Giant Ponzi Scam Busted: Renewable Energy Fraudster Trades ‘Green’ for Orange Prison Garb

Heavily subsidised wind and solar and a bevy of associated rorts and scams attract plenty of spivs, chancers and outright crooks. South Australia became renowned as Australia’s wind power capital thanks to a bunch of shysters and ex-convicts from the USA who started the whole scam rolling: How a Band of Criminals, Shysters & Chancers […]

Polish Power Consumers & Property Owners Demand & Get New Criminal Rules to Jail Wind Farm Developers

**** Wind Farms Now Come With the Threat of Jail Bloomberg Business Jessica Shankleman 3 March 2016 Poland’s proposed rules may cost industry $38 million a year Legislation would apply to existing renewable plants One of Europe’s most promising markets for renewable energy is being threatened by legislation that would impose new fees and potential […]

German Government Hunts Down Wind Industry Criminals & Corruption

**** What amuses STT is not that the wind attracts career criminals, but that they have the sanctimonious audacity to preach to the rest of us about their nobler-than-noble ‘trade’, while lying, cheating and bullying their way to profit from massive and (seemingly) endless subsidies chiselled out of us. One of the funnier cases, was […]

Mexican Wind Farm Madness: Wind Industry Crime & Corruption Crush an Ancient Culture

*** Renata Bessi is a freelance journalist and contributor the Americas Program and Desinformémonos. She has published articles in Brazilian media: The Trecheiro newspaper magazine, Página 22, Repórter Brasil, Rede Brasil Atual, Brasil de Fato, Outras Palavras. Santiago Navarro is an economist, a freelance journalist, photographer and contributor to the Americas Program, Desinformémonos and  SubVersiones. Together they […]

Wind Industry Peopled by Career Criminals: Convicted Felon Launches Ludicrous Defamation Claim Against Opponents

The wind industry seems to attract a particular class of bloke, in much the same way that the Prohibition era drew lots of heavy-set Italians to the Mob. Maybe that seemingly endless stream of massive subsidies filched from taxpayers and power consumers generates the same allure as festering dung does for swarms of flies? Whatever […]

“For a few dollars more”: US “Bounty Hunters” round up wind farm fraudsters

News just telegraphed in from the Wild West: The “Man with No Name” has been chasing a “few dollars more” way out West, in Indian Territory, Cheyenne, Wyoming – this time, it ain’t Mexican outlaws, it’s the “suits” with MacBook Airs he’s rounded up and tossed on the wagon. Last defendant pleads guilty in wind […]