Brits Crush Plans for Huge Offshore Wind Power Disaster

Navitus Bay wind farm refused permission by government BBC News 11 September 2015 A proposed wind farm off the south coast of England has been refused consent by the government. Developers behind the Navitus Bay project – for up to 121 turbines off Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight – say it would have […]

Dave Cameron sends wind power offshore and consigns Brits to economic dustbin

**** David Cameron’s so-called “Conservatives” have seemingly ditched plans to roll out thousands of giant fans across the hills and dales of Old Blighty. Faced with a brewing voter backlash from their own rural constituents about the negative impacts Britain’s great wind rush has had upon the landscape, property values and the ability of neighbours […]

Bad News for UK wind weasels just keeps on truckin’

Like a runaway B-Double on the Hume Highway at night-time, the bad news for the wind weasels just doesn’t know how to stop. We’ve been focussing on the People of Britain in our last few posts. And with the wind scammers on the ropes there, we thought we’d give you just one more. Wind farms […]