Bad News for UK wind weasels just keeps on truckin’

Like a runaway B-Double on the Hume Highway at night-time, the bad news for the wind weasels just doesn’t know how to stop. We’ve been focussing on the People of Britain in our last few posts. And with the wind scammers on the ropes there, we thought we’d give you just one more. Wind farms […]

“For a few dollars more”: US “Bounty Hunters” round up wind farm fraudsters

News just telegraphed in from the Wild West: The “Man with No Name” has been chasing a “few dollars more” way out West, in Indian Territory, Cheyenne, Wyoming – this time, it ain’t Mexican outlaws, it’s the “suits” with MacBook Airs he’s rounded up and tossed on the wagon. Last defendant pleads guilty in wind […]

The near total uselessness of so-called wind farms

Herald Sun, Melbourne, February 28, 2013 Terry McCrann THE near total uselessness of so-called wind farms was nicely if unintentionally exposed by the detail in the AGL interim profit numbers yesterday. AGL has almost doubled its wind farm so-called capacity with the 420 MW Macarthur wind farm. That one wind farm now comprises an impressive […]

Ignorance in defiance of truth

‘They plunder our environment while enriching foreigners all under the guise of some mythical societal benefit. ‘They take our health, our land, our peace of mind and our taxes. We surrender our precious mountains to this most gross industry. ‘And in return they give us social chaos, environmental destruction, lies, deceit, scorn, and ill-health.’  Some […]