Europe’s Fossil-Fuelled Future: Winter Wind & Solar Collapse Means Coal & Gas Here to Stay

  The zealots that pump up the future for wind and solar power are programed to ignore the present and bound to ignore the past. For a few centuries in human history, windmills were the only game in town. Then, in the 18th Century, the captains of British scientific and engineering endeavour harnessed thermal power, the Industrial […]

UK’s Wind Power Debacle Deepens: Widespread Winter Blackouts Forecast

**** The lunatics that push wind power are being forced to face up to the fact that it is – and will always be – meaningless as a power generation source. Which to the sane and rational is no surprise: a ‘system’ that relies on the vagaries of the weather isn’t a ‘system’ – it’s […]

UK’s “Green” Wind Power Policy Turns to “Gangrene”

**** Britain’s energy policy is clearly “other worldly” (see our post here) and/or the product of a “finer” kind of thinking (see our post here). When it comes to giant fans, the Brits’ political betters are yet to work out that they’ve been stung by the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time. One […]

Dave Cameron sends wind power offshore and consigns Brits to economic dustbin

**** David Cameron’s so-called “Conservatives” have seemingly ditched plans to roll out thousands of giant fans across the hills and dales of Old Blighty. Faced with a brewing voter backlash from their own rural constituents about the negative impacts Britain’s great wind rush has had upon the landscape, property values and the ability of neighbours […]

How to Steal Someone’s Home – with Government help

A few posts back we looked at how Scottish wind weasels are all set for another round of Highland Clearances – effectively stealing Scots’ homes before their very eyes.  Well, it seems weasels south of the Scottish border are all set to do the same. Here’s the Exeter Express and Echo providing a template on […]

Cameron signals end for the Great British Wind Scam

There’s as an old Chinese proverb that says “even a rabbit will bite when it is cornered.” But when the targets under attack are wind weasels and the parasites that depend upon them, you can expect not just the odd rabbit-nip, but every dirty trick in the book.  Remember you’re standing between these people and […]