New Wave of Turbine Terror: Brits Brace as Giant Fans Keep Collapsing

A while back we covered what the wind industry and its parasites call “component liberation” in our post – Life in the “throw zone” which included video of a Vestas’ turbine “liberating” its components. That led to a retort from an employee from AGL’s Macarthur wind farm disaster – calling himself “Prowind” – about the […]

IWTs or WMDs?

You’ll remember “Prowind” breaking the silence over, what was, the best kept secret in Defence circles: that giant wind turbines are being deployed as weapons of mass destruction. Commenting on our piece Life in the “throw zone”, Prowind told us that the dozens of recorded “blade throw” events were “not accident”; and that turbine owners […]

Logic: not found on other planets?

STT from time to time receives the “odd” comment (and we mean “really odd”) from people that seem to misunderstand STT’s objectives.  The name and make up of the site might have given it away to most.  “Stop” as in “put an end to” and “these things” which appears over the silhouette of a giant […]