Battle for Barossa Won: Keyneton Locals Kill-Off Monster Wind Farm & Save Premier Wine Growing District

There’s nothing like winning and there’s nothing like winning against the subsidy-soaked wind industry. Across the globe, thousands of communities are united in their opposition to the threat of giant industrial wind turbines being speared into their backyards. The backlash against the wind industry in German rural communities has brought construction of new wind farms […]

Scrapping the RET is just good Horse Sense

**** A while back we covered the disgraceful decision by SA’s Labor Planning Minister, Johnny “Rotten” Rau to allow Union Heavy, Gary Weaven’s, Pac Hydro to spear 42 giant fans into the heart of the peaceful little community at Keyneton – which sits just over the hill to the east of the iconic Barossa Valley. […]

Johnny “Rotten” Rau cops a Keyneton “Rocket”

  As accomplices to the great Australian wind power fraud, State Planning Ministers have got a lot to answer for. Whether it’s Brad Hazzard pulling punches behind the scenes in New South Wales; Matthew Guy allowing non-compliant windfarms – such as Waubra (Acciona), Cape Bridgewater (Pac Hydro) and Macarthur (AGL) – to continue to operate […]

To Lane Crockett, do you know what you’re doing to people?

Lane Crockett is the general manager, Australia, at Pacific Hydro. He is also a director at the Clean Energy Council. According to its website, Pacific Hydro operates six wind farms with another six under development. Below is a statement to him from Melissa Ware, a resident at Cape Bridgewater in Victoria. The wind farm consists […]