Tony Abbott’s Business Advisor, Maurice Newman says: “RET is killing manufacturing”

Maurice Newman was the former head of Deutsche Bank, the ABC and ASX so you’d think he might know a thing or two about the big end of town. When it comes to giant fans Maurice doesn’t mince his words: calling wind power “a crime against the people” (see our post here). Maurice has also […]

Game On: the Race to Kill the RET

**** With the Head Boy, Tony Abbott recently signalling the demise of the RET (see our post here) Labor apparatchiks have gone into a flat panic. Labor is a party that’s controlled by Australia’s Unions – and fed and fattened on a steady diet of the money controlled by Union backed Superannuation funds. Over the […]

Judith Sloan joins the queue to scrap the RET

Senior and experienced economists are lining up to scrap the RET.  STT readers have heard the “word” from Burchell Wilson and Alan “The Terminator” Moran. The number crunchers are on the warpath, for good reason. The Renewable Energy Target is a ludicrously expensive and utterly ineffective means of reducing CO2 emissions, which is what is […]

RET – There’s no future, no future, no future for you

Back in 1977 – during her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee – Johnny Rotten and his fellow Pistols managed to spur just a little foaming outrage with their tune “God Save The Queen” by suggesting – in relation to her Royal Highness – that “there’s no future, no future, no future for you.” While these young punks […]

RET hits “critically endangered” list

**** When lefty business rag, the Australian Financial Review joins the growing chorus of those ready to scrap the RET and start again, wind weasels must know they’re in BIG trouble. STT placed Australia’s unsustainable Renewable Energy Target on the endangered list from the moment we started.  But with the Coalition’s RET review about to […]

The “Le Roy Tapes”: Part 5 – Jobs and Subsidies

The final part of the interview with Tim Le Roy. In this episode Tim describes how subsidies have warped the green energy ideal and caused significant job losses  by supporting the roll-out of a deeply-flawed product – industrial wind turbines (4.11).

Macfarlane: on the road to Damascus?

STT has always had its suspicions about Ian Macfarlane.  Is he a Green in Wolf’s clothing?  Is he “featherbedding” for a career after politics?  Why is it that he seems hesitant to really sink the boots into an industry so ridden with corruption and pure corporate evil that even pure stink smells good by comparison? […]

Ron “The Boss” Boswell lays it down and says “fair go”

STT says that if common sense was apple pie it’s clear that Senator Ron Boswell has had a double helping. Short in supply in this debate and, thanks to the infectious disease that is “greentard ideology”, rarely reported, here is the mighty Queenslander dishing out common sense with knobs on. Ron also lays it on […]

PRESS RELEASE – The Wind Power Fraud Rally: June 18, 2013, Parliament House, Canberra

PRESS RELEASE: 7 MAY 2013 Wind Power Fraud – Australia Can’t Afford it Power bills have sky-rocketed and are set to double again – and all because of wind power. Wind turbines are going up throughout rural Australia in an effort to satisfy the Federal Government’s 2020 Renewable Energy Target (RET). Every turbine is issued […]