The near total uselessness of so-called wind farms

442617-terry-mccrannHerald Sun, Melbourne, February 28, 2013

Terry McCrann

THE near total uselessness of so-called wind farms was nicely if unintentionally exposed by the detail in the AGL interim profit numbers yesterday.

AGL has almost doubled its wind farm so-called capacity with the 420 MW Macarthur wind farm.

That one wind farm now comprises an impressive 7 per cent of AGL’s total generation capacity of 5824 MW. All of its wind farms add to a seemingly even more impressive 16 per cent of its generation capacity.

Pity though, that they don’t produce much actual electricity.

Although AGL trumpeted loudly that its Hallett wind farms had operated “near” 40 per cent capacity, all the farms contributed just 972 GWh in the half, or less than 10 per cent of total generation of 10,196 GWh in the half.

The new Macarthur farm, albeit only operating for three months, contributed a miserable 128 GWh.

The contrast with the main power source, Loy Yang A, was stark and sobering. With its capacity of 2210 MW, Loy Yang generated 7299 GWh in the half.

That is to say, with a little over double the capacity, Loy Yang A generated more than seven times actual electricity than the wind farms. As it kept chugging along even when the wind didn’t blow.

Two further points. Even that miserable contribution flatters wind, because all other forms of generation have to take second place to it. When the wind does blow, every miserable GWh is taken in tribute to the great secular god of so-called renewable energy targets.

Secondly, somewhere, another form of real power generation has to be kept ticking over, not to supply power, but just to kick in when . . . well, when the wind don’t blow.

For when an impressive 924 MW of so-called wind capacity couldn’t power the lights in even a single house.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Harry Makris says:


    ………is the opportunity to set New Standards for “Wind Farms” which are based on clear and forward thinking,… and….. …………..not by obvious convenience motivated by populous and unfounded evidence.

    Age of Reason……

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    The balloon full of wind is getting bigger day by day. One day it will get too big and burst.

  3. I tend to believe that their snouts are in the trough. Nobody could be that stupid…and survive. Money has closed their eyes and ears to the truth!

  4. If we didn’t have subsidies, we might be able to see the playing field.

  5. Terry Conn says:

    Mr. McCrann sums it up nicely. A great many people have made the point he has re-iterated over and over again. So why is this wind farm scam continuing? It can only be because of one of two things, either our decision makers are still totally ignorant of the truth or they (or their connections) have got their snouts in the trough. Of course AGL has the game sown up — RECs for their wind farms, exponential prices at ‘peak’ power rates for when the wind don’t blow for their back up gas fired plants and carbon tax compensation for their coal fired power stations.

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