Brits Crush Plans for Huge Offshore Wind Power Disaster

Navitus Bay wind farm refused permission by government BBC News 11 September 2015 A proposed wind farm off the south coast of England has been refused consent by the government. Developers behind the Navitus Bay project – for up to 121 turbines off Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight – say it would have […]

The Wind Power Fraud (in pictures): Part 1 – the South Australian Wind Farm Fiasco

**** In today’s post we lay out the wind power fraud in pictures, as it’s perpetrated in, what’s referred to as, ‘Australia’s wind power capital’, South Australia (we expand the net to capture the debacle on the entire Eastern Grid – see our post here). To call the ‘performance’ of SA’s 17 wind farms (spread […]

Wind Industry’s Bogus Claims about “Powering” Millions of Homes Scorched

**** The hackneyed myth that wind power “powers” millions of homes with wonderful “free” wind energy is taking a beating around the globe (see our post here). The idea that a wholly weather dependent power generation source can ever be – as is touted endlessly by the wind industry and its parasites – an “alternative” […]