Brit Councillor – Barry Goldbart – Quits Tory Party to Fight the Great Wind Power Fraud

**** Councillor Barry Goldbart announces resignation in protest over Navitus Bay wind farm Daily Echo Melanie Vass 13 March 2015 A BOURNEMOUTH Conservative councillor has announced his resignation over the planned Navitus Bay wind farm. Cllr Barry Goldbart, a former cabinet member and ex-Mayor of Bournemouth, has sent an open letter to Prime Minister David […]

UK’s “Green” Wind Power Policy Turns to “Gangrene”

**** Britain’s energy policy is clearly “other worldly” (see our post here) and/or the product of a “finer” kind of thinking (see our post here). When it comes to giant fans, the Brits’ political betters are yet to work out that they’ve been stung by the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time. One […]

Dave Cameron sends wind power offshore and consigns Brits to economic dustbin

**** David Cameron’s so-called “Conservatives” have seemingly ditched plans to roll out thousands of giant fans across the hills and dales of Old Blighty. Faced with a brewing voter backlash from their own rural constituents about the negative impacts Britain’s great wind rush has had upon the landscape, property values and the ability of neighbours […]

David Cameron says: “cut the green crap”

STT readers might think we’ve just struck a rich and organic theme. In our last post we looked at the way Canadian farmers liken wind industry spin to the stuff they shovel out of their dairies.  Well it seems that British PM, David Cameron isn’t afraid to “muck” in too. Here’s The Daily Mail’s take […]

Brits in wind powered economic death spiral

Green energy: How their green rush is costing us all The Telegraph Iain Martin 13 October 2013 Consumers are paying the price of a fallout over green energy between ministers A lot of people, said David Cameron, had warned him he was “mad” to treat the environment as the number one concern. In response, he […]

Cameron signals end for the Great British Wind Scam

There’s as an old Chinese proverb that says “even a rabbit will bite when it is cornered.” But when the targets under attack are wind weasels and the parasites that depend upon them, you can expect not just the odd rabbit-nip, but every dirty trick in the book.  Remember you’re standing between these people and […]

David Cameron states the bleeding obvious

Over the last few weeks STT has thrown a spotlight on the UK – where the people are in uproar about the wind weasels’ lust to profit from a ludicrous stream of taxpayer subsidies. The Brits are clearly fed up with wind power – driving them from their homes, ruining their bucolic landscape and sending […]