Stamp out STT – it’s spreading like …

You know you’re winning when the other guys start recycling lines they used years ago.

BarberVictorian Greens leader Greg Barber (left) has just issued a press release saying there is no such thing as wind turbine syndrome.

Barber says it’s actually “Simon Ramsay syndrome” that is causing all the stress and anxiety.

Ramsay (right) is the state Liberal member for Western Victoria and has been a strong anti-wind campaigner for some years now.ramsay

All we can say to Barber is how clever.

Two years ago, or it may have been three, another lot of Green people first used the term “Sarah Laurie Syndrome.”

webHepburn_SimonHolm_39802bHere’s what Hepburn Wind’s Simon Holmes a Court told the first Senate inquiry.

“Sarah scared the wits out of this community. Although she very carefully never made the direct link, by the end of her talk members of the audience believed that wind farms would give them heart attacks or even cancer. Since Sarah’s name is preceded by those two letters that spell ‘doctor’, the good people of Sunbury hung off her every word. As she recounted the symptoms of so-called wind turbine syndrome—headache, dizziness, nausea, rapid heart rate and irritability—I realised that I too had developed this new syndrome right there in that room that night. I too had ‘Sarah Laurie syndrome’.”

Extraordinary comments in light of what doctors have known for years about sleep deprivation, let alone WTS.

Holmes a Court and others have continued to use that term as a label of denigration.

Their attacks, of course, continue to be a sure sign Laurie and others are on the right track and having an impact.

So well done Mr Ramsay. Having WTS named after you is a badge of honour.

Clearly, you’re making a difference in helping spread the truth about wind farms.

But we’re disappointed about Barber.

We’ve been going since last December. Why didn’t he refer to it as STT syndrome? Or just STT.

It sounds like STD, after all.

And if you have a look at our hits counter, we are spreading almost as quickly as a raging dose of something nasty at a rave party.

We’re ready to be vilified, denigrated, smeared and named in parliament as a bad influence.

We’ve already produced the tee shirt.

STT tee

It comes in one size only – TINY. Because as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, great men (and great women) are always willing to be little.

Seriously, thanks to you all for your continued support, comments and interest. Keep fighting the good fight. And if the enemy suddenly blames you for people getting sick, you know you’re making progress.

4 thoughts on “Stamp out STT – it’s spreading like …

  1. I’m asking over and over ? where are the real Greens,? you know ? the once that used to chain them self’s to the Trees ?.
    Here we have distraction of Forrest and Wild life & Communities, Don’t forget the ill effect Turbines have on People and Animals and it’s all around the world, Greens ha ha,, more like a Watermelon ? Green on the out side and Red in the middle.
    Will the real Green please rise, you have gone over to the wrong side on this one.

  2. Actually I think we are all already sick – whether we live near turbines or not – we are sick of the lies and denigration spread by those supporters of this insidious industry.

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