Another one bites the dust! Golspie a “gonner”

STT likes a good news story and LOVES a GREAT news story – and here’s one.  In proof the end is nigh, the wind weasels behind yet another plan for Tablelands Terror have just pulled the plug on the wind factory they had proposed for Golspie, near Goulburn, NSW.

STT takes delight in posting this glorious little tale from The Australian on Monday.


Golspie dodges a brush with a future that looked like this.

Protests stop wind farm plan
The Australian
Harry Edwards
8 July 2013

Critics say renewable energy has raised the cost of electricity.

A LARGE wind farm proposed for near Goulburn in NSW has been shelved after protests from local landholders including Maurice Newman, the former head of the Australian Securities Exchange who has been anointed to chair a new business advisory council if the Coalition wins this year’s federal election.

The planning application for the 100-turbine Golspie wind farm, lodged by renewable energy developer Wind Prospect CWP, lapsed last week, with the company citing “wind resource, land security and grid connection issues”.

Mr Newman, who opposes wind farms and has pledged to lobby against subsidies for them, argues that fluctuations in output from renewable energy sources have increased power costs for consumers by requiring the construction of expensive backup generators.

Mr Newman belongs to Landscape Guardians, a community lobby group that actively campaigns against all wind farms in the Upper Lachlan shire, where he owns land.

In January Tony Abbott announced that Mr Newman — appointed by the Howard government to chair the ABC — was his choice to head a new business advisory council for a Coalition government.

“The cost of energy was a comparative advantage for Australia, which offset the relatively higher wage rates of our population,” Mr Newman told The Australian yesterday. “That benefit has been squandered and you can’t underestimate the role of renewable energy behind that lack of competitiveness.

“What the present government has done is decide we should make Australia less competitive by lifting the price of electricity.

“Therefore, if there is a change of government, I’m sure that any business council that I chair will be of a mind to restore Australia’s international competitiveness.”

Labor’s Renewable Energy Target aims to have 20 per cent of electricity generated from renewable sources by 2020. The Coalition intends to review the RET next year if it wins the election, and could rely on Mr Newman’s advice to scrap the target.

Climate Change Minister Mark Butler said the system was working. “Labor stands by our unprecedented investment in clean, renewable energy which is driving a transformation of the Australian economy with a 30 per cent increase in renewable energy generation in the last 12 months and a 7 per cent drop in carbon pollution in the national electricity market,” he said.

Local councillor Malcolm Barlow said Wind Prospect CWP was concerned that a Coalition government would make wind farms uneconomic. “I think the reason (the application) has lapsed, given the upcoming election, is the Coalition is going to review the renewable energy target system and carbon tax,” Mr Barlow said.

He said he strongly opposed wind farms because they were uneconomic, relying on a subsidy of up to $3 million a year per turbine.
The Australian

STT thinks it’s time for the good people of Golspie to open something mighty fine.

We’re told this cheeky little drop goes well with a wood fired pizza.  Cheers!  Oh, and STT has heard a whisper that AGL is just about to announce that it will drop its plans to ruin Silverton.  That really would be cause to pull a cork or two.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Grant Winberg says:

    Another brick in the wall.

    It is notable that the developer did not include in its reasons for letting the development lapse, the lobbying to it and the NSW Govt by the local Council, residents and other interested parties. Rather, it states that it allowed the development to lapse due to “wind resource, land security and grid connection issues” – issues that you would expect the developer to have soundly researched before and during the project’s business plan development.

    Having now publicly admitted that the development lacked the requisite foundations for proceeding, one has to wonder how the three neighbouring proposals (Crookwell II, Crookwell III – Spanish Union Fenosa at Roslyn) and Taralga – Spanish Banco Santander at guess where) can be justified? Perhaps non-host Golspie landholders are more astute by insisting on six digit grid connectivity access fees (poles and wires)? Perhaps the wind characteristics have changed at Golspie but not Taralga and Roslyn?

    But, at the end of the day, NSW energy consumers can be thankful for no Golspie contribution to increased costs, Golspie residents can be thankful for the reduced threat of health impacts and diminution of property values and control, and the local government area of Upper Lachlan Shire is unlikely to suffer an attributable realignment of ratepayers’ obligations.

  2. Here Here! And coming from the Barossa, where we are under threat of a 42 wind turbine installation on our treasured Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges by Pacific Hydro, I can only say YES a better cork could not be popped. Let’s truly hope we here in the Barossa Ranges will be doing the same soon!

  3. Three cheers, Golspie wind opponents. And to all concerned, congratulations.

    I am excited. I was about to call it a night and thought I would just check STT out before I go, and boy what a surprise! All I have at the moment is a cuppa of tomato soup, so it will do the job to celebrate this most excellent success.

    Again hearty congratulations.

  4. NevilleW says:

    It can only be hoped Mr Abbott and Greg Hunt have the guts to tell the truth to the Oz electorate, that the RET is a crock and could put this nation so far behind in our economy we stand to lose everything. But the dopey Green machine dreamers have no idea.

  5. There are those who take action and those that let Industrial Wind Turbine developers prosper.

    Thank you for taking action everyone!

    What a phenomenal result for all the great work that has been done by everyone in the battle to STOP THESE THINGS! Well done to everyone who has made comment and contributed to bringing awareness to the fore about the blight of Industrial Wind Turbine degradation.

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