The Sting: How the Wind Industry Pulled Off the Greatest Con-Job in History

OK, so we tell ’em it’s free and saves the planet, got it.


The 1973 Paul Newman (Henry “Shaw” Gondorff) and Robert Redford (Johnny “Kelly” Hooker) classic, The Sting – set in the heart of the 1930s Depression – pitted the bright and brazen young con-men against one of Chicago’s toughest mobsters in an effort to relieve him of his ill-gotten gains.

The film reveals the protagonists’ tactics, highlighting the importance of “the mark” and “the play” on the ‘mark’; “pigeons” (particularly easy ‘marks’) get taken like snacks at a Sunday barbecue and the big-con, which involved deploying a scam known as “the wire”.

Double-crossing, greed, avarice, hubris and arrogance provide a heady mix in a high-stakes gamble (It’s a great film, by the way).

But, at the heart of it all, was the ‘bare-faced lie’.

Much like those calamitous warnings about imminent global incineration, used by renewables rent-seekers and their political enablers to set Australians up to pay the best part of $80 billion in subsidies, soft loans, ludicrously generous guaranteed feed in tariffs for roof-top solar, punitive fines etc, resulting in crippling and ever-increasing power bills and placing Australia’s grid on the brink of collapse.

Here’s Andrew Bolt unwrapping how 25 million ‘marks’ were taken in the greatest Sting in Australian history.

Rudd claimed warming policies would cost us just “$1 per year”
Herald Sun
Andrew Bolt
21 June 2017

Electricity prices will jump another 20 per cent, partly because global warming policies are closing cheap coal-fired power plants. With even supply now threatened, the Turnbull Government is considering building its own plant.

Yet a decade ago Kevin Rudd swore these global warming policies would cost us just “$1 per person per year”.

KEVIN RUDD, OPPOSITION LEADER: Oh, good grief Kerry. Our manageable renewable energy target policy, 20 per cent by 2020, we’ve been working on that for ages…

Our position on this is consistent and clear cut. One, unlike the Howard Government, we accept a robust target of 60 per cent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 against 2000 levels…

We have taken this position of a new ambitious but responsible nonetheless renewable energy target of 20 per cent by 2020 based on modelling which has been done by MMA, a modelling firm which is in conjunction with Monash University, looked at all the variables which go into the economic impact of such a renewable energy target…

That is that they calculate that between now and about 2045 that you’d be looking at a total impact on the economy of somewhere between $600 and $800 million or something in the vicinity of $45 per person over that period of time or something like $1 per person per year.

How many lies and falsehoods and exaggerations have been told to make you accept the pointless destruction of what was once a cheap and reliable electricity system?
Herald Sun

That’s right, your power bills will shrink to just this much.


Three ways we were conned into destroying our electricity system
Herald Sun
Andrew Bolt
21 June 2017

My editorial from The Bolt Report – three ways our politicians conned us into destroying our cheap and reliable electricity system, claiming it would save the planet.

Herald Sun


Then there’s the small issue of following wind industry backed modelling: as they say in the Diet business – results can vary….

Diets and Models
Catallaxy Files
I am Spartacus
20 June 2017

There is a new diet out there projected to lead to sustainable weight loss.

Your intrepid analyst here has developed a model that shows that eating half a litre of ice cream and half a pack of Tim-Tams every night will lead to solid and consistent weight loss.

Unlike other models quoted recently (inc Finkel, Gonski), the Spartacus model will disclose, up front, the key assumptions. The key assumptions being that for the purposes of the model, it is assumed that the caloric value of ice cream and Tim Tams in NIL and it is further assumed that ice cream and Tim Tams enhance human fat burning.

The model has been peer reviewed. Spartacus has some friends and peers (Crixus, Gannicus, Castus and Oenomaus) who have reviewed the model.  Their qualifications are that they are known to Spartacus and like ice cream and Tim Tams.  Fortunately these peers have accepted the underlying assumptions and have agreed with the models conclusions.

Spartacus’ next stop is to try to set up an ice cream and Tim Tam factory (hopefully Arnotts will give the licence). Given the clear public policy benefits of everyone eating ice cream and Tim Tams, the model clearly shows it, the Government must underwrite the factory.  The savings to the health budget will clearly be phenomenal.

In addition to public funding for the establishment of the Spartacus ice cream and Tim Tam factory, a case will be made for the CReS – the Caloric Reduction Scheme, whereby every kilo of ice cream and Tim Tams will produce a CReS certificate which then must be purchased by fresh produce producers under threat of imprisonment.

With the model on our side, hopefully, the government will mandate a 42% caloric reduction target ensuring that Australian diet include a minimum proportion of ice cream and Tim Tams.

You all know it makes sense. The modelling proves it.

There used to be lies, damned lies and statistics. There are now lies, damned lies, statistics and models.

Good thing Australian media and political class read carefully the inputs and outputs of the models they use to justify the policies foisted upon us.
Catallaxy Files

But the model said I’d lose weight?!?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Noel Dean says:

    That CON goes for the sound coming from turbine operation being assessed. The sound is loud coming from turbines, it makes your ears SORE, yours ears ring like not that not experienced before. You also become very sensitive to high frequency sound not experienced before. You can also get a pain in the neck because of fear. Why is this SO?

    They do the predictions based on equivalent continuous sound pressure levels LAeq, and assess the sound to be experienced by calculating the quietest 10 percent of the measured period – LA90.

    The operation of turbines when measured LAeq, the same as that used for prediction, ends up being 20dB more – 100 times (logarithmically) more sound pressure than predicted. This extra sound is capable of given one a pain in the neck.

    When consideration that LAeq is a logarithm value, same as decibels, and LA90 is an arithmetic average, this average does not consider the pulsing sound/noise as it only considers the troughs and not the peaks of sound that causes acoustic startle reflex trauma.

    It is not possible to average decibels arithmetically and get a true sound pressure level. That is why the monitoring of wind farm activity very often indicates that the sound pressure (dB) is less when turbines are operating than not operating. That is why I say it is a BIG CON.

    Noel Dean

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Laughing is helpful to weight loss, I should be getting very thin with all the laughing I have had from reading the modelling and smooth talking of this industry and its encapsulated minions.
    However, laughing till you cry seems to counter the effect and I am putting on weight as I try to cope with the amount of BS being dumped on us.
    I would be happy and smiling just to watch this industry collapse never to return and for common sense to once again prevail in our Nation.
    Will it ever happen – I hope so, but until the people start to pressure Governments and their MP’s to stop the ruining of this Nations Democracy and stop pandering to UN ‘mandates’ and recognise the ‘sting’ being enacted by international companies and Governments to take control of this country’s assets, it will never end.
    Control of our energy supplies should be firmly in the hands of Australia, it is an ESSENTIAL service and enables those who control it to control our Nations and therefore our future.

  3. Heist of the millennium-biggest money shift in history….from the middle and low income-earners to the uber-rich carpetbaggers.

  4. Jim Hutson says:

    Tim Tam model will most likely not fly, unless there is a sufficient supply of brown paper bags .

  5. aka the Tim Tam Flannery factory?

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