Burchell Wilson: Sectors Should Join to Beat the RET

  Burchell Wilson holds the chief economist role at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He’s been on the front foot for some time now, seeking the abolition of the mandatory RET – which he sees as “corporate welfare on a massive scale”. Here’s Burchell unloading in today’s Australian. Sectors should join to beat […]

Wind Industry Built on the Graves of 6,000 Australian Manufacturing Workers

As the RET Review Panel sharpens their axes, Members of the Coalition are making it known that the mandatory Renewable Energy Target simply has to go. Here’s what appeared on the front page of The Australian today. ‘Jobs risk’ in clean energy targets The Australian Adam Creighton 16 June 2014 THOUSANDS of jobs across Australia […]

Alan Moran: Scrap the RET and let Australian business compete again

**** Stop renewable subsidies to allow lower electricity prices and competitive industry Catallaxy Files Alan Moran 24 April 2014 The RET Review brought the usual howls of anguish from the rent seekers concerned that regulatory measures will cease and that they will need to sell their wind and solar products on the open market. That […]

Burchell Wilson: The RET is corporate welfare on a massive scale

The Government’s review of the impact of the RET on power prices is expected to result in either a massive cut to the renewable energy target – or the scrapping of it outright – a move backed by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Chief Economist Burchell Wilson. Burchell Wilson has already given the […]

Judith Sloan joins the queue to scrap the RET

Senior and experienced economists are lining up to scrap the RET.  STT readers have heard the “word” from Burchell Wilson and Alan “The Terminator” Moran. The number crunchers are on the warpath, for good reason. The Renewable Energy Target is a ludicrously expensive and utterly ineffective means of reducing CO2 emissions, which is what is […]

RET – There’s no future, no future, no future for you

Back in 1977 – during her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee – Johnny Rotten and his fellow Pistols managed to spur just a little foaming outrage with their tune “God Save The Queen” by suggesting – in relation to her Royal Highness – that “there’s no future, no future, no future for you.” While these young punks […]