To Lane Crockett, do you know what you’re doing to people?

lanecrockettheadshotLane Crockett is the general manager, Australia, at Pacific Hydro. He is also a director at the Clean Energy Council.

According to its website, Pacific Hydro operates six wind farms with another six under development.

Below is a statement to him from Melissa Ware, a resident at Cape Bridgewater in Victoria.

The wind farm consists of 29 turbines. It was completed in 2008.

Following this is a report of an address Crockett gave at a recent community session for the planned Keyneton wind farm in South Australia.

28th Feb 2013

Bear with me for a moment, I’m just feeling like a knockdown doll.

The Excessive Noise Bill 2012 has been negated by Parliament, feeling so disappointed.

I emailed all the Senators, some of the MP’s, sent letters …  automated answers, little response or being directed elsewhere.  A few ‘pollies’ give me hope.

Do I exist … am I important?   My rational brain keeps my chin up “with of course you do” “of course you are”.  Just do the next thing.

But today I’m taking a day off.  Another.  Today I can’t meet the demands to write a letter, make a phone call, the demands of being angry or sad or fed up.

Today I’m in tears and just don’t want wind farms.  Today I want to stomp my feet. Today I don’t want to live here. Today I push on.

I want Mr. L. Crockett, Pacific Hydro, Melbourne, to show empathy for us that do live, or can’t live beside the Cape Bridgewater wind farm.

cape bridgeFirst I want him to show empathy for himself.  To assist him with feeling, to be caring and honest and behave dutifully and truthfully to people he relates with. Don’t palm me off to an underling and don’t palm my family off.  Please try not palming my ex-neighbours off as well.

Here and now I’m telling you all, that the noise and the vibration from the Pacific Hydro wind farm at Cape Bridgewater have existed since they started operating in 2008.

It’s a tiny community but I know for certain that three other households, visitors and ourselves have been negatively impacted upon living next to or visiting this wind farm on the Cape.

This is our home, our chosen space, our axis and point of reference to our space in the world and the words, living nightmare, are not descriptive enough of this inhospitable space we unwillingly are in thanks to Pacific Hydro.

I’ll share some comments we’ve personally had from Pacific Hydro staff…

“Give the turbines time to settle in … ”

“Must be coming from a cavern I’ve heard of that runs under the Cape. ”

“It’s wind bouncing off Stony Hill … ”

“It’s coming from a windmill (water) from another property… (go look for it).”

“There’s no way oil (spatter from turbine on west wall of house) could reach this far … ”

“There’s no way you could hear noise from the turbines at this distance (900m) … ”

“It’s wind in the trees … ”

“The wind farm operates to it’s planning permit … doesn’t exceed noise levels … ”

“You have to write on our official complaints form … ”

“You have a child, do you?”

“… Our workers have investigated and they don’t hear anything … complaint dismissed … ”

There is no noise, there is no noise, there is no noise … I try the nocebo or placebo but it’s a pill I can’t swallow.

With illogical reasoning, I tried for a long time to believe the lies.  Haven’t been able to ignore the noise or vibration for the same long time, and silly me, a long time ago I thought that turbines were great … let’s save the world.

A quiet day, with little vibration through the floor, only the occasional soft and irritating whoomp sound and with my handheld, store-bought sound level meter, the reading jumps up to 68.3 dBC.

Yep!  I have access to a multi-meter.  But it’s more complicated to measure electricity that should not be present inside my house; especially when I’ve turned off the mains power.

It’s a small very rural farm now located next to an intrusive electricity generating plant.  No-one would choose to live here now.  I get readings from the multimeter and the electricity, it surrounds us.

I feel electro-magnetism building up, outside, inside and it makes me feel sick.  Infrasound makes me sick.

CBWFSo many people are angered by what is being forced onto their community.  So many are focused and dedicated to righting this wrong.  To all those ‘who get it’, I am so very grateful.

To my beloved family, sorry for this bloody mess we live with.  To those who hear and feel and those in pain, all around the world, you, we are not alone, we don’t imagine it, it is worse than anything we’ve felt or heard before, we’re not NIMBY’s and we’re not staying silent.

Again I’ll ask Lane Crockett – just how do I get my child back to sleep in the middle of the night?

Because the turbines relentlessly and never-endingly make horrendous noises or literally shake this solid stone house to its pioneer foundations, waking us up and leaving us black-eyed and hollow and sick and in pain for months on end.

We neighbours of wind farms will never have time with our children over again and when these children growing and developing and coping with wind farm harm grow up … just what do we say to them?

Imagine them as young adults … just what will be, their reaction to or about you, Pacific Hydro?

It’s time to stop illogical reasoning, stop denying wind farm harm.

To all involved in this industry, stop lining your own pockets and for the sake of our children use the billions of wind farm dollars to create a beneficial way that actually works for everyone.

Melissa Ware
Cape Bridgewater.

The South Australian Development Assessment Commission had a hearing in the country town of Cambrai last week.

Fourteen people who spoke presented arguments against Pacific Hydro’s Keyneton wind farm proposal. 

According to an STT person there, Pacific Hydro’s lies were exposed,  and some discussed the enormous stress they have been placed under.  

Each person had five minutes. Pacific Hydro was given 15 minutes at the end to rebut. They used barely 10.

This is a verbatim record of Lane Crockett’s response.

February 21, 2013

I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, and the current custodians of this land, which are this community, who are presented here today

crockettIt is very difficult as a manager of a company to hear the stress and anxiety … err … that has been communicated here today.

Err … and … err… I would like to apologise that the wind farm proposal has caused that to the community.

Umm … it’s err … a very consistent theme that’s come across today … err … in that the love and care for the land here by the community, and the lifestyle of which they enjoy.

Err …  it is not our intention to do that … err … and we strongly believe … err … that it won’t.

And I guess that’s the area … er … that we are in disagreement.

Then I would like to say …  errr … in recent years … umm … it’s not really a surprise in some ways … err … if we went to a Wind Watch site for example, we are presented with many things that would cause them to be extremely worried over a wind farm proposal.

Err … and so … umm … it’s also very concerning to us that there are residents who have already decided, who are of the view, that a wind farm would ruin their lives, and that … err … that causes a fundamental difficulty for business … err … and one that if we are successful with the planning approval we are committed to attempting to address that gap in the maps.

And hopefully … umm … bring some of the community back from believing that the wind farm will ruin their life.

So … umm …. err… I would just like to add one final statement, and that is to thank the person for the Coral Gum.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. We’re right in the firing line of this abomination. Pacific Hydro still keeps trying to force this onto us, yet nearly everyone here does not want a gigantic, ugly turbine ‘farm’ on their doorstep. The DAC told us that we would be notified of their decision a month ago, yet we have still heard nothing. The corruption, lies and money-grabbing farmers all make me violently ill.

  2. Hello Lane
    I took these photographs of this Magnificent Wedge Tailed Eagle, on the top of Sedan Hill this afternoon.
    His days are numbered of course, if you continue with your plans.
    How DO you sleep at night I wonder……..
    Show some Leadership and ask the Government to put the wind turbines up North of the State in our vast and uninhabited lands, so as to leave us all alone. WE have had enough! And we are pretty sure YOU have too.
    Pacific Hydro would get the respect of all involved, if they were the first to take this considered stand, which is to keep these turbines OUT of communities.
    Leadership has it’s rewards…………Lane…..
    The tree is the symbol of Growth and Change, which we are endeavouring to establish, regarding a new and inspired wind farming attitude, and it’s relationship with the people which it is repeatedly affecting.
    Look after the……… “Tree” ( of Life )
    Go to facebook for pictures

  3. sonia trist says:

    Life at 600m..CB

    The shape of me
    Is clear to see
    It isn’t as I used to be.
    The air fights air.
    around my head
    with pulsing aches
    I share my bed.
    Tomorrow I will rise and go
    Comes dawn
    No energy will flow.
    I really must
    take wing
    to fight
    the fibrous glass
    that swipes
    the night……

  4. sonia trist says:

    Enough….. Enough of this cruel pantomime. Just clean up and clear out of Cape Bridgewater Mr Crockett, and take your concrete bases and cables with you.

  5. Dear Melissa, how courageous you are.
    It is an absolute disgrace that you and your precious family, your neighbours and the many people living near to WEFs are suffering. Not only are the wind developers responsible for this utterly shameful situation, but the State and Federal governments are equally responsible for allowing this blatant abuse to continue.
    They all have blood on their hands.

  6. Same thing in MI. Check out CMS Energy’s canned response documents at the bottom of the page:

  7. The windweasels do not care who they hurt…they just wish they could prevent us from telling other people about it, because it makes it more and more difficult to continue on with their scam. It is bad for business when the victims come forward in ever-increasing numbers…..don`t the victims understand that the government and the windweasels would be much happier if everyone could just suffer in silence!!!

  8. The same Lane Crockett who told a public meeting in Ballan that he wouldnt want to live near turbines!
    But its ok to make someone else live there so his pathetic company can rape the taxpayers of more money and rape the communities that they will be placed in of their sanity.

  9. Melissa I feel for you and your distress was obvious, your words echoed your heart and your care for your family as only a mother can do was moving. You and Crocket are at polar opposites, of course he is not going to be able to explain to you why you feel the way you do because he or his family has never had to be subjected to the effects of industrial wind turbines nor will they have to.
    I am convinced these snake oil salesman have come from the same school, same university and the came out with the same degree of bastardry. Some graduated with umm honours.

  10. Lane Crocket doesn’t care what he is doing to people, that is why he is a grub like his wind farm mates.

  11. Andreas Marciniak says:

    Lane Crockett’s, as always just more Lies, lies, lies.( And hopefully … umm … bring some of the community back from believing that the wind farm will ruin their life). Really ? why don’t you ask the people of Waterloo ? the over 70%,, that these Turbines have ruined there life,Have you spoken to any of the wind Turbine refugees world wide ? bet you haven’t .
    Melissa we know what you and your Families have to but up with.

  12. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Crocket should be forced to stay for a week at Melissa’s home and then stumble and waffle his way through an explanation of why he is feeling ill. I bet he would find it difficult to put together even a useless explanation as he did at Cambria.
    The only way they can prove there is no problem is for all the politicians with their snout in the trough to stand back and join forces with those true representatives of the people and call a moratorium UNTIL THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN INDEPENDENTLY EVALUATED AS TO THE HARM THEY ARE DOING TO PEOPLE, ALL CREATURES AND THE ENVIRONMENT- of course we know they will then never again be able to espouse such rubbish as Melissa has been given or that Crocket has uttered.
    For an industrial machine to be allowed to be used where people live BEFORE it has been safety tested for its purpose is criminal – let alone multiples of them being allowed to operate.

  13. Shelley McDonald says:

    Who ever came up with the terminology wind farm has had a very clever play with words.. People in the city think these enormous structures pop out of the ground like mushrooms, create no noise and deliver cheap electricity. These are industrial electricity plants covering thousands of hectares and are creating enormous anxiety in country communities. The city has industrial and residential areas why can’t we have the same? I feel for you Melissa.

  14. What?


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