Bad News for UK wind weasels just keeps on truckin’

Like a runaway B-Double on the Hume Highway at night-time, the bad news for the wind weasels just doesn’t know how to stop.


Bad news for wind scammers just keeps on truckin’.

We’ve been focussing on the People of Britain in our last few posts. And with the wind scammers on the ropes there, we thought we’d give you just one more.

Wind farms are a ‘complete scam’, claims the Environment Secretary who says turbines are causing ‘huge unhappiness’
Daily Mail
Matt Chorley
7 June 2013

Owen Paterson says communities will get new powers to block turbines which are ‘regarded as a complete scam’
Warns of ‘huge unhappiness’ across the country caused by wind farms
People who live near developments to get 20% discount on energy bills

Wind farms have been branded a ‘complete scam’ by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, reigniting coalition battle over green power.

As the government unveiled new powers for local residents to block turbines blighting their villages, Mr Paterson condemned many planned schemes as ‘deeply unpopular’ and causing ‘huge unhappiness’ across the country.

The outspoken remarks from a senior Tory minister in charge of environmental policy risks a furious reaction from Liberal Democrats pushing for more renewable power projects.

The Conservatives have taken a tougher line on wind farms in recent months, and this week unveiled plans to give communities a powerful ‘veto’ over controversial new onshore developments.

Schemes will have to gain local residents’ consent before a planning application can even be made, effectively handing them the power to prevent turbines being erected.

Planning rules are also to be changed so that the drive for renewable energy can no longer be used as a reason for overriding environmental and other concerns.

Mr Paterson signalled that plans for wind farms will have to take into account the impact on the countryside and views as well as the desire to save the planet.

In an extraordinary intervention at the Royal Cornwall Show yesterday, the Tory Cabinet minister said: ‘Turbines are regarded as a complete scam, but as of today we have given power to local communities to decide.

‘The criteria is now that environment and landscape will have to be taken into consideration as well as the national energy requirement.’

daily mail

Bribes: Communities are to be offered up to 20 per cent off their bills if they allow a wind farm near their homes, but they will also have power to block new developments

Under the new rules councils must look at the cumulative impact of wind turbines and reflect the effect on landscape and local facilities.

There is also a major increase promised in the amount developers pay local communities to win them over, including long-term electricity bill discounts of up to 20 per cent.

However, Mr Paterson suggested anger with many schemes would not be overcome by additional bribes.

He added: ‘I know there is huge unhappiness with some of these projects, both from what I hear nationally and from my own constituency in Shropshire.

‘There are places where these projects are well prepared, the community wants it and it will be worthwhile. But in inland areas they are very often deeply unpopular,’ the Western Morning News reported.

Leila Deen, Greenpeace energy campaigner, said: ‘Wind farms may seem like a scam to a Government minister who questions the science of climate change and who’s pushing for his Shropshire constituency to be fracked for shale gas.

‘The public disagrees – two thirds of people would rather have a wind turbine near their home than a fracking site.

‘Onshore wind powered almost 2.5 million homes in 2011, is falling in cost and will play a key role in our future energy mix.’

Mr Paterson’s appointment to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs last September was controversial, with allies forced to deny he was a climate change denier.

In 2007, he described wind farms as ridiculous, claiming they ‘demand vast amounts of public subsidy and do not work’.
Daily Mail

As the Brits seem to be ready to riot over turbine madness there, might be called on by their wind scammer clients to return their exorbitant fees. It seems their efforts to “shape the wind farm debate” have ended up with the “debate shaped” something like this:


Not to worry – wind industry carpetbaggers will usually fall on their feet – in the same way cockroaches can survive a thermo-nuclear war.


Ok, so the Brits are ready to stomp on us, where to next?

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. S.W.A.T says:

    However in Scotland we are still stuffed as planning is devolved to the Scottish parliament and Alex Salmond is hell bent on destroying communities, land and seascapes, tourism etc etc with industrial wind turbines.

  2. We have a LibCon Coalition here in the UK, but many traditional Conservatives do not regard Cameron PM as a Conservative. So the Government here is fractious! Traditional Conservative Ministers loathe their Liberal partners – who are responsible for Energy Policy and believe in the whole Green Scam thing. Paterson (Environment) and Pickles (Local Govt) do not believe in turbines. So here at the Royal Cornwall Show, Paterson spoke out – we are besieged in Cornwall by turbine/solar scammers and troughers.

    Cornwall Council – who control Planning locally – think too that turbines/solar and the Green Dream (our nightmare) are a good thing.

    Turbines in Cornwall are wrecking our main industry – tourism. They are blighting lives and impacting on the health of those nearby. They are also putting off people relocating to Cornwall. Who after all wants a nice view wrecked by turbines. Houses near turbines take a 20%+ hit on price and many become unsellable.

    But enough of our MPs act for the pro-turbine lobby. Another scandal this week! The turbine companies and landowners where turbines are situated make a fortune from we taxpayers via green subsidies.
    The whole thing is worse than Ponzi, Enron and you name it…

    UK public life is now like Africa – where too many elected reps put self before duty and personal enrichment before protecting the environment.

    But we plough on !!!


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  2. […] the last few weeks STT has thrown a spotlight on the UK – where the people are in uproar about the wind weasels’ lust to profit from a ludicrous stream of taxpayer […]

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