Rikki Nicholson: A real person, not just a receptor locator

STT Champion, Rikki Nicholson, shared this letter in response to the recent AMA position statement. Rickki lives in the horrors of the Cape Bridgewater wind farm in Victoria. Open letter Rikki Nicholson 16 March 2014 I am responding to the ill informed rubbish concerning health effects from wind turbines. Sarah Laurie is one of the […]

Gary Weaven’s Pacific Hydro: the Neighbour from Hell

**** Pacific Hydro – run by Union Heavy, Garry Weaven and funded by Union Super money handled by Members Equity Bank, controlled by his best mate Greg Combet – operates a non-compliant wind farm at Cape Bridgewater in Victoria – and has done since 2008. The Victorian government is well aware that Pac Hydro does […]

Mr Bond takes on “Futureye”

STT is not only a keen consumer and user of language – we have been on the lookout for abuses such as Climate Spectator’s claim that the wind is no longer “intermittent”. STT also loves to get behind the tactics used by wind weasels and the parasites that support them. In our post “RATCH – […]

Victims: Brian and Joanne Kermond

STT would like you to meet Brian and Joanne Kermond who live near Pacific Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater turbines in Victoria. Although Brian was involved in the construction of the turbines, he became very ill when the rotors began turning with a sea-sickness-like dizziness. Joanne describes their symptoms – headache, nausea, sleeplessness, irritability, lack of concentration, […]

Victims: Melissa Ware and Rikki Nicholson

STT would like to introduce you to Melissa Ware and Rikki Nicholson who live near Pacific Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm, or Industrial Wind Factory as Rikki prefers to call it. It was only when they went and returned holidays that they realised that their annoying symptoms were related to being at their home. They […]

Response #3 to Chapman’s “study”

Melissa Ware Cape Bridgewater Victoria Had the chance last night and this morning to have a quick look at the 15th March 2013 report titled; ‘Spatio temporal differences in the history of health and noise complaints about Australian wind farms’ etc.  Just can’t stop the tears and I rarely cry.  To appreciate this beautiful place, […]

To Lane Crockett, do you know what you’re doing to people?

Lane Crockett is the general manager, Australia, at Pacific Hydro. He is also a director at the Clean Energy Council. According to its website, Pacific Hydro operates six wind farms with another six under development. Below is a statement to him from Melissa Ware, a resident at Cape Bridgewater in Victoria. The wind farm consists […]