Wind Industry Myths Busted: Twenty-Five Reasons Why Intermittent Wind Power Fails

Wind power is a monumental failure: not just costly and chaotic, the claim that it amounts to a meaningful power source is pure nonsense. Notorious examples like South Australia, prove the point: this is the state that set and met its own 50% renewable energy target, became renowned as the wind power capital of Australia, […]

Wind Power Threatens US Grid: Trump to Unwind Suicidal Renewables Policies

America is in the process of unwinding an economic suicide pact drawn up by Barack Obama, which wedded the Land of the Free to sunshine and breezes, at the expense of reliable and affordable power. Rick Perry Says Obama Policies ‘Threatened The Reliability’ Of The Electric Grid Daily Caller Michael Bastasch 27 June 2017 Energy […]

Wind Power Alert: Americans Out to Avoid Europe’s Power Price Disaster

America has some perfect examples of what not to do, if it wants to remain an industrial and manufacturing power-house, with a standard of living that much of the World can only envy. South Australia has set the pace with spot prices that rocket in minutes from $70 per MWh to $2,000 to $4,000 and […]

Jay Lehr stings like a bee

A while back we looked at how the Yanks are slowly catching up with the scale of the Great Wind Power Fraud – well here’s Jay Lehr’s crack at it. This bloke has a CV that reads like War and Peace.  But no waffler this American – he gets right to it and lands a […]

Yankees wake up to the insane costs of the wind power fraud

Late to 2 World Wars (but very much welcomed on its arrival) the United States sometimes takes a little longer to catch on to matters of Global significance. But – like a sleeping elephant – you had best not wake this mighty beast because what happens next could be ugly for the antagonist. The Americans […]