes life misery for thousands around the world.

These people are out to smash a “policy” that – in a few years time, when it all inevitably collapses – will be revealed for what it is: an enormous government-backed Ponzi scheme, the foundations for which are greed and stupidity; and the “justification” for which can only be described as a circus of the bizarre.


The Energy Minister and his crack team of advisers.

STT would like to think that we’ve helped these dedicated individuals and groups a little, by providing them with the kind of factual ammunition that cuts directly across the treachery, lies and deceit – which are the tools-in-trade for the wind industry, its goons and parasites.

STT was set up as a sanctuary where the people who have been tragically impacted by – or who are fighting the threat of – giant industrial wind turbines can speak openly and freely – and without fear of vilification or ridicule. And that’s something we have no intention of changing any time soon.

We think compassion and empathy far greater virtues than self-righteous condescension. If it’s the latter you’re looking for – try ruin-economy and yes2ruining-us.

Whatever “social licence” the wind industry might have had in this Country disappeared long ago.

The bullying and threats used by wind power outfits and their stooges doesn’t cut it any more. These days, the town halls – where wind weasels “consult” communities – are filled with people equipped with the real facts: which means these people aren’t about to be fooled by set-piece lines from these swindlers about thousands of local jobs, “free” wind power and new fire trucks.

In short, the wind industry – the product of lies and subsidies – lost the battle for hearts and minds in the bush (well, wherever it goes, really) – and, once lost, these hearts will never be regained.

STT thanks its loyal band of followers.

And we also thank our many operatives here and around the Globe who keep us abreast of happenings in their various theatres of war. Plenty of our posts are based on what this band of STT Champions sends us, so please keep the Tweets, Facebook posts, comments and emails coming in 2015.

We know that you are using STT to help spread the message.

Once reasonable people are introduced to the facts about the insane costs of intermittent and unreliable wind power they cease to support it.

When they learn of the senseless slaughter of millions of birds and bats, and the tragic suffering caused to hard working rural people by giant fans, reasonable people start to bristle.

But when they learn that – contrary to the ONLY “justification” for the $billions filched from power consumer and taxpayers and directed as perpetual subsidies to wind power outfits – wind power INCREASES CO2 emissions in the electricity sector – rather than decreasing them, as claimed – their attitude stiffens to the point of hostility to those behind the fraud and those hell-bent on sustaining it.

In our travels we’ve met plenty of people that started out in favour of wind power and turned against it. But we’ve yet to meet anyone who started out opposed to wind power, who later became a supporter. Funny about that.

eagle at waterloo

Wedge-tailed eagle takes one for the planet at Waterloo, South Australia.

As 2014 draws to a close, STT thinks it time to box up our festive loot, put our boots up and rest on our laurels for a moment.

But while we take a little break, we’ve pulled together a few of our top posts to remind you of how far the battle has come.

We’ll start with the Top Ten most popular posts for 2014:

Parker Gallant Uncovers the Hidden Costs of Ontario’s Insane Wind Power Policy

A Lesson in Journalism: Rebecca Thompson Exposes the Great Wind Power Fraud

Professor Ian Plimer Slams the Great Wind Power Fraud

Bjørn Lomborg: Wind power is the path to poverty

Sun New’s “Down Wind” sends Wind Industry Into Tail Spin

Wind Power Costs send Germans back to the Stone Age

Faulty Turbines Sending Siemen’s Wind Power Division Broke as Samsung Cuts & Runs from Europe

More Australian Wind Power “FAILS”

Germany’s Unsustainable “Green” Jobs “Miracle” Collapses

Bird Carcass Count proves AGL’s Macarthur Wind Farm is an Avian Slaughterhouse

While that bunch went gold on the STT charts, there were plenty of others that drew bucket loads of well-informed comments; and which clearly helped get the message about the great wind power fraud into the public and political domain. Let’s call them the editor’s Top Ten:

Bye-Bye Barnyard: Mike Barnard’s Boss – IBM – Shuts Down the Wind Industry’s Most Rabid & Nasty Propaganda Parrot

Lessons from Germany’s Wind Power Disaster

Wind Power Myths BUSTED

Senator John Madigan Skewers Simon Chapman

South Australian Wind Power “FAILS”

Why South Australians Pay the World’s Highest Power Prices

ETSA: Sir Tom Playford’s Ghost

Wind Power Investors: Get Out While You Can

Senator David Leyonhjelm: “Wake Up Clive!” – It’s Time to Kill the RET & Save the Poor

Australian Wind Industry in a Tailspin as Senate Sets Up Inquiry Into the Great Wind Power Fraud & Cross-Benchers Lay Out Plans for the LRET

STT went about this work for our Country – not for any reward – save knowing that we will help spare thousands from the misery of living with incessant, turbine generated low-frequency noise and vibration – as well as helping to obtain an energy policy that works FOR Australia – not AGAINST us – as the current policy clearly is.

Thanks for your support – together – we will win this.

STT hopes you all have a great Christmas and that you’re ready to take it up to them in 2015. We are!


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. william gray says:

    Ditto all the preceding but a special ‘bless you’ to STT for the sheer doggedness in maintaining the rage. Would it be possible to ensure the world is aware that the ‘clean energy council’ is actually the Aust Wind Energy Association rebadged to give it the semblance of an august instrumentality or authority and that its ‘chair’ is actually an Infigen director? I’m sure many others are also tired of lazy journalists using it as a reference or repository of info when it’s really a front for wind interests.

  2. Thank you STT for your commitment to the truth, and exposing the corporate and government lie about wind energy. Best wishes for 2015

  3. Martin Hayles, Curramulka says:

    Thanks STT for using your editorial brilliance to make all but one of my comments printable.
    Let us all continue the good fight in 2015 and hope that we won’t have to continue in 2016

  4. Belated Merry Christmas, STT !! May you have the Happiest New Year! Your dedication to the masses of injustice thrust upon all the rural residents of this lovely planet has not gone unnoticed and very well has been a relief to know that all of us are not alone in this battle. Your persistence has given many of us that little needed push to go forward and continue the fight. Thank you !!

  5. A bit late for Christmas wishes but we do wish you all at STT a fantastic new year. Thank you for all your work STT.

    STT is strong as it can be relied on to share the truth. The wind weasel grubs only peddle lies, that is the reason why they are dying of foul oxygen.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU STT! Merry Christmas & a huge thank you, and a Happy New Year 2015.

  7. Thank you STT for your dogged determination which helps support us when we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the wind weasels’ spin. Keep the truth coming. The lies are getting harder for the industry to hide behind. Roll on 2015…

  8. Adam Shepherd says:

    Thanks to STT for all of their hard work. Without determined, knowledgeable folks such as these people, we would be wallowing in wind farm hell here. Thank you so much from our family! 🙂

  9. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    As we nibbled at our Christmas Dinner’s we were aware that STT has made it a little better Christmas for many. STT has provided a place for us to voice our concerns, it has provided a place where truth can be read, where deceit is exposed and a place where we can offer support to those we do and don’t know but feel for.
    STT offers support to those working so hard to ensure this industry receives it’s ‘just desserts’, and we cheer when we see the industry and it’s supporters squirm as their supplies of sustenance begin to disappear.
    Thank you STT and we hope that before too long you can take a back seat and watch the results of your efforts take effect.

  10. Marshall Rosenthal says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU STT! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! You are a true breath of fresh air for a world that has been stifling in lies and fraud.
    I apologize for the diplomatic snub done to your Prime Minister by my President, who daily violates the mandate of “leader of the free world” by being the chief cheerleader of the renewable energy fraud.
    What ever happened to holding these criminals accountable for their crimes against humanity in an international court of justice?
    I think it is time that they were forced to make their victims whole and that EVERY POLITY IN THE WORLD BE MADE TO PAY FOR THE RELIEF OF ALL THOSE THAT THEY HAVE HARMED!

  11. An awesome job STT!! Merry Christmas & a huge thank you for the truth & integrity that is found on these pages. Such an encouragement to us all who are fighting the wind weasels. May 2015 bring us the breakthrough that we are all looking for. It can’t come soon enough!

  12. Great Christmas Cracker, STT.
    We wish you and all your followers around the world a very happy festive season and we thank you for being such a source of support and inspiration to all those of us who are weasel-fighting. As we’ve said before, we take our (Santa) hat off to you for content and style, post after post.

  13. Merry Christmas STT and a happy, prosperous and wind turbine free New Year to all of you there.

    Thank you for the constant flow of information and videos that the rest of us can draw on for our own pages.

    Things have changed dramatically from when we first started this fight, the wind industry is all but stuffed and the cocky pro wind bloggers have their backs to the wall, hoping their lies will save them, well they won’t.

    Keep up the good work and we all look forward to following you again after your well earned break.


  14. Terry Conn says:

    Thanks to STT for providing another year of ‘reality’ about wind farms. The wind industry is finding it harder and harder to even come up with new lies. The battle to destroy the wind industry will never die. It will succeed because the industry is built on fabrication supported by lies and fantasy. 2015 should see the industry buried but those now championing the truth need continued support.

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